Saturday, October 26, 2013

Shitty days don't suck as much with good company.

Yesterday was a fun, but very unexpected/tiring day lol. I met up with Lyy for the first time since she coming to Tokyo this time. I finished my morning class and went to meet her around 2pm. I was suppose to help her move in but it ended up taking much longer than expected. We were planning on doing all kinds of things but unfortunately didn't finish moving in till 7pm ish for many reasons.

We ended up being really late to the EYA live, we were hoping Tokyo Heroes was playing first but EYA was. By the time we got there they were already almost done, only 10 minutes left of the EYA set.

I didn't want to pay 4,000 yen to listen to 10 minutes of EYA to be honest. But Lyy really wasn't having a good day, we both weren't. So she said she at least wanted to listen to EYA even if it was only 10 minutes. I reluctantly paid for my ticket as well. I love EYA, but I am trying to save money and we already missed basically their whole set T__T

Once we went in, Lyy dragged me closer to front of the back. She really wanted me to see EYA since she knows how much I like them. And actually, I was happy that I got to see them. Ryohei looked really hot haha and the last 2 songs were my favorites, Coke in a Vein and Clockwise.

It's funny because I told Lyy early I wanted to really hear Coke in a Vein so I was so happy that it was one of the last songs they played.

I was also happy because I got to buy their album Apocalypsis. I had been wanting it since I was in America but decided to wait for when I went to Japan. But when we went to Tower Records in Shibuya the last time Lyy came they didn't have it. So I was lucky they had it at the live and I bought it.

Afterwards me and Lyy were planning on listening to Tokyo Heroes since we heard they were good. We listened to some of it but were starting to get restless. Some songs sounded good but I think we were still a bit bummed that we didn't get to listen to all of EYA's set that we didn't fully enjoy it.

We ended up leaving, and I decided to take some pics of Lyy and the venue while we were outside. I wanted to take video and pics while we were walking around but it was raining since a typhoon was suppose to come.

We were pretty hungry so we went to go get something to eat since we hadn't eaten since breakfast. We also wanted to drink and chill so just ended up going to an izakaya.

I was craving pizza so I ordered one, but Lyy can't eat cheese so my fat ass ate the whole pizza :3 haha Lyy got some karaage and asparagus wrapped in meat. We got some drinks and just chilled and talked for a good while, it was pretty nice.

Lyy had bought these Marlboro ice cigarettes that she said were really good so I decided to try them. I really liked them :]

Afterwards we decided to go to Rockaholic because Lyy wanted to check out the Halloween event they had going on. Lyy's favorite holiday is Halloween :] So we went to look for it which took a while since we had no wifi and it was raining -.-

We eventually found it and were kinda bummed with the music. It was a pop rock thing going on. Sometimes the music was good but sometimes it made us like e__e haha

K from Pay money To my Pain

I was pretty happy because they played SiM, Maximum the Hormone, Coldrain, and Pay Money to my Pain :D but there were some bands that were playing that Lyy didn't like, she really wanted lynch. to play lol.

We were both pretty bored and Lyy really wanted to leave so we just decided to leave to Starbucks and just chill there and wait for the train and talk since it was so windy and raining so hard because of the typhoon.

Lyy is more of a mosher than a dancer so the bar really wasn't her thing. We think, it would have been better if the Halloween party wasn't going on. I didn't know that Lyy didn't like dancing so we realized no clubbing or party event things and from now on lives are our thing lol.

Even though the day didn't turn out like we thought, and it pretty much sucked we still liked it. We kept laughing at the fact that we were looking forward to it so much and how horrible it ended up turning out. The only good thing was that we got to see each other and hang out haha. But it was still fun as sucky as it was lol. We ended up taking 5am purikura to commemorate this shitty day haha <3

I just starting getting better from my sickness and because of last night I am getting sick again. I was going to go out with Maria tonight but I decided to just stay in and relax, have hot tea and watch American Horror Story.

Tomorrow morning I have to go to the museum with my Japanese Art class as well T__T so since I am going out for school I decided I should rest today.

I also am going to meet up with Lyy again on Sunday because I left my textbook at her place since I didn't want to carry it to the live and stuff. I also need to get some more winter clothes :/ the wind was pretty icy today when I walked Lyy a bit to the station /sigh so much stuff to do. I'm sleeping early tonight T___T

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