Sunday, September 8, 2013

The End of ILP.

Friday was the last day of ILP, and I was happy it was over lol. I stayed up till 4am the night before trying to finish/memorize a presentation we had to do. So it was hard work till the very end. My teacher said all the hard work out make it better in the end. I honestly didn't think so but it actually did.

We got our certificates of completing the language program and took pictures with everyone. We gave our teachers presents.

I ended up giving one of my teachers another present separately. She was a really important person to me, and saw that I would struggle in class and would reach out to me. She also wrote a note for when I went to the eye doctor and made the class fun in general.

The class as a whole gave her a Suica penguin bag since she likes the penguin. Haha she was so cute posing with it, saying "かっこいいでしょう?"

Once all the classes did our presentation (which took a couple hours) we went to the "ending party" where they gave us snacks and what not. Here, we were also suppose hold an entertainment thing. Some people did games, sang a song, etc. We wanted to introduce the Japanese students to beer pong but since everyone wouldn't be able to play we did Flip Cup instead, they enjoyed it.

The party was fun for the most part, they had lots of snacks and roll cake :D my first time having it, and it was really good.

They also informed us that this was the last time they would have ILP at JWU. Although the program was tough for me, I was happy to be part of the last group that would take the ILP at JWU.

After hanging out for a bit the teachers were leaving. My teacher called out to me to say by and I went over and hugged her. She said bye to us again and got teary eyed which made me get teary eyed as well.

After my teacher left, I decided to leave to. I was going to meet up with Mariko later on that day.

So in the end, I did enjoy myself. I'm not going to miss the program that's for sure, but I am going to miss my teacher and some other people not going to Keio.

Moving into the dorms tomorrow! Kinda nervous.

Last time I will be seeing this view on my way to school

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