Friday, November 15, 2013

PTP "Gene" & Chillin' in Shibuya.

Thursday was a lovely day. I was planning to meet up with Lyy at Tower Recrds after my class, PTP's "Gene" had just been released the day before so I wanted to get it since I was already out in Tokyo.

The display they had for PTP was big and nice, it had a big TV that played different lives PTP performed. And even a book for fans to write to the members of PTP. Since I was waiting for Lyy I decided to write in it as well.

I bought my copy of the album and waited for Lyy near the display (I told her it would be easy if we met there). I decided to just watch the live DVD they had. There was another guy standing next to me who was watching the TV as well.

I saw that they had a score sheet of all the songs of PTP and decided to read it. I came across "Same as you are" my favorite song by them, and when reading the lyrics I started to get teary eyed. This song really means a lot to me.

I thought,  "fuck, I'm such a loser getting emotional" but then, from the corner of my eye I saw the guy getting teary eyed as well as he watched the live DVD. He would wipe his tears every now and then. Looking at that made me realize just how much this band was really loved.Soon after, Lyy came. She wanted to listen to the song with Hazuki from lynch. lol and then afterwards we left.

I hadn't eaten all day so we got the usual robot sushi :] and then walked to Harajuku so Lyy can do her hair. Lyy was planning on dying her hair purple but wanted to see how much it would cost. It ended up being too much money so we decided to just go shopping a bit.

I really hate shopping but it's really starting to get cold now, more at night than anything. So I have been trying to look for winter clothes. Of course, I never find anything. I always get too lazy to shop.

Ooh but I did find another cute leather jacket. I'm such a sucker for leather jackets D: I have 2 in Japan and one back home :/ lol so horrible.

Afterwards we decided to go to the usual cafe that Lyy goes to. We decided to split a dessert, and it was amazing <3 I was so happy haha.

Me and Lyy stayed and chilled at the cafe talking about random things, mostly boys and past relationships. It was nice to talk about this, many people here can't relate to my view on relationships but Lyy can. She also has this problem in Singapore so we just talked and talked. It was seriously so fun and chill.

The cafe was closing soon and we didn't want to go home. So we went to the smoking section in Shibuya and Lyy smoked as we talked some more. Eventually we had to part ways because of the last train, we wanted to stay out but we didn't want to stay out till 5am lol.

We said goodbye, and left. The next time I will be seeing Lyy is on Tuesday when we are leaving to Nagoya. Seriously so crazy that we are going, still isn't processing to be honest lol.

Tokyo is fun and all but I think I need a break from it and want something chill. Which explains why I am also over with clubbing for now. Starting to mellow out like when I was in California. Which is good, means that I am starting to settle in now.

You can trust me girl, I promise I love you,
I am missing you, I’ve never feel this way,
I won’t let you go, so don’t go anywhere
Here I am for you, as long as you think you wanna be with me.

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