Monday, September 30, 2013

みなとみらい // Good Day Gone Awkward

Went to Minato Mirai again, I knew I would love Yokohama as much as I thought. I have gotten used to the trains again and am making my way around the places I am familiar with.

Smiley came from Chiba to visit me in Yokohama as well, he said he also had never been to Yokohama and wanted to come. This was the day after I had gone clubbing so I was exhausted but I met up with him as soon as I could.

I was going to take him to the places where Takumi took me and Ah Young since they were really nice and I wanted to take pictures with my camera :]

We ended up stumbling across a place I didn't go with them to. It had cool street art and people dressed in lolita, etc. The girls in the photo were singing Fashion Monster xD only know that song because Clarise sang it in karaoke way back when~

Me and Smiley were hungry and since he didn't know what he wanted I suggested a Korean food place at World Porter's where me and Ah Young went to. It was so good <3 I love Korean food lol.

I got bibimbap and Smiley got the same thing as me since the thing he originally wanted would have taken 20 minutes to make. After we ate, we got taiyaki at a place which Ah Young told me about. Last time, I just got the custard but I wanted one with green tea and ice cream this time <3

It was so good T___T <3 I definitely want to get it again!

There was a ramen place next to the taiyaki place and Smiley told me that this is the restaurant that Naoya works at in Chiba. I asked him if the ramen is good because I remember Naoya saying it wasn't too good. Smiley said it was but it was greasy.

 After eating we continued walking to our destination lol. There were so many couples as usual, but I wasn't bitter this time because I had my camera to take photos of them <3 haha

There was this one couple who were wearing matching red sweaters that I low keyed stalked. I took so many cute photos of them! Okay, really 3...but they were so cute! Ugh. And couples laying the grass, holding hands, etc. So adorable ;__;

Me and Smiley ended up stumbling across one of the places that was in たったひとつの恋 that I forgot I wanted to look for. It was the place that Hiroto and Nao met for their date on Halloween. Lol omg I'm such a fangirl but oh well.

There was also the brick building that I saw last time where Hiroto had seen Nao for the first time in years and found out she was getting married </3 lol.

I wanted to take a picture in the exact spot where the scene happened but there some event going on so I couldn't :/ That's why you see tents in the background.

Smiley wanted to go into the red brick building so we did. There was just a bunch of little shops that were pretty expensive. I ended up buying a spray that I have been wanting for some time. I swear it's so hard to find cheap body spray in Japan lol.

I was so happy to have my camera as we were walking to the harbor. Last time when I was with Takumi and Ah Young I was really bummed because my cellphone couldn't capture how pretty it was at night.

I kept taking lots of pictures as we walked, and enjoyed the view. 

Smiley said he really liked Yokohama because it reminds him of his hometown. I forgot where it was but he said it was also a port city.

I realized I also really enjoy port cities, as I love Odaiba as well.

Smiley asked me if I was doing anything around the end of October because apparently his school is having a festival and Shotaro and everyone are going to be performing. I checked the dates and saw that it should work out okay so I told him I'll probably go :] and this time I'll remember to bring my battery -______- 

We finally reached the port, Smiley thought it was weird that there were blue lights because it made it hard to see but I thought it looked cool.

I took pictures of the cafe which was open this time, it was closed the last time I came. This cafe was also in たったひとつの恋 lol and same with the stairs where the people are sitting and chilling. I'm honestly so happy I got to see these places :]

As lame as it sounds, たったひとつの恋 was the drama that introduced me to Yokohama. I would see the scenery in the drama and thought it was so pretty and that I had to go there one day and I finally did.

Smiley really wanted to go to Chinatown, even though I was super tired I decided to go since he really wanted to go. Naoya wanted to go last time too but we ended up not having enough time.

Chinatown was cool, Smiley commented on the lanterns looking like something from a Ghibli film. I immediately thought of Spirited Away lol.

It smelled like good food as we walked down the streets but my Japanese teacher from JWU said that the Chinese food in Chinatown is not good because so many tourists come automatically to get the food there they don't have to try so hard to make it good. So she suggested not to ever eat Chinese food thee because it's not good and it's expensive.

