Sunday, September 29, 2013

Clubbing in Shibuya with Lili.

Me and Lili met up to go clubbing in Shibuya on Saturday night. We were going to go with some other foreign students that were planning on going to a hip-hop club but cancelled last minute.

We weren't too upset, we thought we would just walk around Shibuya and find some club and check it out. We ended up stumbling across Club Asia which is known to be good. But it was expensive to get in since it was already late so me and Lili weren't down for that.

We kept walking and ran into what I thought was Club Atom but wasn't sure. I heard it became a shitty club over the years so I told my roommate we should avoid it. But we didn't know which club was which when we were waiting in line and turns out it was the line to Club Atom -_____- LOL

It was crowded as fuck and the music was so loud me and Lili had to yell in each other's ears to hear each other. We got 2 free drinks so we were planning on just getting the drinks and leaving but Lili saw a guy she was interested in lol.

There was a group of guys in the corner drinking champagne and being loud and stuff. But Lili liked this one guy with a white v-neck and tattoos. There was a guy by him that I thought was cute, he was pretty quiet compared to the rest of the guys. And he had such a cute smile omg, even Lili thought he was really cute when he smiled lol.

The guy in the white v-neck ended up coming and talking to Lili and introduced me to his friend. He ended up being on of the dj's that night.

Since Lili was doing her own thing with Tatsuya I stayed and chilled with his friends. They were pretty nice and we just talked and danced. We were waiting for the Tsuru to get off of work but he didn't get off till 5am..

After staying at the club for a bit everyone was hungry so we left to eat and we told Tsuru we would meet up with him after work.

Surprisingly my Japanese gets better when I have had a few drinks, I have no idea why. I tend to understand more and say more.

Masato and Issei kept saying I was scary because I understand everything but pretend I don't know any Japanese LOL. I kept telling them I really don't understand a lot but they didn't believe me haha -.-

They were so much fun to talk to though. I don't know, they seemed so outgoing. So even though the club wasn't too great, and we didn't meet a lot of people, it was okay because the people we met were really funny and entertaining. Whereas, compared to the last club where we met lots of people but they were boring.

Issei and Masato went back home since it was getting late but we exchanged lines and whatnot. Me, Lili, and Tatsuya went to Tsuru's place to wait for when he got off work.

Once Tsuru got off work we ended up just chilling at his place. We didn't get any sleep though, barely -.- and then I had to hang out with Smiley the next day around 2pm, I was so freakin' tired lol.

But I'll blog about that next time.

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