Friday, November 29, 2013

Chillin' with Lyy for the rest of my birthday.

I ended up meeting Lyy later on that day for my birthday. We were suppose to get food for thanksgiving dinner and then go back to my place to eat it. We didn't find the food though and I was too tired/lazy to keep looking so I said we should just eat somewhere and chill.

I had been craving pizza for the longest time so we went to a pizza place in Shibuya and decided to go to Yokohama another day since it was super windy that day D:

The pizza was good, the crust was freshly baked, reminded me of homemade flour tortillas <3 afterwards we just chilled, we were really full xD we walked about Shibuya a bit and decided to go to Harajuku.

I love going to Harajuku at night since it's usually empty. We went to redye my hair since the red was showing through my brown making it look like a brown orange in some places O__O and afterwards just chilled and smoked.

It was honestly really nice, we talked about many things. I can talk to Lyy forever. We ended up wandering to another part of Harajuku that we'd never been to before.

There was cute shops and victorian like architecture. So pretty! Lyy tried to take a picture on her phone but it was too dark :[

There was one cute store that was playing some good music. Me and Lyy chilled, smoked, talked, and listened to the music playing. It was pretty cold that day due to the wind D: and I was already getting sick due to the clubbing (didn't have an appropriate jacket).

We were craving a matcha latte so we went to Starbucks and chilled there. I also got a cheesecake :3 and we talked till it closed.

We didn't want to part ways yet so we went over to Hachiko to smoke and talk then. We usually leave by the last train but I really didn't want to say bye so Lyy ended up coming over to sleep.

Since she's a girl it would be easier to sneak her in and Lili already knows Lyy so she didn't mind.

Me and Lyy ended up staying up super later, talking till 4am about random shit lol.

This is the kind of stuff I like. I'm really not into the clubbing scene, so chilling with Lyy honestly made my birthday great. I was happy to spend it with her.

I love Lili for wanting to party for my bday but this completely confirmed I'm done with clubbing for sure. Before it was because Japan was new, I wanted to meet people, etc. etc. but now I just want to chill since I'm settling in. Have a daily routine, go to cafes. Now that sounds, nice :]

So in conclusion, my birthday wasn't all that exciting. But it was still alright :]

This weekend we might be going to a custom car show in Yokohama :D Lyy doesn't really care for cars, but is coming to keep me company. And afterwards we are planning to go to Minato Mirai so it works out! I'm excited :]

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Partying into my Birthday with Lili.

Tuesday, I ended up meeting my friend from UCI. She is studying abroad at Temple University and is only here for a semester so we decided to meet up before she left back to California. I was actually super happy to see her and talk to her because she is also Mexican so we were able to talk about several things.

Unfortunately, since I came late to see her we didn't have much time since she had class and I had to meet a friend. We decided we'd meet again to finish talking and parted ways.

Afterwards, I met Lyy. We met up in Harajuku and went to go get sushi. Afterwards we just chilled and walked around. We went to Silkream and got dessert and chilled and talked for hours. We always end up talking about boys. And we got on the topic of ex's due to a recent encounter with mine.

It was actually a nice convo, and me and Lyy were able to talk about the past. Shit I hadn't talked about in deep context for a while. After much strolling down memory lane (which was quite nice) we left to chill in Shibuya and smoke. Lili was texting me asking me if I wanted to go clubbing for my birthday.

To be honest, I didn't want to because we already went clubbing and I'm already tired of clubbing but I knew she wanted to so I agreed. Her and her friends in Germany party into the birthday so I agreed and me and Lyy waited by Hachiko till Lili came.

Lili came, said hello to Lyy and we parted ways. Lili wanted to go to Harlem so we went, apparently Tuesdays is always a big clubbing event that day.

She bought me a drink for my birthday and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. I chugged the drink and we just chilled and took pics. But then the bartender said we couldn't take pics, which was weird but w/e.

Afterwards when the music got a bit better we danced but to be honest it was empty till later and the music they played was full on hiphop and rap. Don't get me wrong, I love rap and hiphop but there's only so much you can dance to Ludacris' "Move Bitch" LOL

So night consisted of songs of this, when I was in a mood for techno or mainstream shit. I like to sing a long and dance to my songs. Lili again was looking for guys that night -.- I was not interested in guys at all, as mentioned before I'm over meeting guys in clubs (and these guys aren't my type anyways).