Sure enough when Smiley was curious about the prices he also agreed it was too expensive.

☓ ☓ ☓

After we were done with Chinatown Smiley wanted to go to an izakaya. I told him I was pretty tired because I didn't get any sleep and I had class tomorrow morning and I needed to do homework but he insisted on going to an izakaya in Yokohama. I ended up convincing him to just go to an izakaya in Hiyoshi so that way I can just go home after the izakaya.

I told him I wasn't going to drink or eat since I didn't have any money after I bought the body spray which was quite pricey. He said he felt weird drinking alone but I didn't budge. I'll admit, I was a bit annoyed since he didn't really care about how tired I was.

When we were at the izakaya it was pretty awkward since Smiley already doesn't talk much and it's usually me talking but I wasn't talking so much since I was tired. He kept asking me if I was okay and I kept telling him I was tired -____- We talked about some things here and there but that's it.

Smiley told me that he didn't want to go back to Chiba tonight because he was too tired and was planning to stay here in Hiyoshi. I asked him where he was going to stay and he said "can't I stay at your place?"

I was really annoyed by this because I had told him before that my place doesn't allow guests to sleepover and if I do have guests they have to check in and leave before 10pm. Sleeping over was never an option. Yes, I felt bad since Chiba is far but he shouldn't have made that decision on his own.

I explained to him again the situation and said he could not. He kind of took it personally though, which was also annoying. I told him to check for the last train so he could go back in time. After that, he drank another Hoppy and I talked about other stuff to not make it so awkward and we left to the station.

For some reason, I had a feeling that something was going to happen. Smiley got his train ticket and I hugged him goodbye and when I was about to walk away he stopped me and said he needed to tell me something. I thought, oh shit. And sure enough, he told me he liked me.

Naoya had told me that he could tell Smiley liked me but he said that about other people as well. He's always like "___ is in love with you" so I never take him seriously. But yeah, after Smiley told me that shit I honestly didn't know how to respond. I think I said, "oh." and then he added that he wanted us to date.

There was an awkward silence and he just stared at me...earlier we were talking about guys who were my type and all my friends know (including him) how hard it is for me to like a guy. I haven't liked a guy since my ex bf which was in freakin' high school. So I reminded that I told him already it's hard for me to like someone and he said, "I know" and just stared at me.

Honestly, it could not have been more awkward. I told him it would just be better if were were friends and he just said okay said bye and we awkwardly walked away.

So much for hanging out with everyone again in Chiba -__- I don't know, how hanging out with everyone is going to work now /sigh so freakin' awkward.

I ended up going home and knocking out, I was so tired and that was just way too unexpected and something I didn't want to deal with.

My friend told me that it's nice to be liked, which I get what he's saying. It's nice to have a guy actually like me and not just want to get into my pants but I told him that I always get skeptical when guys tell me they like me. Especially Japanese guys -___-

Me and my Lili talked about this, they always say "I like you" or "I love you" way too soon. Most of the time it's like "wtf you don't even know me? How can you like/love me?" they are either infatuated or lying through their teeth to just get some.

I don't know, everyone's different but that's my take on it. My friend agreed that the situation was definitely awkward and when it comes to liking someone it's all about timing and Smiley definitely got the timing wrong.

But either way, he's just a friend and I couldn't ever see him as something more. Yes, I just totally friend-zoned him. I actually did that a while ago -__- should have made it more clear. But, even thought it was awkward as fuck I know it took him a lot to tell me he liked me, so I don't want to give him crap for it since I'm also shy as fuck but I wish he would have read the atmosphere or something? I don't know -.-

Ugh, I could rant about this forever but I'll stop here.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Clubbing in Shibuya with Lili.

Me and Lili met up to go clubbing in Shibuya on Saturday night. We were going to go with some other foreign students that were planning on going to a hip-hop club but cancelled last minute.

