Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Disney Sea with Lyy.

Yesterday, me and Lyy went to Disney Sea. Lyy really wanted to go during Halloween since it's her favorite holiday and she wanted to see the Halloween decorations. I couldn't afford to go the whole day, so we decided to get the night pass which allows you to go in after 6pm for only $30 :D so happy! 

One thing for sure I knew I wanted to go on was on Tower of Terror :DD I love that ride, and missed it so much since I hadn't been able to go to it in California for a while since California Adventures is so freakin' expensive -.- so me and Lyy went :D the wait was only 70 minutes too! 

Strangely enough, the Tower of Terror in Japan is not as scary as the one in California. I don't know if it was imagination or not. It was still fun though, and Lyy enjoyed it also :D

We ended up stumbling across the water show which was fun to watch. I usually don't watch them in California except for the World of Color *__* but this was still cool. It was like the combined the World of Color show with the Fantasmic show.

After that, we we just walked around and took pictures of everything. Disney Sea is so pretty! I loved looking at all the different lands that is not in Disneyland. Like Atlantis and the Aladdin palace!

It was also cool because they had this whole area dedicated to "Dia de los Muertos" (The Day of the Dead) and everything was in Spanish and they played music in Spanish. I was translating everything for Lyy lol xD

I kept seeing people with popcorn and kept craving it. Lyy said that Japan has different popcorn flavors like Strawberry and stuff like that. We kept coming across Black Pepper -__- eventually we smelled curry and came across curry flavored popcorn so we bought it to try it. And it was SO good. After that, we came across the strawberry one, Lyy said it tasted like pocky so I really wanted it. I didn't care if I already had the curry one, I thought of it as dessert haha. So we got the strawberry and it was amazing, haha. We then magically stumbled across the milk tea one. Whyy are there so many awesome flavors?? Sure enough, we decided "fuck it" and bought that one too. NO SHAME. My favorite was the strawberry and the curry, while Lyy really like the milk tea and curry :3 This is something you can only find in Japan so no shame that we bought 3 popcorns xD probably the highlight of the night to be honest.

Anywho, Disney Sea was pretty fun! I actually didn't really want to go to Disney Sea because I've been so tired lately and I am also broke from the rent they are going to be taking out but now I am happy I went. I really enjoyed myself and I was bound to go eventually so I was happy I went with Lyy for the first time.

Thursday is Halloween, I am so excited! But have been so exhausted lately :/ I know i am going to get sick, I can feel it ugh need to start taking care of myself more. I am not going to go out during the week anymore besides school. And I need to eat better /sigh

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