Thursday, November 21, 2013

Breath of Fresh Air // 名古屋 Day 1

So as I mentioned before, I went on a random trip to Nagoya during the Mita festival break. Lyy was planning on going to see Deathgaze in Nagoya and since I had a break I also decided to tag along since traveling together is always more fun than solo :] also, EYA happened to be performing with Deathgaze so I thought why not see them since I didn't get to in Shinjuku really.

We arrived in Nagoya Tuesday afternoon by shinkansen.  Although it was pricey it was a good experience to have gone on it, I think it's something you should do. Though, ironically it felt like it took forever to get to Nagoya.

When we arrived to Nagoya, we immediately liked it. Honestly, it was a breath of fresh air. I didn't realize how tired I was of Tokyo till I left it.

Me and Lyy checked into our hotel and went straight to the venue just in case it would be difficult to find since it usually is in Tokyo.

Right away, we enjoyed the less crowded streets and how conveniently close everything was.

It was also really nice because the leaves were changing colors <3 In Yokohama the leaves are still green so I was a bit bummed, only some places the leaves are turning colors.

Anyways, we quickly found the venue and since we had plenty of time before the live we decided to get something to eat.

I was really craving pizza and Nagoya has this really good pizza place but it closes super early so we weren't able to go. Luckily, the pizza place was in this cool place where it was lots of vintage shops were and different kinds of food. Lyy really liked it because it reminded her of Melbourne :]

We came across a taco place and decided to eat there. As always, tacos are pricey in Japan so we got taco rice instead which was so good <3 I love taco rice lol.

We walked around since we had plenty of time to kill before the live. Nagoya way much colder than Tokyo, but it was also nicer since it was cloudy <3 lol

We went to the live when it was time, we didn't want to go early because we were worried about dealing with the fans. Jrock fans can be such bitches, especially Japanese ones. Lyy was told that it's usually only Tokyo fans but nopee the Nagoya girls were just as bitchy lol. We did the best we could to ignore them and enjoyed the live.

First was Deathgaze, Lyy was really happy since they played all the songs she wanted. Afterwards it was EYA, they played much longer than Deathgaze. And the fan's enthusiasm for the band was way better than in Tokyo. I really enjoyed watching them play live in Nagoya and was lucky to experience it. They also played Lily, which I never heard live before. It was really a great show.

Afterwards, me and Lyy hurried from the venue since it was packed. We didn't want to get caught in the rush of people when taking out stuff out of the lockers. Then afterwards, we went outside to smoke a cigarette and chill. I ended up trying the Black Stones vanilla for the first time, I loved it so much. I am probably going to get it on my own.

By chance, Ryohei had came out with a guy named AK from lynch. who Lyy likes. Lyy was freaking out since lynch. is her favorite band and she was debating to go up and talk to him. After some encouragement from me, she ended up going up to AK and saying hi to him.

Unfortunately, Lyy doesn't speak much Japanese so she had trouble conveying what she wanted so she asked me to help. I helped her explain the things she wanted to say and AK was really nice and thanked her and what not. Lyy was really happy afterwards and was freaking out lol it was so cute.

We ended up smoking again so she could calm down and I just wanted to chill. Shortly after, we went on the train back to Sakae station. We didn't want to go back to our hotel so we just walked around looking for a place to eat.

My friend Erik that I had met up with last time wanted to meet up. But since it was late he ended up missing the last train, so me and Lyy just went to eat and I told him we would try to meet tomorrow if I had time.

Lyy fangirled for quite a bit haha but I didn't mind, I was happy she was so happy with meeting AK and she thanked me for helping her. I'm sure most of our night consisted of us talking about how lucky she was to meet him by chance at EYA's & Deathgaze's live and some other boy talk lol.

We stayed out pretty late, even though it was freezing we got some berry cheesecake ice cream and walked around a bit and eventually just chilled in my hotel room and then passed out around 3am.

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