Monday, September 23, 2013

Missing So-Cal.

It's only been 2 months in Japan and I'll admit I'm starting to miss California. I think it's because I see my friends are starting school again so I am seeing all the posts of Irvine.

Funny enough, I am not missing my family or my friends (at least not yet), though I love them dearly I tend to be detached from people as I mentioned before. However, I am missing California itself, and more specifically, Irvine. For sure, I don't miss my hometown lol.

I really do love Irvine, that's the whole reason why I picked my university was because I love the city. Though it can be boring at times, I love being able to take a night walk at my university, walk to Cha for Tea and get some boba. I loved the park inside my school and how close to the beaches we are.

I loved going to the beach at night, drinking and swimming. I miss going to random bars in Orange County. And I miss Mitsuwa and Irvine's Daiso like crazy.

I also miss my car. Although I didn't have it in Irvine, I miss driving. When I was bored and felt blah, it was nice to go on a random drive at night and listen to music when the roads were near empty.

Okay, I lied. There's one thing I do miss about my hometown and it's the view of the stars at night. That's one thing Irvine is missing. Although I love the city and city lights I tend to love the stars more. And I miss being able to lay on my roof at night, curled up in a blanket, and look up at the stars while listening to music.

I guess I never realized how much of a typical Californian girl I was until I left it.

BUT, I am definitely not done with Japan. There is definitely lots of things I still want to do, see, and experience.

Maybe I can find a little bit of So-cal in Japan somewhere so this homesickness won't be so bad. Carshows? Tattoos? Burritos T____T lol xD

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