Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween from Japan.

I was really excited to spend my first Halloween in Japan. Last year's Halloween was pretty fun because of JSA but I didn't enjoy the club too much. Japan's Halloween was a bit similar in the beginning but ended up turning around.

Me and Lili were getting ready to go to this international party but Lili last minute decided she wanted to do something else. We ended up meeting some of her PCP friends in Shibuya instead. Some still needed costumes so we went to Donkey Quijote and got some. Others had to change into theirs, Lili included.

There was actually a lot of people dressed up in Shibuya on Halloween, it was cool because our friends were saying that it was only recently that Japan started doing things for Halloween so this stuff was also pretty new to them.

We were planning on going to some club in Shibuya called Camelot. I'd seen it a few times but never went in since the line was always so long. We got in for free since we has costumes. One of our friends Denis was a grape (he taped green balloons to himself lol) it was a smart idea but it didn't pass so he didn't get in for free.

We took a shot when we got into the club, it was super packed and it was still early too. The music was good at first and then became shitty. I was soo bored, and so were many of the other people. The dance floor was getting less crowded.

We stayed there for a few hours and some were planning on taking the last train back. I didn't want to go back since the music sucked, I didn't want to end the night on that note. Lili and Hiroshi and some others went back. I stayed with Kanna, Denis, and another guy, I forgot his name -__- 

We had already left Camelot though and didn't know what to do. They asked about any clubs in the area. We all knew some but since it was late the entrance would be 3,000 yen :/ so we thought about it and decided to go to Atom since it is only 1000 yen for entry and girls get 2 drinks lol.

The music was much better at Atom and everyone enjoyed themselves here. It was super packed though D: but it was still fun ^^ my nicely curled hair became all tangled and gross from dancing haha but it shows it was a good time :D

We stayed till around 4:30am which we left to go eat Gyu-don. It was so good lol, and we got the first train home.

I really enjoyed this Halloween. I also think that watching The Originals and American Horror Story before going out made it better ;D haha

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Disney Sea with Lyy.

Yesterday, me and Lyy went to Disney Sea. Lyy really wanted to go during Halloween since it's her favorite holiday and she wanted to see the Halloween decorations. I couldn't afford to go the whole day, so we decided to get the night pass which allows you to go in after 6pm for only $30 :D so happy! 

One thing for sure I knew I wanted to go on was on Tower of Terror :DD I love that ride, and missed it so much since I hadn't been able to go to it in California for a while since California Adventures is so freakin' expensive -.- so me and Lyy went :D the wait was only 70 minutes too! 

Strangely enough, the Tower of Terror in Japan is not as scary as the one in California. I don't know if it was imagination or not. It was still fun though, and Lyy enjoyed it also :D

We ended up stumbling across the water show which was fun to watch. I usually don't watch them in California except for the World of Color *__* but this was still cool. It was like the combined the World of Color show with the Fantasmic show.

After that, we we just walked around and took pictures of everything. Disney Sea is so pretty! I loved looking at all the different lands that is not in Disneyland. Like Atlantis and the Aladdin palace!

It was also cool because they had this whole area dedicated to "Dia de los Muertos" (The Day of the Dead) and everything was in Spanish and they played music in Spanish. I was translating everything for Lyy lol xD

I kept seeing people with popcorn and kept craving it. Lyy said that Japan has different popcorn flavors like Strawberry and stuff like that. We kept coming across Black Pepper -__- eventually we smelled curry and came across curry flavored popcorn so we bought it to try it. And it was SO good. After that, we came across the strawberry one, Lyy said it tasted like pocky so I really wanted it. I didn't care if I already had the curry one, I thought of it as dessert haha. So we got the strawberry and it was amazing, haha. We then magically stumbled across the milk tea one. Whyy are there so many awesome flavors?? Sure enough, we decided "fuck it" and bought that one too. NO SHAME. My favorite was the strawberry and the curry, while Lyy really like the milk tea and curry :3 This is something you can only find in Japan so no shame that we bought 3 popcorns xD probably the highlight of the night to be honest.