Lili kept looking for guys, the music wasn't good dancing music, so I began to get bored. We talked to Lili's friends (one of the guys we met last time at Harlem that liked her) and chilled with them for a bit. His friend thought I was really cute and kept telling me he liked me, but he was already drunk and so was Haru (Lili's friend).

She told them it was my birthday and they got us some drinks for kanpai. We chilled with them for a bit and then we would go off to the dance floor every now and then. But the music really bored me and Lili kept looking for guys which bothered me. She kept telling me she would find us cute guys but I told her I didn't want guys I just wanted to dance and have fun but the music was not helping.

Eventually we just chilled off on the side again. Lili was talking to Haru and I was smoking to calm down. I'll admit I was getting a bit annoyed because I wasn't enjoying myself and I was mad for agreeing to go clubbing when I wasn't feeling it.

I kept smoking while Lili talked to Haru, I pretty much smoked most of my pack. Some guy was talking to me, I could tell he was interested in Lili but since Lili was busy with Haru we started chatting. He asked how old I was and told him it was my birthday today and he then he got me a drink.

He asked me if I was enjoying myself and I told him nah lol. He ended up trying to get me on the dance floor but I didn't want to dance with him so I told Lili to please come with me so she came and he introduced us to his roommate. He was nice. He told him it was my birthday and he got us drinks for kanpai. He also mentioned how I was not having fun and they tried to cheer me up.

They were actually really nice and it was fun talking to them. Eventually, it became 5am and they asked what we wanted to do. Lili was hungry so they asked what we wanted to eat, I said sushi :D and they said they'd take us.

They were super nice, and we went to eat sushi and just chilled and talk. They were interested that I was from CA and were asking questions about it. We got onto the subject about gangs, northern CA vs southern CA, how I was back in high school (lol), it was a pretty entertaining conversation.

And they ordered so much sushi wtf. The bill ended up being $80!! Me and Lili tried to help pay but they didn't let us and said no because it was my birthday. They were honestly really nice. I told them thank you and said I really had fun because of them and they said they were happy that I was happy.

Which I did, just talking, chilling, and eating. It was fun, and they were nice. Lili liked one of the guys so it worked for her LOL I wasn't interested in either of them, just at friends. They said if we had free time that we should hang out later on that day but I was going to meet up with Lyy since it was my bday. I told them maybe. And we exchanged LINE ids and parted ways.

Me and Lili didn't get home till 7am. To my surprise there was cupcakes, candles, and presents waiting for me from Lili. I was totally shocked but so happy and hugged her and made a wish. I really loved Lili for doing this and reading the note she wrote me was so sweet.

Though I didn't enjoy the clubbing, it was the small stuff that made me happy (like this). She gave me cute Snow White socks among other things :3 I am in love with the socks <3 haha

Seriously, big birthday celebrations are just not my thing. This was what made me the happiest to be honest. Reminded me of last year's birthday as well.

Shortly after we went to bed, I needed to go to see Lyy later on that day! lol

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Random Clubbing Outing.

Saturday, me and Lili decided to go clubbing unexpectedly. She had just gotten back from Korea earlier in the day and wanted to go out after napping most of the day. I really didn't feel like clubbing since I just haven't been into it lately, too tired; but I decided to go with her since she really wanted to go and she wouldn't have gone if I didn't.

We went to the usual place, Atom but this was only because Lili wanted to see the other floors open. It was much cooler. We were so confused walking in everywhere not knowing where anything was lol. But it was a lot of fun.

I actually got into a dancing mood. Lili loves attention and went on top of this block square to dance. She wanted me to go on but I was no where near drunk enough lol. I ended up chugging my drink and going up though since it was more awkward being on the floor and having her keep wanting me to come up.

To be honest, it was much more fun because on the floor it's back and there are weird guys trying to dance with you if there is room. There were occasional times when guys tried to grab out asses but we gave them dirty ass looks and they left us alone haha.

It was so much fun dancing <3 some of the Japanese girls were really nice and were also dancing on the block. Others, didn't like that we were getting attention and would push to get onto the block as well. Lol, I found this very entertaining.

To be honest, most Japanese girls don't know how to dance. I'm not even trying to talk shit, it's the truth. But it's okay because neither do Japanese guys really. Lili said Korean guys were more fun and better dancers at the clubs.

