Friday, September 13, 2013

Hopy's Farewell Dinner at GB's

[8.1.13] Back to the throwback posts, this was Hopy's farewell dinner we had before she went back to Denmark. This was also before our beach trip which I have yet to write about.

Anyways, Hopy said she often went to GB's Cafe which is close to Waseda. The portions are big and the price is fairly cheap. Her friends work there, so that is where they had her farewell party.

I met a lot of Hopy's friends that she hung out with while she was in Japan :] and some people from Denmark that are now living in Japan.

Me and Hopy got our usual, タコライス and something else that we ended up not being able to finish so we gave it to her friend.

At GB's you can make your own cocktails so I got my usual, Lychee Guava<3 it is so good omg. I love Guava!

The night consisted of drinking and mingling with people. I lots of people, Japanese and happas. I also met another guy who is from California, LA area and I met an Australian guy as well, they were both very outgoing lol. 

The goal of the night was to get Hopy to get buzzed or drunk and we succeeded :] At the end of the night we took a group picture and parted ways.

On our way to the station I decided to take a picture of this shrine (or temple? not sure) we passed by before since this was probably going to be the last time I was going to be out here for a while.

Writing this entry is totally making me miss Hopy /sigh

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