Friday, September 27, 2013

飲み放題 with our former 先生

Last night after classes, we decided to reunite the whole Class A gang from JWU again. We missed our sensei's and they wanted to see us as well. Eugene, being the alcoholic he is (jk lol) wanted to do 飲み放題 with our teachers and get them drunk so we ended up going to an izakaya.

Me and Eugene met up at Keio since I had class till 6pm and left to meet everyone at Hachiko statue. As usual it was very crowded, but by chance I ended up seeing my roommate! She was also meeting someone, a guy we met at a club actually lol. But her internet wasn't working so she was planning on just tagging along with us.

Eugene had invited other people from the JWU ILP program that were in other classes that we are friends with and they invited friends so it was more of just a big gathering of people lol.

The guy ended up finding Lili though so she ended up leaving. My teacher asked where my roommate was and I said she left with a guy and she exclaimed, "eeeh?? nampa?" LOL I laughed so hard and explained it was a guy she met before haha.

After that everyone had came and we left for the izakaya.

Everyone was drinking a lot. This was the first time I'd gone out with Eugene and everyone to drink because they always tell me last minute and I always already have plans -.-

It was fun to see everyone drunk though. I didn't drink because I am drinking tonight since me and my roommate are going out tonight.

There was a few people with the Asian glow lol so cute. And Spencer and Eugene kept chugging beers like crazy. There was also a pitcher of Nihonshu O__O yeah...Spencer devoured that and he ended up getting pretty fucked up.

He had to go to the bathroom, and he was gone for a while throwing up. Eugene was pretty up and happy and very talkative. He was becoming friends with people in the bathroom and getting their LINES lol. But I guess he gets aggressively friendly when he gets drunk.

After some drinking, eating, and karaoke we went outside since the time was up. Spencer threw up again in the sewer :/ since he lives at Hiyoshi station near me I was going to take him home so I was staying with him.

Euegene was telling me that he really wants to go clubbing with me and hang out again and that we need to hang out lol. Me and Ah Young were really amused by how Eugene was drunk, he was pretty cute lol. When he is sober he can be a sarcastic asshole (which is fun too) haha but drunk he is all vulnerable and friendly so cute haha.

He ended up going and talking to random Japanese guys on the street that were apparently from Waseda LOL Jasper was also talking to them along with Sonia. I stayed with Spencer though.

Afterwards the guys came up to me when I was with Jasper and Ah Young and said, "I want to be friend with you" LOL I was just like "uhh" and then they asked Ah Young if she was Japanese and they started talking to us.

Spencer was starting to feel well enough to go back home so I ended up saying bye to my teachers and leaving and taking him to Hiyoshi station. He said he would get back to his dorm safely but I didn't trust him so I walked with him. He kept telling me he didn't want me to walk all the way since it was far and he felt bad. Right when he was going to try to get me to go back, Elliot showed up.

I was pretty happy to see Elliot, he said he was on his way to the station to get Spencer since Sonia had told him he drank a lot. Such a good friend >< So I left Spencer with Elliot since they live at the same dorm and went home.

Lol fun night, I definitely will go drinking with them again. I'll drink next time also, but definitely not at their level O___O lol I'd die. We might go clubbing next week with Spencer and Eugene since they want to go so badly and I told Lili as well.

We'll see, I'm glad I finally hung out with everyone outside of class though and I definitely want to do it again :]

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