Monday, September 30, 2013

みなとみらい // Good Day Gone Awkward

Went to Minato Mirai again, I knew I would love Yokohama as much as I thought. I have gotten used to the trains again and am making my way around the places I am familiar with.

Smiley came from Chiba to visit me in Yokohama as well, he said he also had never been to Yokohama and wanted to come. This was the day after I had gone clubbing so I was exhausted but I met up with him as soon as I could.

I was going to take him to the places where Takumi took me and Ah Young since they were really nice and I wanted to take pictures with my camera :]

We ended up stumbling across a place I didn't go with them to. It had cool street art and people dressed in lolita, etc. The girls in the photo were singing Fashion Monster xD only know that song because Clarise sang it in karaoke way back when~

Me and Smiley were hungry and since he didn't know what he wanted I suggested a Korean food place at World Porter's where me and Ah Young went to. It was so good <3 I love Korean food lol.

I got bibimbap and Smiley got the same thing as me since the thing he originally wanted would have taken 20 minutes to make. After we ate, we got taiyaki at a place which Ah Young told me about. Last time, I just got the custard but I wanted one with green tea and ice cream this time <3

It was so good T___T <3 I definitely want to get it again!

There was a ramen place next to the taiyaki place and Smiley told me that this is the restaurant that Naoya works at in Chiba. I asked him if the ramen is good because I remember Naoya saying it wasn't too good. Smiley said it was but it was greasy.

 After eating we continued walking to our destination lol. There were so many couples as usual, but I wasn't bitter this time because I had my camera to take photos of them <3 haha

There was this one couple who were wearing matching red sweaters that I low keyed stalked. I took so many cute photos of them! Okay, really 3...but they were so cute! Ugh. And couples laying the grass, holding hands, etc. So adorable ;__;

Me and Smiley ended up stumbling across one of the places that was in たったひとつの恋 that I forgot I wanted to look for. It was the place that Hiroto and Nao met for their date on Halloween. Lol omg I'm such a fangirl but oh well.

There was also the brick building that I saw last time where Hiroto had seen Nao for the first time in years and found out she was getting married </3 lol.

I wanted to take a picture in the exact spot where the scene happened but there some event going on so I couldn't :/ That's why you see tents in the background.

Smiley wanted to go into the red brick building so we did. There was just a bunch of little shops that were pretty expensive. I ended up buying a spray that I have been wanting for some time. I swear it's so hard to find cheap body spray in Japan lol.

I was so happy to have my camera as we were walking to the harbor. Last time when I was with Takumi and Ah Young I was really bummed because my cellphone couldn't capture how pretty it was at night.

I kept taking lots of pictures as we walked, and enjoyed the view. 

Smiley said he really liked Yokohama because it reminds him of his hometown. I forgot where it was but he said it was also a port city.

I realized I also really enjoy port cities, as I love Odaiba as well.

Smiley asked me if I was doing anything around the end of October because apparently his school is having a festival and Shotaro and everyone are going to be performing. I checked the dates and saw that it should work out okay so I told him I'll probably go :] and this time I'll remember to bring my battery -______- 

We finally reached the port, Smiley thought it was weird that there were blue lights because it made it hard to see but I thought it looked cool.

I took pictures of the cafe which was open this time, it was closed the last time I came. This cafe was also in たったひとつの恋 lol and same with the stairs where the people are sitting and chilling. I'm honestly so happy I got to see these places :]

As lame as it sounds, たったひとつの恋 was the drama that introduced me to Yokohama. I would see the scenery in the drama and thought it was so pretty and that I had to go there one day and I finally did.

Smiley really wanted to go to Chinatown, even though I was super tired I decided to go since he really wanted to go. Naoya wanted to go last time too but we ended up not having enough time.

Chinatown was cool, Smiley commented on the lanterns looking like something from a Ghibli film. I immediately thought of Spirited Away lol.

