Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My friends from California are being assholes
and are coincidentally sending me messages at the same time,
talking about when I'm coming back and making plans -__-

Just kidding, I love them.
Didn't realize how good of friends I had back in California.
Course, it took how many years to find the good ones?
I didn't find the good friends till I went to my uni.

Thank goodness for UC Irvine.
Honestly the best decision I made was choosing that school.
Although, most of my friends are actually alumni /shrugs

UCI also gave me the opportunity to come to Japan.
Which is honestly great, as much as I love UCI
the workload sucks ass.

Japan has been a nice vacation/experience that I am really thankful for.

On another note, Thanksgiving is coming up in America.
I was watching Gilmore Girls and it happened to about Thanksgiving.
I am thinking of making myself a mini thanksgiving dinner
and watching movies or more Gilmore Girls.

Or, I might be too lazy to do it haha.
But I love Thanksgiving food the best.
My sisters spoil me since it's my favorite holiday.
OMG the pumpkin pie O__O

We'll see haha.

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