But anyways, we were dancing and having fun and would go to the other floors and explore as well. The hiphop floor played nostalgic music. So much fun :D But Lili kept wanting to look for guys -.- lol I didn't mind since I was genki dancing.

We went to the floor we would always go to when they were renovating the other floors but it was boring. I randomly met a guy, I commented on his piercings telling him I liked it because he had a shit load of piercings on his ear and his tongue pierced as well.

He ended up sticking to me, which I didn't mind since he was cute. But Lili kept not finding a guy she was interested in, which was rare.

By the end of the night Lili ended up not finding anyone, I think she was being too picky though lol. I ended up exchanging LINE ids with the guy I met. Funny how I I didn't even have interest in meeting guys that night and ended up meeting one, funny how that's when it usually happens.

I've lost interest in dating in Japan like how I was in Irvine. Even though there's lots of cute guys in Japan it's hard to find someone I'd actually be interested or consider dating. So I've gone back to the losing interest in guys in general and just chillin' and doing my own thing~

Which is nice :] this can also explain why I'm over the clubbing scene as well lol

Monday, November 25, 2013

This Week.

Monday is the last day of break of Mita-sai.
I ended up not going to the school festival due to tiredness.
Didn't help that I just my period and the cramps were so bad I could only laze around in bed.

Tuesday I am going to meet up with a friend from UCI.
She was studying at Temple University for a semester and is leaving already.
We both had busy schedules and weren't able to meet up till now,
but it will be nice to see her before she goes back.

Wednesday is my birthday. 
Lili wanted to party into my birthday,
she says she does this in Germany. 
So she wanted to go clubbing Tuesday night and party it up.
We ended up going clubbing Saturday randomly...
so I'm not up for clubbing again lol.
Too much energy T____T

Me and Lyy are planning on meeting after my class
and having a Thanksgiving dinner <3
As I mentioned before, it was my favorite holiday in the U.S.
we found a place in Japan that sells the thanksgiving food,
so we plan to buy it, come back to my place, eat,
and then head out to Yokohama <3
(Lyy hasn't been there yet)

Sounds chill right? I'm looking forward to it <3

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lyy's Tattoo & Goodbye Nagoya // 名古屋 Day 3

Me and Lyy woke up early the next morning to go to 8 Ball Tattoo again to get Lyy's tattoo. We didn't have time to get breakfast so we went to the conbini and just got onigiri.

We arrived close to 10:30am worried we would be late but Yashin wasn't there yet. We just sat and chilled. The guy that helped us last time tried to talk to us but for some reason I couldn't understand his Japanese. This happens, some people I can understand everything and others I'm there like "wtf is he saying?" don't know why -.- I felt really bad too because he seemed nice :/

Shortly after we heard a motorcycle and saw that it was Yashin. When Lyy saw this she was like "oh, okay" hahaha I don't know why this made me laugh so much, even the guy laughed haha xD

Yashin apologized for being late but it wasn't a big deal. Though his hands were numb from going so fast and plus it was cold so we had to wait till his hands defrosted lol.

Me and Lyy looked at magazines and we talked a bit. There was a lot of tattoo magazines and one had a story about yakuza. I pointed it out to Yashin and he said that it wasn't real and took out another magazine from his room and said that this one had a real yakuza. I was interested in it so I checked it out, wish I could read more kanji -.-

I also showed him this one tattooed model I am completely in love with, Lyy saw her in my Twitter. Her name is Caroline <3 He said she thought was very pretty and cute but told me that Japanese guys probably wouldn't like her since she has so many tattoos especially on her face. He says most Japanese guys don't like girls with tattoos. My initial reply was, "guess I'm not going to get any Japanese guys then" haha we all laughed.

Eventually his hands defrosted and he was ready to tattoo Lyy :D He asked me if it was Lyy's first tattoo and I told him yes. He was like "ああ、怖い" and said it would only hurt a little.

We went into his room where he was getting everything ready for Lyy and I was looking around at all the stuff he had. I really liked everything in his room, so many books, art, and little figurines of cars and motorcycles haha <3

I also like the music they played at 8 Ball. It was so fuckin' nostalgic, they would play shit like Brown Boy and Lil Rob haha sounds ghetto as fuck but that was the kinda shit I listened to back in high school. It seriously brought back memories, surprisingly good ones.

