Sunday, September 22, 2013

Landmark Tower // Yokohama

It had been a while since me and Naoya hung out so we decided to meet up before classes started. He didn't know I had moved to Yokohama so he decided to come visit me since he'd never been to Kanagawa before.

He wanted to go to Yokohama's Landmark Tower, the tallest tower in Yokohama. I ended up googling it and saw it had an observatory at the top so I really wanted to go. I love looking at the view of city lights. And this time I remembered to bring my camera! lol

We ate at the tower, at a place called Bubby's. It was American food but we got nachos, which was so good omg lol. I didn't realize how much I missed Mexican food till I ate the nachos because it had beans. I love beans and rice T^T

I also got some drinks, a cherry lemonade (which had alcohol not sure what though) and a strawberry mojito. They were both really good :] but sadly this place was pretty pricey, even though me and Naoya shared the nachos and only had 3 drinks -.-

Naoya wanted to smoke, but he couldn't smoke at Bubby's so we walked around and found another place where he could smoke and I wanted cheesecake so we found this random bar still in the landmark tower.

I got another mojito and Naoya got beer again lol. I ended up buying Black Stone earlier that day. I was so happy I found them at a stationary shop that sells tobacco also. They have all the flavors :D Of course, I wanted the cherry flavor because of Nana.

Shotaro had told me that Black Stone Cherry is really gross tasting. Naoya wanted to try so he tried it as well, he usually smokes Seven Stars though. I like Seven Stars too, the first time I saw it was because of Ryohei lol. Anyways, the Black Stone smelled just as nice as I anticipated, I loved it. Naoya smoked it and hated though LOL. He said it tasted so bad and it only smells good. Shotaro told me this too.

I was kind of nervous to try it, since they both said it was bad. He said if he went closer to the filter he would probably throw up lol. I ended up trying it though, it wasn't even bad -___- I actually liked it lol but maybe it's because I haven't really smoked any cigarettes before, only the times when Shotaro and Naoya offered it to me and I didn't really care for the taste of the cigarettes.

It finally got dark so me and Naoya decided to go to the observatory. The elevator to go to the 67th floor went crazy fast, and it didn't even feel like you were going up. The only reason why you knew you were going up was because of your ears popping due to the elevation.

The view was really pretty, but there wasn't much to do. I took pictures and we walked around the observatory and shortly after we left lol. Naoya couldn't stay too long since he lives in Chiba and it's kinda far and I had class early the next morning. So after the observatory we hung out for a while longer and headed back home.

I had actually gone to Yokohama with my friends from Keio earlier where they showed me all these awesome places. I didn't have my camera so I want to go again. We'll see when that will happen, I'm still going to post the photos I took from the time I went with my other friends later :]

I really love Yokohama though, I could honestly go there every weekend. Only thing, is there are a bunch of couples so if you're lonely and bitter it's not the place for you haha. There were even people taking wedding photos the other time I went xD Oh well, still nice :]

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