Friday, September 20, 2013

Roppongi. Harry Potter Exhibit. Eat You Alive. Nagoya Friend Meet Up

[8.16.13] Lyy had been wanting to take me to Roppongi, I was really excited because she said that it's really pretty there. The only bad thing is that there are constant creepers so we have to be careful. It was still nice in the nicer areas though.

We ended up going to the Harry Potter exhibit. I was really happy because Lyy went to the one in Singapore and I remember reading about it on her blog and wanting to go so bad. It was all in Japanese of course, but you get the gist of it.

They also had stuff you could pay for to get in another language but I didn't want to do that. I'm so cheap -.-

I really enjoyed the exhibit, and afterwards there was a Harry Potter store the exhibit had where it had so many cool things! Such as the candy in the movie, cool mugs, shirts, and even the wands of the main characters.

I really wanted to get stuff but I had no money :/ I wanted to buy a wand so bad though lol.

After the exhibit, Lyy showed me the places she likes to go to. She says the spots are very coupley spots lol. It's always better to go to coupley places with friends first though :] haha

They were really nice, and I was really bummed I didn't bring my camera. I should honestly stop being so fuckin' lazy -.- I took a view of the city lights but it came out all grainy and gross :/

We just chilled and talked but soon got hungry and were craving sweets so we got crepes :D

Lyy and the crepes <3

The crepes were so freakin' delicious. I got a blueberry cheesecake crepe, and omg it was so good. I liked the crepe a bit better in Roppongi because it was more cooked but this one had an awesome flavor, c'mon blueberry cheesecake?? So good, lol.

But after a while, the crepes were too sweet and I wanted something salty xD #firstworldproblems 

The next day, was the Eat You Alive live. EYA is one of my favorite Japanese bands so I was very happy to see them. Lyy had showed me where the venue was before hand since she said it's easy to miss. I was happy the live was so close to where I live, very convenient. 

Lyy was going to a Lynch. and Mucc concert so we were going to meet after our lives were finished at Edge (where my live was). 

I had to buy a ticket at the door since they sold out an hour before I got my ticket -.- It wasn't too bad though. After I got my ticket I went inside and waited for them to start.

I now know why Lyy always talks about not liking Japanese lives. The place was filled with girls all done up and having cake make-up, hair done, heels, and were very bitchy and rude. And if they weren't like that, they were the fans with the band shirts and gave off the elitist vibe -.-

I just ignored them though, and watched the performances. I didn't really care for any of the other bands though, there was one band that actually pretty good but I didn't remember what their name was.

When EYA came on, I was happy. They played all the songs I loved and were pretty chill.

After EYA played, I pretty much decided to leave because I thought Lyy would be done with her live already and I didn't know the last band.

Lyy ended up actually being later than I thought, but I talked to my friend Tia on the phone while I waited outside the venue. While I was outside I saw Kenji from EYA come out. My immediate reaction was O__O and then once I shook it off Ryohei came out. Needless to say my face became O__O again haha. 

I ended up working up the courage to talk to Ryohei. You see, I suck at talking to strangers, make it a guy and multiply the awkwardness by 10, make it a hot guy and multiply that by another 10, lol. Luckily, Ryohei speaks English fluently so it wasn't too bad and I just kept it short. He was really nice, and so were the other band members.

A while later, Lyy came and we ended up going to chill at Starbucks since she didn't want to go home yet. We chilled at Starbucks till closing, and for some reason I didn't want to go home yet but since Lyy and Lydia had to get up earlier tomorrow we parted ways.

One of my friends from Nagoya was visiting his brother in Yokohama and asked if we could meet up, so I met up with him. 

It was actually the first time I met him in person, we had been following each other on Instagram and became friends on Facebook since we had a common interest in body mods. 

His tattoos are some of the best tattoos I've seen, so freakin' detailed and all done in Nagoya (need to go to get tatted in Nagoya lol). And it's cool because he's Brazilian I could speak Spanish to him and he could understand me, though sometimes I has trouble with the Portuguese lol. 

Anyways, we ended up going to Roppongi and went to a club. It was alright, they played American music so it was fun to dance and sing along. By this time it was already late though so we had missed the last train so we had to stay out till the first one.

It actually wasn't too bad, probably because we were actually out in the club so time went by fast rather than we me and Hopy were sitting in McDonalds LOL.

I was surprisingly not tired the next day also, which was when I went to Odaiba with Lyy lol. Good times~ haha

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