Monday, November 25, 2013

This Week.

Monday is the last day of break of Mita-sai.
I ended up not going to the school festival due to tiredness.
Didn't help that I just my period and the cramps were so bad I could only laze around in bed.

Tuesday I am going to meet up with a friend from UCI.
She was studying at Temple University for a semester and is leaving already.
We both had busy schedules and weren't able to meet up till now,
but it will be nice to see her before she goes back.

Wednesday is my birthday. 
Lili wanted to party into my birthday,
she says she does this in Germany. 
So she wanted to go clubbing Tuesday night and party it up.
We ended up going clubbing Saturday randomly...
so I'm not up for clubbing again lol.
Too much energy T____T

Me and Lyy are planning on meeting after my class
and having a Thanksgiving dinner <3
As I mentioned before, it was my favorite holiday in the U.S.
we found a place in Japan that sells the thanksgiving food,
so we plan to buy it, come back to my place, eat,
and then head out to Yokohama <3
(Lyy hasn't been there yet)

Sounds chill right? I'm looking forward to it <3

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