Soon, Lyy got her tattoo. It was pretty quick, I took lots of photos to commemorate it haha. She was happy with the turn out :]

We talked a bit more with Yashin and eventually parted ways. He said to come back again, definitely will try to come back and hopefully next time it will be getting a tattoo and if not, I'll just visit to say hi.

Afterwards, me and Lyy were really hungry so we went to Komeda again. It was so good, I got the hamburger this time and Lyy got a teriyaki sandwich :] Since we were already at the station we decided to go back to Tokyo. Lyy had a THE NOVEMBERS live she needed to go to.

We ended up getting to Tokyo a lot faster than we anticipated so we just chilled in Starbucks at Shinagawa station. I do love this Starbucks for some reason.

Me and Lyy couldn't believe our Nagoya trip was over and we were already missing it. We didn't want to be back in Tokyo. To be honest, I don't understand why I liked Nagoya so much but all I know is I felt comfortable there. Maybe I'm just not a big city girl.

I am seriously planning of coming back to work there once I graduate from the uni.

It's funny, because people always ask me "what's in Nagoya?" honestly, nothing is in Nagoya, I just like it and it suits me more than Tokyo.

Mt Fuji from the shinkansen on our way back.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Reunited with Yoshimi // 名古屋 Day 2

Day two of Nagoya continued~

I was so happy to see Yoshimi I hugged her right when I saw her. She looked gorgeous as always and changed her hair to a ash grey color. She asked if I wanted to go drinking at a bar so we ended up going to a British pub.

On the way there a guy tried to talk to us, he started talking to me in Japanese but I just looked at Yoshimi and she got rid of the guy. Apparently, he was asking if we wanted to work a kyabakura. This happened to me before at Hiyoshi and I can't help but wonder if this is a compliment or an insult lol.

We went to the bar and got some drinks, Tequila Sunrise <3 it was good. We were catching up on everything. Yoshimi asked me how I liked Japan, Tokyo, etc. What I was going to do once I graduated, etc.

Then we caught up on her. She said she has a boyfriend now. So crazy, I remember she was like me in California always hard for her to like a guy and not wanting to settle down. She said she didn't expect to end up with this guy, but she was happy so I was happy for her.

She said she was planning on going to New Zealand though so she didn't know if it would last, and said it probably wouldn't. She will be moving next year and stay there for about 4 years or so to work.

Yoshimi never liked Japan, she was more of a California girl. Even her English sounds really Californian, she said her English was getting bad but it wasn't. It was still really good, she sounds like she was born in California lol.

She said after she gets work experience she is going to plan to move to California, she really misses it. She would move to the U.S. right away but can't. I was happy that she had her shit planned out. I remember she told me back in Irvine she was going to leave Japan. And I'm glad she is doing what she wants.

I told her how I liked Tokyo at first but now I haven't been too fond of it. The places are cool, but the people aren't really that great. It's fun to go clubbing and shopping, maybe for a holiday but it's not the place I would want to live.

I told her how I was really enjoying the vibe from Nagoya and will probably come back to work here.  She also thought that Nagoya suited me more. I told her though, once I get bored with Nagoya I'll go to some other part of the world like Europe or another part of the U.S. like Washington. I am even thinking of Melbourne, Lyy thinks I would like it.

Soon, some Japanese salarymen tried talking to us. Yoshimi kept telling them no, not tonight but they sat down anyways. We talked to them for a bit, the guy that was trying to talk to me asked if I was a rocker lol so lame. After some small talk Yoshimi convinced the guys to leave and they did.

Me and Yoshimi were talking about other stuff when some guys from the UK sat next to us. They were nice, and where here on vacation so they were trying to figure out what to do in Nagoya. I told them Yoshimi could help them with that.

We ended up chatting about the places they had been to. They said they really love Osaka, and when I asked them about Tokyo they said they hated it. Yoshimi and I laughed since I was telling her how much I don't like Tokyo people.

After some small talk with them we ended up leaving to go to a club. Yoshimi took be to this place called I.D., when we went to see Yashin afterwards he mentioned how this was the best club in Nagoya.