It smelled like good food as we walked down the streets but my Japanese teacher from JWU said that the Chinese food in Chinatown is not good because so many tourists come automatically to get the food there they don't have to try so hard to make it good. So she suggested not to ever eat Chinese food thee because it's not good and it's expensive.

Sure enough when Smiley was curious about the prices he also agreed it was too expensive.

☓ ☓ ☓

After we were done with Chinatown Smiley wanted to go to an izakaya. I told him I was pretty tired because I didn't get any sleep and I had class tomorrow morning and I needed to do homework but he insisted on going to an izakaya in Yokohama. I ended up convincing him to just go to an izakaya in Hiyoshi so that way I can just go home after the izakaya.

I told him I wasn't going to drink or eat since I didn't have any money after I bought the body spray which was quite pricey. He said he felt weird drinking alone but I didn't budge. I'll admit, I was a bit annoyed since he didn't really care about how tired I was.

When we were at the izakaya it was pretty awkward since Smiley already doesn't talk much and it's usually me talking but I wasn't talking so much since I was tired. He kept asking me if I was okay and I kept telling him I was tired -____- We talked about some things here and there but that's it.

Smiley told me that he didn't want to go back to Chiba tonight because he was too tired and was planning to stay here in Hiyoshi. I asked him where he was going to stay and he said "can't I stay at your place?"

I was really annoyed by this because I had told him before that my place doesn't allow guests to sleepover and if I do have guests they have to check in and leave before 10pm. Sleeping over was never an option. Yes, I felt bad since Chiba is far but he shouldn't have made that decision on his own.

I explained to him again the situation and said he could not. He kind of took it personally though, which was also annoying. I told him to check for the last train so he could go back in time. After that, he drank another Hoppy and I talked about other stuff to not make it so awkward and we left to the station.

For some reason, I had a feeling that something was going to happen. Smiley got his train ticket and I hugged him goodbye and when I was about to walk away he stopped me and said he needed to tell me something. I thought, oh shit. And sure enough, he told me he liked me.

Naoya had told me that he could tell Smiley liked me but he said that about other people as well. He's always like "___ is in love with you" so I never take him seriously. But yeah, after Smiley told me that shit I honestly didn't know how to respond. I think I said, "oh." and then he added that he wanted us to date.

There was an awkward silence and he just stared at me...earlier we were talking about guys who were my type and all my friends know (including him) how hard it is for me to like a guy. I haven't liked a guy since my ex bf which was in freakin' high school. So I reminded that I told him already it's hard for me to like someone and he said, "I know" and just stared at me.

Honestly, it could not have been more awkward. I told him it would just be better if were were friends and he just said okay said bye and we awkwardly walked away.

So much for hanging out with everyone again in Chiba -__- I don't know, how hanging out with everyone is going to work now /sigh so freakin' awkward.

I ended up going home and knocking out, I was so tired and that was just way too unexpected and something I didn't want to deal with.

My friend told me that it's nice to be liked, which I get what he's saying. It's nice to have a guy actually like me and not just want to get into my pants but I told him that I always get skeptical when guys tell me they like me. Especially Japanese guys -___-

Me and my Lili talked about this, they always say "I like you" or "I love you" way too soon. Most of the time it's like "wtf you don't even know me? How can you like/love me?" they are either infatuated or lying through their teeth to just get some.

I don't know, everyone's different but that's my take on it. My friend agreed that the situation was definitely awkward and when it comes to liking someone it's all about timing and Smiley definitely got the timing wrong.

But either way, he's just a friend and I couldn't ever see him as something more. Yes, I just totally friend-zoned him. I actually did that a while ago -__- should have made it more clear. But, even thought it was awkward as fuck I know it took him a lot to tell me he liked me, so I don't want to give him crap for it since I'm also shy as fuck but I wish he would have read the atmosphere or something? I don't know -.-

Ugh, I could rant about this forever but I'll stop here.

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