Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Productive Day.

Today was such a productive day, I am seriously very happy with how it turned out <3

So, I had my academic counseling appointment in the morning. I had to go all the way to Mita campus to have a 3 minute counseling session. It was seriously a waste of time and money since I didn't have my commuter pass since I didn't have enough funds for it yet. Okay, that doesn't sound productive..but everything was except for that lol.

After my appointment I ended up meeting up with Ah Young after her counseling appointment where we ate at Nana's Green Tea. Ah Young had been talking about their parfaits being really delicious.

I wanted food food though so I didn't get their parfait. I got their matcha iced latte, which was good but was definitely mostly ice -.- Note to self: never get anything iced anywhere because the Japanese will fill it with ice more than the drink.

It was still good, but just not worth the 4 bucks since it was mostly ice. The food was really good, me and Ah Young shared curry rice. It was actually a small portion to share but I had been reducing my carb intake so when I do eat carbs I get full quickly, and Ah Young had gotten some ice cream dessert so she also got full quickly.

After that, I had to go to the new city office to register my move. I have been meaning to do it for a while now since I moved out of Toshima. I have just been busy doing other things ><

Me and Ah Young got to the city office 5 minutes before closing and I was able to still get my stuff done. I felt bad for going so close to closing but my stuff was pretty quick anyways and I am all registered in Yokohama now :D

After that, me and Ah Young went to go get our commuter passes. My mom had given me money she owed me and I was able to get have enough to get my student commuter pass for 6 months. It was around $300 :[ so much money but it's more money to commute there everyday without it since it's $8

Since I was at Ah Young's station I would be charged if I went into the gate so we decided to walk to my station. It was a 30 minute walk but we thought it would be good to walk off what we ate earlier. Too bad we got snacks at the conbini LOL such fat asses T__T

We went to a store where I ended up buying a scale for $8 :D Ah Young got hers yesterday and told me about it.

At my station there was a Daiso so Ah Young wanted to go in and get something really quick. I needed some stuff too so I ended up getting all these things for my place for $10 :D I love Daiso lol.

Inside the place where there is Daiso was also an electronic store. I have been wanting a blow dyer and a hair curler so I bought them for so cheap!! $20 for each, I was so happy.

I came out of the stores with my hands filled with bags but I didn't care, all of this was stuff I have been wanting and I got them for good prices.

☓ ☓ ☓

I already picked my possible classes for Keio, and classes start really soon as well. I am actually looking forward to taking classes because these are courses I am interested in.

Though there were a lot of Japanese sociology/psychology courses that I really wanted to take but couldn't since it wouldn't count towards my major :[ oh well, I'm sure I will still have fun in the courses I've chosen.

I wonder how the Japanese classes are going to be.../shrugs I guess I'll figure it out eventually.

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