Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Move to Yokohama.

On Monday I moved into the dorms which is in Yokohama. Right away, I missed living in Sugamo which I thought would never happen (since it's the Harajuku for old people). But, it was right in central Tokyo, so convenient to go to Harajuku and Shibuya.

Also, I was already getting comfortable with the JR lines and going to places. Now, I have to start using the subways and my paranoia of getting on the wrong train is back again -.- but at least I have internet to help guide me now :D

To be honest, even though I miss living in central Tokyo when I saw the city lights of Yokohama I felt very relaxed.

I guess, this is just another opportunity to get to know another city. I have been wanting to go to Yokohama for quite some time and now I'm living in it.

The international housing is in a very convenient spot. Super close to the station and close to a little village where we have several conbinis, a post office, places to eat, grocery stores, and Daiso. I haven't explored all of it, but that's what I've seen so far.

I also met my roommate, and I like her a lot. We share the kitchen and bathroom but have our own rooms :] She is from Germany and we have lots of stuff in common, we are already planning things to do together. She showed me where the grocery store was and other stuff as well.

So far, I have been very busy with all the Keio stuff. We had so many orientations and I just took the Japanese placement test for Keio today. I also had to go to Ikebukuro so I can move my residence to Yokohama. So much annoying stuff -.-

Tomorrow is my only free day but it is still going to be busy with more errands I need to run /sigh

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