Saturday, September 7, 2013

Taito for the Weekend.

[9.7.13] This post was long over due. A while back, after the ILP program ended I told Shotaro we should hang out to celebrate. He told me about going to Taito for the weekend and said I should come, that it would be lots of fun. Even more fun than when we were in Funabashi. I really wanted to celebrate and party so I decided to go along.

Smiley and his friends picked me up from Taito station, it was literally in the middle of nowhere. Now that I think about it, I should have tried to look up at the stars, I probably could have seen them T____T

When I walked into the house a guy said hi to me and I said hi back but then stared at him for a bit longer and realized it was Shotaro! LOL he had cut his hair so I totally didn't recognize him at all O__O haha we were both like "ah your hair!" because that was the first time he has seen me without my red hair.

Naoya was really surprised to see me, apparently he said Shotaro didn't tell him I was coming but Shotaro said he did that he just drank too much when he told him and didn't remember. We just chilled and hung out for a bit as we waited to go to the other house for everyone to perform.

Shotaro had already lost a lot of his voice, he sounded so funny haha. Shotaro introduced me to one of his friends, I think his name was Yuki? He had just came back from Ireland so I didn't meet him at the party in Funabashi. We talked a bit as he asked me how I knew Naoya and Smiley.

We ate and bought some alcohol and afterwards everyone got the time chart ready to see who was performing. Apparently they do this every summer since they are in a music circle called Nanaken for one time in the summer, they rent out a place and practice performing. It's like a training camp or something. But they also drink and have fun.

Me and Shotaro.
Don't mind me blocking out my eyes, I looked high lol.

It was lots of fun seeing them perform. I had brought my camera to record them and take pictures and everything but NOPE. My dumbass forgot my battery at home, how the fuck did I do that?? T__T I told Shotaro and he just laughed at me and was like "本当にバカだ" T__T lol

I decided to just take photos on my phone (which explains the shitty/grainy pics above) Naoya took the last photo of me and Shotaro on his phone? Maybe camera lol, I don't even remember -__- I didn't eat a lot and I drank a bit too was bound to happen in Japan -__- I ended up knocking out on the coach.

It was the first time I had drank so much in Japan, probably one of my worst hang overs as well. When it was time to go back home me and Mai were occupying the toilet on the train lol. I think we were the only ones who drank too much.

I went to eat with Shotaro, Naoya and Smiley at Makuhari before I went home. We wanted ramen, and I hadn't had ramen since I ate with Lyy. But, I was so hungover I kept throwing up whenever I took a bite of my ramen. Yup, definitely my worst hangover.

After that I went back to Sugamo and knocked out. Shotaro apologized because he wanted me to drink and have fun and said he didn't know I had drank so much but it was my fault for not paying attention to it.

But Shotaro was with me back in Irvine those times when I accidentally overdrank so it wasn't nothing new for him haha. I still had fun though! I was happy to see them perform at least one song, both him and Naoya. They peformed one of my favorites, Chelsea Dagger. Shotaro actually introduced me to that song when he gave me that mix cd back in Christmas. Wow, so long ago :o

Some clips from the performances that weekend.
So much fun :]

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