Anywho, Disney Sea was pretty fun! I actually didn't really want to go to Disney Sea because I've been so tired lately and I am also broke from the rent they are going to be taking out but now I am happy I went. I really enjoyed myself and I was bound to go eventually so I was happy I went with Lyy for the first time.

Thursday is Halloween, I am so excited! But have been so exhausted lately :/ I know i am going to get sick, I can feel it ugh need to start taking care of myself more. I am not going to go out during the week anymore besides school. And I need to eat better /sigh

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cafes + Walking Around an Empty Harajuku.

Yesterday was suppose to be a productive day but ended up being not so much so. We met up so I could get my textbook for class and some other things Lyy needed to give me. I ended up being 30 minutes late to meet Lyy which took away some time. We were starving and went to eat the robot sushi since it's fast and cheap! Thanks to Maria for showing me it, honestly love it.

After going to eat, we went to Bic Camera to see if we could fix my wifi. Unfortunately, the one near Hachiko is so small we doubted that they had English staff so we just left because we had other stuff we wanted to do.

We went to a cafe in Shibuya called, Silkream where Lyy needed to get tea for one of her friends in London. We also decided to get dessert where they were having a Halloween special :3 it was so good, I was so happy eating it. but so stuff afterwards D: lol me and Lyy decided we would share from now on.

Afterwards, we went to Harajuku to go shopping. I needed to get some more fall clothes and winter clothes. It's getting colder, the typhoon helped remind me of that. I also am starting to get sick again so don't want that to happen D:

But, Harajuku always closes early so we only managed to shop at 2 stores. I still got a jacket, sweater, beanie, and a cap :DDD All stuff I have been wanting so I was happy lol.

We wanted to go to La Foret but they closed at 8pm T__T but Lyy still managed to get a necklace she wanted ^^ we decided to come back another day.

So since everything in Harajuku closes so early we decided to just walk around and take pictures. Lyy said she had never been to Harajuku at night so she liked it without so many people.

I always seem to go to Harajuku at night -.- it's boring by yourself since everything is closed but it was fun with Lyy just walking, taking video and pictures.

I will admit it was nice because since I brought my camera I could take photos of all the street art I always see. And since it was nice and empty no people in my photos :D haha so that was another plus.

We wondered around to other parts of Harajuku we never managed to walk through and stumbled across places we have been meaning to go to.

Lyy found LAD which she really wanted to find before but never did. Since we found it, we decided to come back during the day. Apparently one of her favorite bands, THE NOVEMBERS gets a lot of their clothes from there ^^

After Harajuku we went to Tower Records since Lyy had to go to the bathroom lol but we had browsed and we saw an awesome polaroid of Coldrain :]

Still dying to see them live, hopefully I will get a chance this winter! Me and Lyy are planning all the lives we are going to see and let's just say they seem to keep conflicting with other band's lives. They just don't want to make this easy for us lol.

☓ ☓ ☓

Also, Halloween is coming up! Most of the parties were this past weekend but I didn't do anything on Saturday since I was feeling sick after staying out in the typhoon Friday night -.- lol and I didn't have a costume :/ I also completely forgot that I had told my roommate we would go to this international/japanese student Halloween party Keio is throwing in Roppongi.

So we are going to that, and I had to quickly find a costume online last night/this morning. I hope it fits and looks alright and comes in time -___- lol.

I really wanted to do something for Halloween, go out, party and have fun after looking back on last year's Halloween in LA and it bummed me out that I half assed my pin-up costume. I actually wanted to dress up in a real costume this year. I haven't done it in years! And I also wanted to have pictures from my Halloween this year.

I mean, this is my first Halloween in Japan I feel like it would be dumb to not do something fun and record it. I want to go out, have fun, take pics in our costumes and look back at my Halloween in Japan so I decided fuck it, it's last minute but I'm doing it. I also have class the next morning + a midterm but Lili said we should have fun /sigh I'm such a bad student lol

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Shitty days don't suck as much with good company.