The music was nice, it was first hiphop and rap. Nostalgic shit. Then as it got later it progressed to techno and what not. Some guys tried to talk to us but for the most part they guys at this club let us alone while we danced which was nice. In Tokyo...let's just say this is not the case lol.

Though I have been tired of clubbing lately, this was the first time me and Yoshimi could party together so it was an exception. (Though Lili also wants to go clubbing for my birthday.)

We didn't stay out too late since Yoshimi had class the next day, her boyfriend drives so he ended up picking us up. He asked if we wanted to go somewhere else but we decided to call it a night since we both had to get up early the next day.

Yoshimi said next time she comes to Tokyo we will party and have fun. So I am excited for that :] I was honestly happy I got to see her, I missed her.

We forgot to take pics though -__- oh well, next time :]

Yashin & なばなの里 // 名古屋 Day 2

Day two was probably my favorite day to be honest. Me and Lyy had woken up, ate breakfast at Komeda. Komeda is this train restaurant that I found thanks to Makoto from EYA who would always tweet pictures of him there. Seriously, it would be almost every day of him eating breakfast lol. I was curious to see how it was, so me and Lyy decided to go. It was good :]

Lyy really wanted to get a tattoo while she was in Japan. And I knew of some places in Nagoya that I wanted to get tattooed at so I told her about them and she decided she would get tattooed there as well. 8 Ball Tattoo was a tattoo place I really wanted to get tattooed at.

This one tattoo artist named Yashin does really good tattoos and I've been following him on instagram for a while. He recently followed me back and would like some pictures here and there.

It's funny but I actually become friends with people like this through instagram and Yashin ended up not being an exception.

I was a bit nervous it would be awkward since sometimes it's weird to meet people from online, especially if you guys don't talk but it's the mutual photo-liking thing lol but it wasn't awkward at all.

I had gone into the tattoo place with Lyy and a guy was helping us. I was having a bit of trouble understanding what he was saying when Yashin popped out his head from his room and recognized me. He walked over and said "ah you follow me on instagram right?" I said yes and then he told the guy that we were only in Nagoya for a bit.

I explained to Yashin that Lyy wanted a tattoo and told him what she wanted. He was really nice about it and managed to squeeze her in for the next morning since the tattoo was small.

After we booked the appointment we just talked with Yashin for a bit. He asked me where I was from and how long I'm staying in Japan, if I was a exchange student, etc. When he found out I was California he thought it was cool and that he really wanted to go. He told me that last week there was a tattoo artist from San Jose, California that was a guest tattoo artist. I remember seeing it on instagram as well.

He was also asking me and Lyy what we were planning on doing. I told him that we were planning on going to Nabano no Sato. He said that's really nice there but super cold. Me and Lyy looked at each other because we had a feeling it was going to be cold and we brought clothes that was easy to pack instead of clothes that would be good with cold weather LOL. Luckily I had a scarf, it seriously saved me haha.

When we showed Yashin that we were wearing dresses with no sleeves he was like "ehh??" haha and said we would have to get more layers or something LOL so funny xD

After much small talk, we ended up saying bye to him and telling him we'd see him tomorrow. Then me and Lyy left for Nabano no Sato :D

Nabana no Sato was only a 30 minute train ride and was in a very rural area. I told Lyy if I was alone I'd probably freak out lol. Reminded me of the time I went to Taito, so far from everything, a bit intimidating.

We took a taxi to the place and quickly starting taking pictures of the beautiful fall leaves. The sun was still out but it was going to be setting soon. We walked around and took pictures, especially on Lyy's polaroid while the sun was still up.

Since it was a bit cold and I was a bit hungry I decided to get a meat bun since I saw many people walking around with it. I always wanted to try it since it's something known to be eaten in the winter (and I just watched Bokura Ga Ita again and they were eating these during the winter lol). It was so good! I was so happy haha <3 and the old man who was giving me it was nice too.

It eventually became dark, and that's when the magic happened <3

It was so beautiful. And honestly, the photos don't even do the illumination justice. I had been wanting to go to this place ever since I saw a post of it on tumblr. I was so happy by chance I has found out it was so close to Nagoya <3

Me and Lyy walked around, arms linked and took pictures non stop. It was such a nice time, I genuinely was having so much fun.

