Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oh, Odaiba ❤

Me and Lyy returned to Odaiba <3 Last time we went it was during the day so I told Lyy I really wanted to go at night and we decided made plans and went.

We met up at Shinagawa station where I bought my shinkansen ticket to Nagoya. So it's official that we will be going next week, I can't wait :D Afterwards, we went straight to Odaiba where we got ramen just like last time :]

After that, we walked to Venus Fort. This time I brought my camera so I took lots of pics and video :] Lyy brought her polaroid camera but for some reason it wasn't working too well, she thought the film might have been too old.

Lyy really wanted to ride the ferris wheel so that's the first thing we did. We walked passed Zepp Tokyo where lives are held. Apparently a Kesha live was going on.

We ended up going on the ferris wheel, it was 900 yen not too bad. We got the choice of going on a regular gondola or a transparent one. I have never been in a transparent one so I asked Lyy if we could. She is scared of heights but agreed since I really wanted to go on.

It was so much fun, and so pretty! We could see the Gundam, the port, everything. It also had a nice heater inside :3 and we played SiM's new album Pandora hahaha.

Afterwards, we went to Venus Fort. We ended up going to Strange Love where Lyy bought a tooth ring :3 it was really cute! The girl recognized us from before, she is so nice and cute! She gave us a vintage lion sticker and gave one to Lyy to give to her sister back in Singapore.

After Strange Love, we ended up going to the legos store. We tried to write SiM's name in legos but gave up LOL. Coldrain and Lynch were good enough from last time xD

Since there was a mirror me and Lyy could take a photo together :D

We also stumbled across a Christmas Buzz Lightyear where Lyy kept laughing because of his beard hahaha it was so cute so she took a picture with him.

After that, we ended up walking around Venus Fort. It was nice and empty, at first I thought it was because it was going to close but I realized it was probably because it was a week day, it's always so crowded on the weekend D:

Me and Lyy got to take all the pics we wanted of everything, and I also took video haha. It was all decorated in Christmas illumination, so nice <3 It's so crazy how fast Japan switched to Christmas lol.

Afterwards, we decided to go see the Gundam. We were planning on seeing the show but we decided to get some dessert. There really wasn't much dessert stuff though :/ we ended up getting crepes which weren't that good.

Note to self: never go to Odaiba for dessert, lol. After that we ate some Burger King since we were bummed with the dessert, it was so small too -.-

We shopped a bit, still need winter clothes, but found nothing T__T

Oh yeah, and somewhere in between all this me and Lyy went to the beach portion of Odaiba. Me and Lyy had said we were going to go to the beach at night and ended up doing it :D 

Course, it was different than when I do it in California (was definitely not going to go swimming) but it was still cool :]

We wanted to take a picture to commemorate this moment and remembered me camera can be put on self timer so after many failed attempts and shitty photos we managed to get a good photo haha.

Looks like we were photoshopped into the picture but still like it nevertheless :] me and Lyy hardly every take pics since my lens is always zoomed in -.-

Anywho, it was such a great day.
Ugh, I love Odaiba <3

Course, I got no hw done and came home later than expected -.- so tomorrow I have to type my 5 page art analysis and work on my presentation for my India/Japan class as well as my film class. Joy~ oh, and the paper and India/Japan presentation is due Thursday. Procrastination at it's best~

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