Yesterday was a fun, but very unexpected/tiring day lol. I met up with Lyy for the first time since she coming to Tokyo this time. I finished my morning class and went to meet her around 2pm. I was suppose to help her move in but it ended up taking much longer than expected. We were planning on doing all kinds of things but unfortunately didn't finish moving in till 7pm ish for many reasons.

We ended up being really late to the EYA live, we were hoping Tokyo Heroes was playing first but EYA was. By the time we got there they were already almost done, only 10 minutes left of the EYA set.

I didn't want to pay 4,000 yen to listen to 10 minutes of EYA to be honest. But Lyy really wasn't having a good day, we both weren't. So she said she at least wanted to listen to EYA even if it was only 10 minutes. I reluctantly paid for my ticket as well. I love EYA, but I am trying to save money and we already missed basically their whole set T__T

Once we went in, Lyy dragged me closer to front of the back. She really wanted me to see EYA since she knows how much I like them. And actually, I was happy that I got to see them. Ryohei looked really hot haha and the last 2 songs were my favorites, Coke in a Vein and Clockwise.

It's funny because I told Lyy early I wanted to really hear Coke in a Vein so I was so happy that it was one of the last songs they played.

I was also happy because I got to buy their album Apocalypsis. I had been wanting it since I was in America but decided to wait for when I went to Japan. But when we went to Tower Records in Shibuya the last time Lyy came they didn't have it. So I was lucky they had it at the live and I bought it.

Afterwards me and Lyy were planning on listening to Tokyo Heroes since we heard they were good. We listened to some of it but were starting to get restless. Some songs sounded good but I think we were still a bit bummed that we didn't get to listen to all of EYA's set that we didn't fully enjoy it.

We ended up leaving, and I decided to take some pics of Lyy and the venue while we were outside. I wanted to take video and pics while we were walking around but it was raining since a typhoon was suppose to come.

We were pretty hungry so we went to go get something to eat since we hadn't eaten since breakfast. We also wanted to drink and chill so just ended up going to an izakaya.

I was craving pizza so I ordered one, but Lyy can't eat cheese so my fat ass ate the whole pizza :3 haha Lyy got some karaage and asparagus wrapped in meat. We got some drinks and just chilled and talked for a good while, it was pretty nice.

Lyy had bought these Marlboro ice cigarettes that she said were really good so I decided to try them. I really liked them :]

Afterwards we decided to go to Rockaholic because Lyy wanted to check out the Halloween event they had going on. Lyy's favorite holiday is Halloween :] So we went to look for it which took a while since we had no wifi and it was raining -.-

We eventually found it and were kinda bummed with the music. It was a pop rock thing going on. Sometimes the music was good but sometimes it made us like e__e haha

K from Pay money To my Pain

I was pretty happy because they played SiM, Maximum the Hormone, Coldrain, and Pay Money to my Pain :D but there were some bands that were playing that Lyy didn't like, she really wanted lynch. to play lol.

We were both pretty bored and Lyy really wanted to leave so we just decided to leave to Starbucks and just chill there and wait for the train and talk since it was so windy and raining so hard because of the typhoon.

Lyy is more of a mosher than a dancer so the bar really wasn't her thing. We think, it would have been better if the Halloween party wasn't going on. I didn't know that Lyy didn't like dancing so we realized no clubbing or party event things and from now on lives are our thing lol.

Even though the day didn't turn out like we thought, and it pretty much sucked we still liked it. We kept laughing at the fact that we were looking forward to it so much and how horrible it ended up turning out. The only good thing was that we got to see each other and hang out haha. But it was still fun as sucky as it was lol. We ended up taking 5am purikura to commemorate this shitty day haha <3

I just starting getting better from my sickness and because of last night I am getting sick again. I was going to go out with Maria tonight but I decided to just stay in and relax, have hot tea and watch American Horror Story.

Tomorrow morning I have to go to the museum with my Japanese Art class as well T__T so since I am going out for school I decided I should rest today.

I also am going to meet up with Lyy again on Sunday because I left my textbook at her place since I didn't want to carry it to the live and stuff. I also need to get some more winter clothes :/ the wind was pretty icy today when I walked Lyy a bit to the station /sigh so much stuff to do. I'm sleeping early tonight T___T