Monday, September 2, 2013

Shin-Okubo with Hopy!

Hopy said with my hair wavy and blue lenses,
 I looked like Ariel -.- lol

All these be-lated posts are making me depressed, making me miss Hopy and my red hair LOL. I am seriously debating on redying it red in the winter, just not as bright. We'll see how that goes, I am enjoying the fact that I don't have to touch up my roots all the time so we'll see #girlproblems

This was back on August 9th when me and Hopy decided to go out to Shin-Okubo also known as Tokyo's K-town. Since Hopy was leaving to Denmark soon, she wanted to get some good Korean food before she left. Also, she thought it would be a good time for me to check out Shin-Okubo.

Hopy had already told me a bit about Shin-Okubo. She used to live here a while back and told me there is lots of Kpop things and Korean restaurants where hot Korean guys try to get you to come to their restaurant xD She said there are also lots of kpop clubs with hot Korean guys as well but told me that they were all conceited, not a big surprise~

Anyways, Hopy really wanted to go to this one place she went to once and enjoyed. Too bad I don't remember the name :/ but we ended up finding it pretty quickly.

Hopy is so pretty, and I love her makeup <3

Sure enough, as soon as we entered there were cute Korean boys LOL. One of them was particularly attractive, had the skater vibe that me and Hopy like. She said he was there the last time she came and knew I would find him attractive xD

Anyways, I had Hopy order since this was the last time she was going to get good Korean food till a while and I'm not a picky eater. She ordered cold noodles since I never had it before and something else, don't remember -.- but we got two orders to share.

The restaruant had a few TVs that played Kpop in the background. I haven't really been into kpop anymore, I just stick with the older stuff I have on my ipod. Sometimes I come across nice indie korean songs that I like but for the most part I just listen to the old stuff and only keep up with BIGBANG and G-DRAGON.

After we were done eating me and Hopy tried to figure out what to do. Hopy had been wanting to check out the Decadance Bar with me so we decided to stop by.

For a weekend, the bar was pretty dead -.- but the girl that was working was someone that Hopy knew. She was really nice and made us our drinks.

Me and Hopy were trying to get buzzed but kept failing miserably. I don't know if alcohol is just weak in Japan or if I'm drinking the wrong stuff, but I have only gotten buzzed once or twice since I've been here. Probably because I am avoiding the heavy stuff since my reunion/farewell with my friends.

We were going to go to a club in Shin-Okubo but ended up staying at the Decadance Bar a bit too long. So me and Hopy got lazy and just wanted to go sleep LOL.

Yeah, another pretty uneventful night haha. Me and Hopy always failed when we tried to go clubbing or barhopping because we would always get so lazy. Forever an introvert at heart and lazy as fuck.

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