Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween from Japan.

I was really excited to spend my first Halloween in Japan. Last year's Halloween was pretty fun because of JSA but I didn't enjoy the club too much. Japan's Halloween was a bit similar in the beginning but ended up turning around.

Me and Lili were getting ready to go to this international party but Lili last minute decided she wanted to do something else. We ended up meeting some of her PCP friends in Shibuya instead. Some still needed costumes so we went to Donkey Quijote and got some. Others had to change into theirs, Lili included.

There was actually a lot of people dressed up in Shibuya on Halloween, it was cool because our friends were saying that it was only recently that Japan started doing things for Halloween so this stuff was also pretty new to them.

We were planning on going to some club in Shibuya called Camelot. I'd seen it a few times but never went in since the line was always so long. We got in for free since we has costumes. One of our friends Denis was a grape (he taped green balloons to himself lol) it was a smart idea but it didn't pass so he didn't get in for free.

We took a shot when we got into the club, it was super packed and it was still early too. The music was good at first and then became shitty. I was soo bored, and so were many of the other people. The dance floor was getting less crowded.

We stayed there for a few hours and some were planning on taking the last train back. I didn't want to go back since the music sucked, I didn't want to end the night on that note. Lili and Hiroshi and some others went back. I stayed with Kanna, Denis, and another guy, I forgot his name -__- 

We had already left Camelot though and didn't know what to do. They asked about any clubs in the area. We all knew some but since it was late the entrance would be 3,000 yen :/ so we thought about it and decided to go to Atom since it is only 1000 yen for entry and girls get 2 drinks lol.

The music was much better at Atom and everyone enjoyed themselves here. It was super packed though D: but it was still fun ^^ my nicely curled hair became all tangled and gross from dancing haha but it shows it was a good time :D

We stayed till around 4:30am which we left to go eat Gyu-don. It was so good lol, and we got the first train home.

I really enjoyed this Halloween. I also think that watching The Originals and American Horror Story before going out made it better ;D haha

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