Friday, November 29, 2013

Chillin' with Lyy for the rest of my birthday.

I ended up meeting Lyy later on that day for my birthday. We were suppose to get food for thanksgiving dinner and then go back to my place to eat it. We didn't find the food though and I was too tired/lazy to keep looking so I said we should just eat somewhere and chill.

I had been craving pizza for the longest time so we went to a pizza place in Shibuya and decided to go to Yokohama another day since it was super windy that day D:

The pizza was good, the crust was freshly baked, reminded me of homemade flour tortillas <3 afterwards we just chilled, we were really full xD we walked about Shibuya a bit and decided to go to Harajuku.

I love going to Harajuku at night since it's usually empty. We went to redye my hair since the red was showing through my brown making it look like a brown orange in some places O__O and afterwards just chilled and smoked.

It was honestly really nice, we talked about many things. I can talk to Lyy forever. We ended up wandering to another part of Harajuku that we'd never been to before.

There was cute shops and victorian like architecture. So pretty! Lyy tried to take a picture on her phone but it was too dark :[

There was one cute store that was playing some good music. Me and Lyy chilled, smoked, talked, and listened to the music playing. It was pretty cold that day due to the wind D: and I was already getting sick due to the clubbing (didn't have an appropriate jacket).

We were craving a matcha latte so we went to Starbucks and chilled there. I also got a cheesecake :3 and we talked till it closed.

We didn't want to part ways yet so we went over to Hachiko to smoke and talk then. We usually leave by the last train but I really didn't want to say bye so Lyy ended up coming over to sleep.

Since she's a girl it would be easier to sneak her in and Lili already knows Lyy so she didn't mind.

Me and Lyy ended up staying up super later, talking till 4am about random shit lol.

This is the kind of stuff I like. I'm really not into the clubbing scene, so chilling with Lyy honestly made my birthday great. I was happy to spend it with her.

I love Lili for wanting to party for my bday but this completely confirmed I'm done with clubbing for sure. Before it was because Japan was new, I wanted to meet people, etc. etc. but now I just want to chill since I'm settling in. Have a daily routine, go to cafes. Now that sounds, nice :]

So in conclusion, my birthday wasn't all that exciting. But it was still alright :]

This weekend we might be going to a custom car show in Yokohama :D Lyy doesn't really care for cars, but is coming to keep me company. And afterwards we are planning to go to Minato Mirai so it works out! I'm excited :]

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