Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dressing Up & Heels in Japan. Getting Ready for Autumn.

For the longest time, I have avoided wearing heels because I am on the taller side. Okay, so I'm not that tall but compared to some people I am. I considered average height in the U.S. which is around 165cm. But, I have always been self conscious about my height so I stayed away from heels unless I was going clubbing and the rest of my friends were wearing heels as well.

I was worried about wearing heels in Japan as well and thought I would stay away from it like the plague. I know Japanese guys are usually shorter and so are girls so the last thing I wanted was to bring more attention to myself by adding more height.

But, oddly enough, since coming to Japan I actually became more comfortable with wearing heels. I don't wear 4 in heels to go clubbing like in America of course, but I do wear 2.5-3 in heels just to go out which I wouldn't do in America.

Heels is the easiest way to dress up an outfit, and since going to Keio...everyone dresses up -.- I was already warned about this before I went to Japan that Japanese people always dress up to go to class and even more so Keio people.

I was worried Japan would change me into doing things I didn't want to do but it actually is doing the opposite effect and giving me the courage to do things I always wanted to do and not care so much about standing out. Probably being a foreigner helps with that LOL

For my morning classes I could careless if I look good or not. But my afternoon/evening classes, since I have more time I dress up and look nice so I do. In America, if you were to get done up to go to class people would look at you like "WTF O__o" and think you are shallow and stupid.

But, I actually love getting done up <3 That's the girly side of me coming out haha. Though I definitely still will never wear pink or frilly clothes (not my style), I love that I can put an oversized/distressed sweater on with leggings and throw a cute pair of wedges or heels. Lots of girls in Tokyo dress up so I don't feel weird dressing up.

Don't get me wrong, I like to dress down a lot of the time as well. I love my combat boots and Vans with a passion and when I get home I always change into my comfy clothes, but it's nice to dress up since I'm so lazy most of the time.

And one thing I absolutely love about heels is how it makes your legs look longer. Though I'll admit, I still get a bit self conscious and get worried about being taller than guys but then I think "fuck it" why should I change the way I look to make them feel better? I remember my ex would never want me to wear heels because then I would be taller than him.

I actually just went to Bershka today and bought a new pair of heels since my wedges are already getting worn down from wearing them so much D: I can't wait to wear them :D

I actually went a bought a few things today since the temperatures are slightly dropping, thank goodness! But it has still been quite humid lately. Regardless, I thought I'd buy a jacket before it gets cold since I didn't bring any from America.

I actually bought quite a few stuff I needed, though I didn't get as much fall clothes as I anticipated, more of just essentials. Still, it was a productive day. It's always a productive day when I am with Ah Young lol.

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