Thursday, November 28, 2013

Partying into my Birthday with Lili.

Tuesday, I ended up meeting my friend from UCI. She is studying abroad at Temple University and is only here for a semester so we decided to meet up before she left back to California. I was actually super happy to see her and talk to her because she is also Mexican so we were able to talk about several things.

Unfortunately, since I came late to see her we didn't have much time since she had class and I had to meet a friend. We decided we'd meet again to finish talking and parted ways.

Afterwards, I met Lyy. We met up in Harajuku and went to go get sushi. Afterwards we just chilled and walked around. We went to Silkream and got dessert and chilled and talked for hours. We always end up talking about boys. And we got on the topic of ex's due to a recent encounter with mine.

It was actually a nice convo, and me and Lyy were able to talk about the past. Shit I hadn't talked about in deep context for a while. After much strolling down memory lane (which was quite nice) we left to chill in Shibuya and smoke. Lili was texting me asking me if I wanted to go clubbing for my birthday.

To be honest, I didn't want to because we already went clubbing and I'm already tired of clubbing but I knew she wanted to so I agreed. Her and her friends in Germany party into the birthday so I agreed and me and Lyy waited by Hachiko till Lili came.

Lili came, said hello to Lyy and we parted ways. Lili wanted to go to Harlem so we went, apparently Tuesdays is always a big clubbing event that day.

She bought me a drink for my birthday and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. I chugged the drink and we just chilled and took pics. But then the bartender said we couldn't take pics, which was weird but w/e.

Afterwards when the music got a bit better we danced but to be honest it was empty till later and the music they played was full on hiphop and rap. Don't get me wrong, I love rap and hiphop but there's only so much you can dance to Ludacris' "Move Bitch" LOL

So night consisted of songs of this, when I was in a mood for techno or mainstream shit. I like to sing a long and dance to my songs. Lili again was looking for guys that night -.- I was not interested in guys at all, as mentioned before I'm over meeting guys in clubs (and these guys aren't my type anyways).

Lili kept looking for guys, the music wasn't good dancing music, so I began to get bored. We talked to Lili's friends (one of the guys we met last time at Harlem that liked her) and chilled with them for a bit. His friend thought I was really cute and kept telling me he liked me, but he was already drunk and so was Haru (Lili's friend).

She told them it was my birthday and they got us some drinks for kanpai. We chilled with them for a bit and then we would go off to the dance floor every now and then. But the music really bored me and Lili kept looking for guys which bothered me. She kept telling me she would find us cute guys but I told her I didn't want guys I just wanted to dance and have fun but the music was not helping.

Eventually we just chilled off on the side again. Lili was talking to Haru and I was smoking to calm down. I'll admit I was getting a bit annoyed because I wasn't enjoying myself and I was mad for agreeing to go clubbing when I wasn't feeling it.

I kept smoking while Lili talked to Haru, I pretty much smoked most of my pack. Some guy was talking to me, I could tell he was interested in Lili but since Lili was busy with Haru we started chatting. He asked how old I was and told him it was my birthday today and he then he got me a drink.

He asked me if I was enjoying myself and I told him nah lol. He ended up trying to get me on the dance floor but I didn't want to dance with him so I told Lili to please come with me so she came and he introduced us to his roommate. He was nice. He told him it was my birthday and he got us drinks for kanpai. He also mentioned how I was not having fun and they tried to cheer me up.

They were actually really nice and it was fun talking to them. Eventually, it became 5am and they asked what we wanted to do. Lili was hungry so they asked what we wanted to eat, I said sushi :D and they said they'd take us.

They were super nice, and we went to eat sushi and just chilled and talk. They were interested that I was from CA and were asking questions about it. We got onto the subject about gangs, northern CA vs southern CA, how I was back in high school (lol), it was a pretty entertaining conversation.

And they ordered so much sushi wtf. The bill ended up being $80!! Me and Lili tried to help pay but they didn't let us and said no because it was my birthday. They were honestly really nice. I told them thank you and said I really had fun because of them and they said they were happy that I was happy.

Which I did, just talking, chilling, and eating. It was fun, and they were nice. Lili liked one of the guys so it worked for her LOL I wasn't interested in either of them, just at friends. They said if we had free time that we should hang out later on that day but I was going to meet up with Lyy since it was my bday. I told them maybe. And we exchanged LINE ids and parted ways.

Me and Lili didn't get home till 7am. To my surprise there was cupcakes, candles, and presents waiting for me from Lili. I was totally shocked but so happy and hugged her and made a wish. I really loved Lili for doing this and reading the note she wrote me was so sweet.

Though I didn't enjoy the clubbing, it was the small stuff that made me happy (like this). She gave me cute Snow White socks among other things :3 I am in love with the socks <3 haha

Seriously, big birthday celebrations are just not my thing. This was what made me the happiest to be honest. Reminded me of last year's birthday as well.

Shortly after we went to bed, I needed to go to see Lyy later on that day! lol

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