Friday, September 20, 2013

Bonding Time with my Roommate!

As I mentioned before, me and my roommate Lili have a few things in common. The main thing is the similar taste in guys haha. Me and Lili had been meaning to hang out but had conflicting schedules. Finally yesterday we decided to go clubbing on a whim since we had nothing planned.

Lili had actually gone clubbing a lot with some other friends and her cousin so she already had some places she wanted to go in Roppongi. Funny, because my last post was just about Roppongi lol.

People always say to stay clear of Roppongi when you go clubbing since it's filled with so many foreigners and sketchy people so I was a bit "ehh" with the idea but she said she knew this one club where there were lots of guys that were our type and she knows more spots than I do so I thought "fuck it" and went.

We were planning on getting the last train home because we didn't want to stay out all night, but of course that didn't happen, we stayed out till 6am LOL -.- it was lots of fun though, we met a lot of new people.

One of the promoters to this one club was from San Jose, California. It was pretty cool :D and I met a Japanese guy that spoke Spanish. He was born in Guadalajara so Spanish was his first language and he said his Japanese wasn't that good. I am honestly always so happy to meet people who speak Spanish in Japan, I love speaking Spanish and miss using it. He actually seemed pretty normal so we exchanged lines.

Me and Lili were dancing and having lots of fun :] we went to another club, the one that Lili really wanted to go to because she thought the DJ was hot lol xD I actually thought the bartenders were cute haha.

I ended up getting the bartender's number that I thought was cute and so did Lili. But sadly, because he has Docomo I can't message him -___- I should have gotten his email /sigh oh well, I guess it wasn't meant to be~ LOL jk, I might see him again or something since Lili wants to go back next weekend and if not, oh well lol.

Lili said she really likes going out with me and says that we should do this every week haha. I don't know about every especially since school is starting, but I definitely want to do this with her more. I know she wants to go to Roppongi again but hopefully we can check out other places like Shibuya :]

I had fun, and this was such a good way to practice our Japanese and meet new people, even if it's just talking to them for a bit and never seeing them again, it's still a good experience.

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