It was pretty chilly but I wasn't oddly so cold, it was my hands. My fingers were super close to getting frost bite, they were starting to turn purple LOL. I forgot my gloves back in Yokohama -__- but other than that, it was pretty good ^^

We took some photos for some nice old ladies, and walked around and just enjoyed everything. We kept saying how this was the best trip ever. We took polaroid photos as well <3 I was so happy since it was my first time and I always wanted to take them. Honestly, an amazing memory. It was the most fun I have ever had in Japan.

After looking at the lights, me and Lyy went to eat again. Lyy got takoyaki and I got another meat bun :3 the old man recognized me and starting asking about what country I was from and etc. he was so cute <3

I was planning to meet Yoshimi afterwards, so after the lights me and Lyy went back to Sakae station where we parted ways.

Will forever remember this day.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Breath of Fresh Air // 名古屋 Day 1

So as I mentioned before, I went on a random trip to Nagoya during the Mita festival break. Lyy was planning on going to see Deathgaze in Nagoya and since I had a break I also decided to tag along since traveling together is always more fun than solo :] also, EYA happened to be performing with Deathgaze so I thought why not see them since I didn't get to in Shinjuku really.

We arrived in Nagoya Tuesday afternoon by shinkansen.  Although it was pricey it was a good experience to have gone on it, I think it's something you should do. Though, ironically it felt like it took forever to get to Nagoya.

When we arrived to Nagoya, we immediately liked it. Honestly, it was a breath of fresh air. I didn't realize how tired I was of Tokyo till I left it.

Me and Lyy checked into our hotel and went straight to the venue just in case it would be difficult to find since it usually is in Tokyo.

Right away, we enjoyed the less crowded streets and how conveniently close everything was.

It was also really nice because the leaves were changing colors <3 In Yokohama the leaves are still green so I was a bit bummed, only some places the leaves are turning colors.

Anyways, we quickly found the venue and since we had plenty of time before the live we decided to get something to eat.

I was really craving pizza and Nagoya has this really good pizza place but it closes super early so we weren't able to go. Luckily, the pizza place was in this cool place where it was lots of vintage shops were and different kinds of food. Lyy really liked it because it reminded her of Melbourne :]

We came across a taco place and decided to eat there. As always, tacos are pricey in Japan so we got taco rice instead which was so good <3 I love taco rice lol.

We walked around since we had plenty of time to kill before the live. Nagoya way much colder than Tokyo, but it was also nicer since it was cloudy <3 lol

We went to the live when it was time, we didn't want to go early because we were worried about dealing with the fans. Jrock fans can be such bitches, especially Japanese ones. Lyy was told that it's usually only Tokyo fans but nopee the Nagoya girls were just as bitchy lol. We did the best we could to ignore them and enjoyed the live.

First was Deathgaze, Lyy was really happy since they played all the songs she wanted. Afterwards it was EYA, they played much longer than Deathgaze. And the fan's enthusiasm for the band was way better than in Tokyo. I really enjoyed watching them play live in Nagoya and was lucky to experience it. They also played Lily, which I never heard live before. It was really a great show.

Afterwards, me and Lyy hurried from the venue since it was packed. We didn't want to get caught in the rush of people when taking out stuff out of the lockers. Then afterwards, we went outside to smoke a cigarette and chill. I ended up trying the Black Stones vanilla for the first time, I loved it so much. I am probably going to get it on my own.

By chance, Ryohei had came out with a guy named AK from lynch. who Lyy likes. Lyy was freaking out since lynch. is her favorite band and she was debating to go up and talk to him. After some encouragement from me, she ended up going up to AK and saying hi to him.

Unfortunately, Lyy doesn't speak much Japanese so she had trouble conveying what she wanted so she asked me to help. I helped her explain the things she wanted to say and AK was really nice and thanked her and what not. Lyy was really happy afterwards and was freaking out lol it was so cute.

We ended up smoking again so she could calm down and I just wanted to chill. Shortly after, we went on the train back to Sakae station. We didn't want to go back to our hotel so we just walked around looking for a place to eat.

My friend Erik that I had met up with last time wanted to meet up. But since it was late he ended up missing the last train, so me and Lyy just went to eat and I told him we would try to meet tomorrow if I had time.

Lyy fangirled for quite a bit haha but I didn't mind, I was happy she was so happy with meeting AK and she thanked me for helping her. I'm sure most of our night consisted of us talking about how lucky she was to meet him by chance at EYA's & Deathgaze's live and some other boy talk lol.

