Saturday, October 12, 2013

Just Another Saturday Night.

Yesterday, I met Lili's PCP friends/classmates for the first time. She had been talking to me about them, saying that they were really cool because they were pretty Americanized so they were chill to hang out with. Not saying that regular Japanese people aren't chill, but mine and Lili's humor is hard to understand for normal Japanese people and we are pretty vulgar.

They were pretty cool to hang out with, and one of them was even from Torrance! Torrance is known to have lots of Japanese people in that city, I had a few friends from UCI that lived there T^T he also knew UCI and we tried to see if we had mutual friends but it we couldn't find any lol.

They took us to the Yagami campus festival, but by the time we got there it was already pretty much over. Me and Lili had lagged it with getting ready, I was feeling so tired and lazy to go because I recently got sick and was staying in bed all day since we were going out later on tonight to meet with Tatsuya.

The festival was pretty small though, even though it was already almost over, there was not much to do. The guys had told us it was pretty boring and that Mita's festival is more fun.

We still managed to eat some yakitori, fried bananas, and yakisoba though. And we also saw the "miss/mister" competition by chance. It was pretty boring when it was the guys up on stage and they weren't really attractive to be honest. But it was fun to watch the girls, there were 2 pretty ones and the guys would call out the girls' names haha it's hard to explain but it always makes me laugh.

After that we went to a bar in Hiyoshi and drank some wine to share because we are cheap haha. We just talked and chilled for a while and migrated to Hiyoshi campus and chilled some more.

☓ ☓ ☓

After a while, me and Lili had to leave to get ready to meet up with Tatsuya and the others. We left a bit too late and ended up being super late D: but Tatsuya was just waiting for us at Atom.

We had ran into some of our foreign friends outside of club Harlem. The bouncers weren't letting them in, and when we asked why it was because they said something about not permitting large group of foreign guys into the club so we told them that we were going in there with them. They thought that we didn't know them and tested us asking us their names and crap when we eventually convinced them by showing them we were all Keio students and thats how we knew each other.

I feel like it's fucked up that they have a rule like that, but at the same time I understand why they do shit like that because a lot of foreigners are really stupid and clubs and make asses of themselves and the rest of us. /sigh oh well -.- After we let them go in me and Lili went outside because we had to meet Tatsuya.

Unfortunately, my pocket wifi died so we couldn't get in contact with him or Issei which we were also planning to meet up with. We were originally just going to go to nomihoudai with Tatsuya and his friends so we didn't want to go into Atom because we weren't in a mood for clubbing, me and Lili have been clubbing a lot lately.

But since we couldn't get a hold of Tatsuya we decided to just go in because Lili really needed her phone. We ended up seeing Tatsuya right away and he gave us Lili's phone. Unfortunately, he was already drunk -.-

Shortly after, we left the club and went to some izakaya were Tatsuya's friends were. There were some new friends and the ones we met before and some others we met by chance recently. We chilled and had drink and they were speaking to us, mostly Japanese.

I could tell sometimes they would say perverted things, and Masato would tell them I understand everything but act like I don't so do not say anything stupid lol. Honestly, I only understand sometimes but it came in handy since they ended up watching what they were saying after that.

Afterwards we left with Tatsuya because he wanted to go to some club in Aoyama. But then we left to another club called Brand Tokyo. Funny how we didn't want to go clubbing and ended up clubbing anyways -.- but Tatsuya knew the people at the club so at least we didn't have to pay.

But this club was fun for the most part, they played good music and I ended up dancing a lot. The rest of Tatsuya's friends came so I chilled with Masato and Yuuta most of the time along with some of the new friends. They were so lame though, they were a bit drunk, especially Yuuta -.- but it was still fun, and Masato took care of me for the most part.

I felt bad for Tatsuya though, I was unintentionally cockblocking him and Lili because he would want to go somewhere with Lili but then they wouldn't want to leave me. I told them it was fine since I knew Masato, I would have felt better if I had my wifi working -__- but Lili didn't want to go since we didn't really know where we were at to begin with and Tatsuya had work early the next day anyways. So we ended up staying at the club and dancing and what not.

I was so happy because I didn't feel sick at all and was totally genki~ dancing and singing and what not... ugh I love music <3 lol course, by the end of the night on the train home..that was another story lol.

We got back on the first train and passed out in our beds. I bought some orange juice to chug in the morning, I was definitely going to need my Vitamin C T__T

It was such a fun night though, and it's nice to hang out with Tatsuya and his friends since they speak no English so it forces us to speak Japanese. It is really helpful, I felt like my Japanese wasn't improving and although I can't understand them a lot of the time at least I am forced to use my Japanese.

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