Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Tour of Keio University.

Earlier today, I gave my friend a tour of Keio University. She said she always wanted to go to Keio and really wanted to see it, so we planned this tour 2 weeks ago. We were at Hiyoshi campus first, but since it was a bit boring I decided to take her to Mita since that's the main campus and it's my favorite.

The older building of the Mita campus are beautiful! I love it, because they are gothic inspired, especially the old library <3 The old library has to be my favorite building.

Kanae also really liked this campus, and loved the architecture as well.

I showed her where most of the international classes are as well. It's a pretty modern building but I still like it as well. 

We went to the 7th floor where there was a lounge and a garden outside where you could see the Tokyo Tower. Believe it or not, I still haven't been there yet and it's so close -.- I will go one of these days.

I forgot that there are still classes on the weekend and saw my fellow UC friends in their PCP class. I also ran into Hiroshi and he asked me if I was going to this 飲み放題/食べ放題 event, but I didn't really want to spend 3,000 yen since I wasn't going to drink and I don't eat a lot to begin with.

Me and Kanae ended up going to eat, at a sushi place that Maria had shown be before. Maria called it the robot sushi since a machine is giving you the food rather than a person. I decided to keep this name as well, lol. Kanae really loved the whole concept and was happy we went. It was so cheap also! Yay~ we are both poor haha.

Afterwards, we walked around, talked and chilled a bit.

There were lots of lovely cars I would see around Shibuya and I would ask Kanae if she knew what type of car it was and would rant about how awesome it is. Kanae said it was cute how I liked cars so much, but most people in Japan think it's weird -.- I still haven't met anyone interested in cars yet /sigh

We eventually parted ways a bit early since I am still sick :[ I am getting better I still sound sick and cough up lovely shit~ lol

Kanae is planning on going to the school festival in Mita and I said we should go together so we are going to do that next month :] looking forward to it!

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