We stayed out pretty late, even though it was freezing we got some berry cheesecake ice cream and walked around a bit and eventually just chilled in my hotel room and then passed out around 3am.

Friday, November 15, 2013

PTP "Gene" & Chillin' in Shibuya.

Thursday was a lovely day. I was planning to meet up with Lyy at Tower Recrds after my class, PTP's "Gene" had just been released the day before so I wanted to get it since I was already out in Tokyo.

The display they had for PTP was big and nice, it had a big TV that played different lives PTP performed. And even a book for fans to write to the members of PTP. Since I was waiting for Lyy I decided to write in it as well.

I bought my copy of the album and waited for Lyy near the display (I told her it would be easy if we met there). I decided to just watch the live DVD they had. There was another guy standing next to me who was watching the TV as well.

I saw that they had a score sheet of all the songs of PTP and decided to read it. I came across "Same as you are" my favorite song by them, and when reading the lyrics I started to get teary eyed. This song really means a lot to me.

I thought,  "fuck, I'm such a loser getting emotional" but then, from the corner of my eye I saw the guy getting teary eyed as well as he watched the live DVD. He would wipe his tears every now and then. Looking at that made me realize just how much this band was really loved.Soon after, Lyy came. She wanted to listen to the song with Hazuki from lynch. lol and then afterwards we left.

I hadn't eaten all day so we got the usual robot sushi :] and then walked to Harajuku so Lyy can do her hair. Lyy was planning on dying her hair purple but wanted to see how much it would cost. It ended up being too much money so we decided to just go shopping a bit.

I really hate shopping but it's really starting to get cold now, more at night than anything. So I have been trying to look for winter clothes. Of course, I never find anything. I always get too lazy to shop.

Ooh but I did find another cute leather jacket. I'm such a sucker for leather jackets D: I have 2 in Japan and one back home :/ lol so horrible.

Afterwards we decided to go to the usual cafe that Lyy goes to. We decided to split a dessert, and it was amazing <3 I was so happy haha.

Me and Lyy stayed and chilled at the cafe talking about random things, mostly boys and past relationships. It was nice to talk about this, many people here can't relate to my view on relationships but Lyy can. She also has this problem in Singapore so we just talked and talked. It was seriously so fun and chill.

The cafe was closing soon and we didn't want to go home. So we went to the smoking section in Shibuya and Lyy smoked as we talked some more. Eventually we had to part ways because of the last train, we wanted to stay out but we didn't want to stay out till 5am lol.

We said goodbye, and left. The next time I will be seeing Lyy is on Tuesday when we are leaving to Nagoya. Seriously so crazy that we are going, still isn't processing to be honest lol.

Tokyo is fun and all but I think I need a break from it and want something chill. Which explains why I am also over with clubbing for now. Starting to mellow out like when I was in California. Which is good, means that I am starting to settle in now.

You can trust me girl, I promise I love you,
I am missing you, I’ve never feel this way,
I won’t let you go, so don’t go anywhere
Here I am for you, as long as you think you wanna be with me.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My friends from California are being assholes
and are coincidentally sending me messages at the same time,
talking about when I'm coming back and making plans -__-

Just kidding, I love them.
Didn't realize how good of friends I had back in California.
Course, it took how many years to find the good ones?
I didn't find the good friends till I went to my uni.

Thank goodness for UC Irvine.
Honestly the best decision I made was choosing that school.
Although, most of my friends are actually alumni /shrugs

UCI also gave me the opportunity to come to Japan.
Which is honestly great, as much as I love UCI
the workload sucks ass.

Japan has been a nice vacation/experience that I am really thankful for.

On another note, Thanksgiving is coming up in America.
I was watching Gilmore Girls and it happened to about Thanksgiving.
I am thinking of making myself a mini thanksgiving dinner
and watching movies or more Gilmore Girls.

Or, I might be too lazy to do it haha.
But I love Thanksgiving food the best.
My sisters spoil me since it's my favorite holiday.
OMG the pumpkin pie O__O

We'll see haha.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oh, Odaiba ❤

Me and Lyy returned to Odaiba <3 Last time we went it was during the day so I told Lyy I really wanted to go at night and we decided made plans and went.

