Saturday, September 14, 2013

First Trip to the Beach in Japan // Kamakura

Some of the group :]

[8.11.13] Hopy had been wanting to go to the beach before she left back to Denmark for quite some time. Although I really don't like going to the beach during the daytime, since it was the last hang out with Hopy I thought I'd suck it up and go. Besides, it would be the first time I would be going to a beach in Japan in general so I thought it would be cool to experience.

I met up with Hopy at the station near her place. We brought some snacks to eat on the way since the train ride was going to be longg. We met up with Ramos before hand to eat lunch but since me and Hopy had already had some snacks on the train we just got some dessert.

After that, we met up with everyone else at the station and walked to the beach.

Some cute donuts we saw on the way~

It was blazing HOT. I swear I felt like I was melting. I should have brought an umbrella on the walk there which would have looked ridiculously lame but I swear the sun was so strong that day. Looking back, it was one of the hottest days of the week and possibly month T__T

By the time we got to the beach everyone was tired and grossed out by the heat. People took off their sandals to walk in the sand and find that it was burning their feet. We went with Ramos to rent a parasol so me and Hopy can chill under since we really hate the heat.

When we came back with the parasol some other girls that were also going to the beach with us ended up going underneath it and putting their stuff there. Me and Hopy looked at each other, it was really awkward...we just kindly asked if we could also go underneath the umbrella.

But we were slightly annoyed since they didn't come with us to get the parasol and Ramos had asked me asked me and Hopy specifically if we wanted one. But whatever, they ended up going into the water anyways where me and Hopy kindly moved their things so we could chill underneath it.

It was really hot though, so "chillin" was not happening LOL. Hopy wanted to practice her art and me study for Japanese but the heat so killer we just kept having to wipe our sweat. The sunblock wouldn't even stay on us T___T so gross LOL.

We asked Ramos and Marina if they wanted to come with us to get drinks. They said yes, so we all went over. It was much nicer where we went to get drinks as we were in shade. Me and Hopy kept admiring all the guys with the really nice traditional Japanese tattoos and regular tattoos.

We kept joking saying we should ask them who their tattoo artist is xD but honestly, the colors were really nice. I would have probably asked if I wasn't so shy and if I knew more Japanese.

After chillin' in (not sure what you call it?) we ended up going back to the blazing heat T__T

Eventually however, it became nice and cloudy :D Me and Hopy were so freakin' happy :D by this time, we began to walk out from under the parasol and take pics.

Before (when it was all sunny) and
afterwards when it was nice and cloudy :D

Me and Hopy walked down the shoreline and were just enjoying the water and looking at all the different types of people at the beach.

But, while walking further away from where we were, it began to get dirtier as we saw plastic and trash in the water O____o hahaha me and Hopy dicided we should turn around and walk back after seeing the trash.

We were happy that we didn't get any deeper into the water besides going by the shore after seeing the trash.

By the time we got back to the place where everyone was at, the other girls decided they wanted to go to another beach. Me and Hopy were surprised since the weather just got nice.

I guess the girls had friends at another beach an hour away and they said a big, fun event was going on so they wanted to go there. Everyone else wanted to go but Hopy had plans later on that night and I had a test the next day so I couldn't go. Plus another hour of commuting? Too much work :/

So we all walked back to the station, and from then we parted ways since everyone else besides me and Hopy were going to the other beach.

Me and Hopy realized we could have just stayed and chilled at the beach on our own -.- but we were hungry anyways and felt like getting kaiten sushi so that's what we did.

Even though the beach trip didn't turned out like we had hoped, we still had fun hanging out together. I didn't have high expectations for the beach being nice since many people say Tokyo beaches suck lol.

I'll want to go to a beach at night next time :]

The sushi.

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