Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Shopping. First Nampa. Amazing Waffles.

Today was a really fun day! I ended up running into Ah Young after class, I had stayed a bit later to print something out and she was typing something up. We ended up finishing at the same time and said she was hungry. I was starving as well so we decided to go eat :]

Ah Young was craving Korean food, and I was definitely up for it since I hadn't eaten it since last time when I went with Hopy which was in the beginning of August. And after the $9 spent on that shitty meal yesterday I was really craving for something good!

The Korean food was amazing<3 I never pay attention to the restaurant names T___T need to do that, but I will definitely go again because I was so happy, and it was a lot of food. We were stuffed full ><

Afterwards, we decided to go to shopping in Shibuya. I have been wanting some wedges so I decided that since we were right next to Shibuya 109 we might as well go.

I only went there once before with Hopy but we didn't really shop, just walked on each level. 

Me and Ah Young were looking around but I felt like such a fat ass after eating so much -__- I never understand why I go shopping when I am stuffed full -__-

I found stuff I liked, but it was way too pricey. I thought I could overcome my cheapness, but I just can't. There were some cheaper stores so next time I'm not so bloated I'll probably look again but there is no way I'm spending $50+ on a shirt.

After shopping around in Shibuya we decided to go to Harajuku. Ah Young was telling me about this place that sold colored contacts with prescription and I've been wanting new ones >< she also said you get to try them and and what not, so I definitely wanted to check it out!

Ah Young warned me she didn't really remember where it was and said that we would get lost but I didn't mind. I suck at directions too, and getting lost with a friend isn't bad :]

She knew it was for sure on Takeshita dori but she couldn't remember where. We walked down it a few times and although we couldn't find it, I found other things like stretchers and 0g plugs :D so happy <3

We were walking down Takeshita again, when we Ah Young another person from the ILP program. We said hi and asked them if they knew about the contact place we were looking for. Christie's friend told us where she thought it was. It seemed like they were going to walk us when 3 guys passed by and they freaked out because they were staring and ran away.

Me and Ah Young were really confused...we didn't really understand why they freaked out but we shrugged and continue to look for the contact place. Then the 3 guys came in front of us and stopped us. Immediately both me and Ah Young though they wanted to ask us our friend's names and their numbers but instead they started talking to me saying how pretty I was -______-

They were asking what I was (ethnicity wise) and Ah Young wanted them to guess since most of the time people have no idea and guess I'm half or Spanish.

One ended up guessing Spanish and the other Peruvian, Ah Young was surprised that they guessed pretty close (at least with the Spanish) lol. They kept talking, asking how long I've been here, how many bfs I've had, how many times I get hit on -___-

Honestly, I never get hit on in Japan. Probably only once before by these douchey looking gyaru-o ish guys that were a bit tipsy and they were just calling out to me and not even trying to hold a conversation -__- that was actually my second day in Japan lol and since then nothing.

These guys weren't cute either, but Hopy told me it's usually the not so cute guys that you have the most interesting convos with. And for the most part, these guys were entertaining but I really wanted to look for shoes and the contact place so we were getting ready to go. And all the complimenting was making me feel uncomfortable -.-

Soon enough, Christie came back with her friend and dragged us away. The guys looked a bit freaked out and wary, while me and AhYoung were confused. They told us, "Don't talk to those guys they are hosts!" 

Me and Ah Young were a bit confused on why this mattered, we weren't going to go anywhere with them...and it was in the middle of the day in Harajuku. It's not like we were in Kabukicho at night looking to talk to guys and ending up finding hosts that were going to attempt to scam us -.-

They said you could tell by how they looked (hair wise) they were hosts but me and Ah Young didn't really pay attention since it's Harajuku. Their hairstyle could have been v-kei, I don't know -shrugs- After warning us, they left since Christie's friend needed to go to work.

Soon after, Ah Young magically remembered the place where the contacts were and we found it :D

I had no cash on me, but I decided I would come back again for sure :]

Right outside of the contact place was waffle place called Waffle Bins. Us being the fatasses we are, we decided to get some waffles.

Luckily, me and Ah Young decided to split it though :D it was so delicious, strawberry ice cream with green tea, so fuckin' おいしい! And the waffles were nice and soft <3 best waffles I've had. 

I didn't feel too guilty eating it since we split it. It was so good, just looking at it makes me remember how delicious it was lol. 

After we were done eating we decided to walk around, we felt like fatasses and felt all the walking we did after eating the Korean food went to waste because of the waffles -.- I still needed to look for shoes so we decided to go to Laforet. 

I had already been there once with Lyy, but we just went to see if they had EYA's new album. Me and Ah Young looked around at the clothes but nothing seemed to be sticking out to me. Ah Young found some stuff she liked, but not enough to buy.

In the end however, I ended up buying a pair of new wedges at Magestic Legon. It was only $61 and they are these cute black wedges with a gold buckle on the side and they aren't too tall either. Perfect for dressing up and every day use :]

Anywho, after that me and Ah Young decided it was time to go back home, we had been out shopping since 12pm and it was already 8pm. Mission accomplished though :D

Thank goodness for Harajuku, I always find what I need there <3

☓ ☓ ☓

I was really happy I hung out with Ah Young today, she is the first person I was able to connect with in the ILP program. Like, not just be a nice person but also have common interests and have the same mindset (although we differ on tatts, she's still cool). 

And luckily, she is also going to Keio and will be living close to my dorms, just one station away :] so hopefully we will hang out more~

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