We met up at Shinagawa station where I bought my shinkansen ticket to Nagoya. So it's official that we will be going next week, I can't wait :D Afterwards, we went straight to Odaiba where we got ramen just like last time :]

After that, we walked to Venus Fort. This time I brought my camera so I took lots of pics and video :] Lyy brought her polaroid camera but for some reason it wasn't working too well, she thought the film might have been too old.

Lyy really wanted to ride the ferris wheel so that's the first thing we did. We walked passed Zepp Tokyo where lives are held. Apparently a Kesha live was going on.

We ended up going on the ferris wheel, it was 900 yen not too bad. We got the choice of going on a regular gondola or a transparent one. I have never been in a transparent one so I asked Lyy if we could. She is scared of heights but agreed since I really wanted to go on.

It was so much fun, and so pretty! We could see the Gundam, the port, everything. It also had a nice heater inside :3 and we played SiM's new album Pandora hahaha.

Afterwards, we went to Venus Fort. We ended up going to Strange Love where Lyy bought a tooth ring :3 it was really cute! The girl recognized us from before, she is so nice and cute! She gave us a vintage lion sticker and gave one to Lyy to give to her sister back in Singapore.

After Strange Love, we ended up going to the legos store. We tried to write SiM's name in legos but gave up LOL. Coldrain and Lynch were good enough from last time xD

Since there was a mirror me and Lyy could take a photo together :D

We also stumbled across a Christmas Buzz Lightyear where Lyy kept laughing because of his beard hahaha it was so cute so she took a picture with him.

After that, we ended up walking around Venus Fort. It was nice and empty, at first I thought it was because it was going to close but I realized it was probably because it was a week day, it's always so crowded on the weekend D:

Me and Lyy got to take all the pics we wanted of everything, and I also took video haha. It was all decorated in Christmas illumination, so nice <3 It's so crazy how fast Japan switched to Christmas lol.

Afterwards, we decided to go see the Gundam. We were planning on seeing the show but we decided to get some dessert. There really wasn't much dessert stuff though :/ we ended up getting crepes which weren't that good.

Note to self: never go to Odaiba for dessert, lol. After that we ate some Burger King since we were bummed with the dessert, it was so small too -.-

We shopped a bit, still need winter clothes, but found nothing T__T

Oh yeah, and somewhere in between all this me and Lyy went to the beach portion of Odaiba. Me and Lyy had said we were going to go to the beach at night and ended up doing it :D 

Course, it was different than when I do it in California (was definitely not going to go swimming) but it was still cool :]

We wanted to take a picture to commemorate this moment and remembered me camera can be put on self timer so after many failed attempts and shitty photos we managed to get a good photo haha.

Looks like we were photoshopped into the picture but still like it nevertheless :] me and Lyy hardly every take pics since my lens is always zoomed in -.-

Anywho, it was such a great day.
Ugh, I love Odaiba <3

Course, I got no hw done and came home later than expected -.- so tomorrow I have to type my 5 page art analysis and work on my presentation for my India/Japan class as well as my film class. Joy~ oh, and the paper and India/Japan presentation is due Thursday. Procrastination at it's best~

Saturday, November 9, 2013

I didn’t do this because I wanted to be different, 
I did this because I wanted to be me
- Rick Genest

Been tired, not wanting to go out.
Too many late outings lately.
Also, think I am over clubbing for a while.
I actually have homework I need to do lol.

Odaiba this Tuesday with Lyy~
Also going to Nagoya soon.
Kinda excited.

Monday, November 4, 2013

CALFLAVOR // So close, yet so far.

Nagoya is having their annual California culture/car show event called, CALFLAVOR on November 11th. Just my luck, I will be going to Nagoya the following weekend because that's when I will have a vacation due to my school festival -__- I wish I can magically move the date of CALFLAVOR to the weekend I will be staying there.

I'm pretty bummed though, I would read about this event when I was in California and really wanted to go. Course, I didn't even think I could since I knew I would be in Tokyo but the fact that the date is so close really makes me feel like, "fuckkk, so close" lol.

Wish I could shit money and knew someone who likes these kinds of things as much as I do lol.

Oh well, maybe when I come back to Japan I can check it out. We'll see how it goes. As for now, I'll leave you with one of my favorite songs by Dumbfoundead. Stopped listening to him for a bit and forgot how much I liked him.