Saturday, October 5, 2013

Out in Shin-Okubo with Maria.

I had ran into Maria randomly at work event a while back and talked about hanging out. We had been a bit busy with other stuff going on but Maria hit me up and said she was going to be free this weekend.

Maria was going to have a "Korean Friday" with her friend Alex and invited me along, so yesterday after class I went out to Shin-Okubo.

I got out of class around 6pm and we were planning to meet at the station at around 7:30 but then Maria changed the time to 8pm. I told her since my class got out I would just be chillin' over in Shin-Okubo until 8pm so we decided to meet up earlier.

She asked to meet in Shinjuku, I was a bit worried I would get lost and she told me I will since it's so big haha and of course it happened. It took forever for me and Maria to find each other and I felt so bad that she was running around Shinjuku station trying to find out which exit I took -__-

After finding each other we walked to Shin-Okubo station and met up with her other friend Alex. She's really outgoing and cool, she's actually from Seattle.

We went to go eat Korean food which was delicious <3 and talked about a bunch of random things like our experience in Japan and stuff that has been going on. It was pretty fun. We actually passed the Korean place I went with Hopy <3 I haven't been to Shin-Okubo since then.

After eating we decided to walk around and figure out something to do. We couldn't really make up our mind xD but we just walked around Shinjuku and talked which was fun. It was the first time I actually walked around there. Maria kept running into random people she knew it was so funny, I told he she's popular and she just said it's a sign that she's been here too long xD

It started to rain, which kinda put a damper on the night. But we ended up going to a random Korean bar which had awesome snacks that we ate way too much lol.

For the most part, it was a chill night and I had fun :] It just sucks that I live so far away :/ As much as I love Yokohama, I miss living in central Tokyo; everything was so close!

I had fun, so I'm hoping to hang out with Maria again soon! Alex is leaving to Korea but said she will come back in October so we can all hang out together then :]

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