We weren't too upset, we thought we would just walk around Shibuya and find some club and check it out. We ended up stumbling across Club Asia which is known to be good. But it was expensive to get in since it was already late so me and Lili weren't down for that.

We kept walking and ran into what I thought was Club Atom but wasn't sure. I heard it became a shitty club over the years so I told my roommate we should avoid it. But we didn't know which club was which when we were waiting in line and turns out it was the line to Club Atom -_____- LOL

It was crowded as fuck and the music was so loud me and Lili had to yell in each other's ears to hear each other. We got 2 free drinks so we were planning on just getting the drinks and leaving but Lili saw a guy she was interested in lol.

There was a group of guys in the corner drinking champagne and being loud and stuff. But Lili liked this one guy with a white v-neck and tattoos. There was a guy by him that I thought was cute, he was pretty quiet compared to the rest of the guys. And he had such a cute smile omg, even Lili thought he was really cute when he smiled lol.

The guy in the white v-neck ended up coming and talking to Lili and introduced me to his friend. He ended up being on of the dj's that night.

Since Lili was doing her own thing with Tatsuya I stayed and chilled with his friends. They were pretty nice and we just talked and danced. We were waiting for the Tsuru to get off of work but he didn't get off till 5am..

After staying at the club for a bit everyone was hungry so we left to eat and we told Tsuru we would meet up with him after work.

Surprisingly my Japanese gets better when I have had a few drinks, I have no idea why. I tend to understand more and say more.

Masato and Issei kept saying I was scary because I understand everything but pretend I don't know any Japanese LOL. I kept telling them I really don't understand a lot but they didn't believe me haha -.-

They were so much fun to talk to though. I don't know, they seemed so outgoing. So even though the club wasn't too great, and we didn't meet a lot of people, it was okay because the people we met were really funny and entertaining. Whereas, compared to the last club where we met lots of people but they were boring.

Issei and Masato went back home since it was getting late but we exchanged lines and whatnot. Me, Lili, and Tatsuya went to Tsuru's place to wait for when he got off work.

Once Tsuru got off work we ended up just chilling at his place. We didn't get any sleep though, barely -.- and then I had to hang out with Smiley the next day around 2pm, I was so freakin' tired lol.

But I'll blog about that next time.

Friday, September 27, 2013

飲み放題 with our former 先生

Last night after classes, we decided to reunite the whole Class A gang from JWU again. We missed our sensei's and they wanted to see us as well. Eugene, being the alcoholic he is (jk lol) wanted to do 飲み放題 with our teachers and get them drunk so we ended up going to an izakaya.

Me and Eugene met up at Keio since I had class till 6pm and left to meet everyone at Hachiko statue. As usual it was very crowded, but by chance I ended up seeing my roommate! She was also meeting someone, a guy we met at a club actually lol. But her internet wasn't working so she was planning on just tagging along with us.

Eugene had invited other people from the JWU ILP program that were in other classes that we are friends with and they invited friends so it was more of just a big gathering of people lol.

The guy ended up finding Lili though so she ended up leaving. My teacher asked where my roommate was and I said she left with a guy and she exclaimed, "eeeh?? nampa?" LOL I laughed so hard and explained it was a guy she met before haha.

After that everyone had came and we left for the izakaya.

Everyone was drinking a lot. This was the first time I'd gone out with Eugene and everyone to drink because they always tell me last minute and I always already have plans -.-

It was fun to see everyone drunk though. I didn't drink because I am drinking tonight since me and my roommate are going out tonight.

There was a few people with the Asian glow lol so cute. And Spencer and Eugene kept chugging beers like crazy. There was also a pitcher of Nihonshu O__O yeah...Spencer devoured that and he ended up getting pretty fucked up.

He had to go to the bathroom, and he was gone for a while throwing up. Eugene was pretty up and happy and very talkative. He was becoming friends with people in the bathroom and getting their LINES lol. But I guess he gets aggressively friendly when he gets drunk.

After some drinking, eating, and karaoke we went outside since the time was up. Spencer threw up again in the sewer :/ since he lives at Hiyoshi station near me I was going to take him home so I was staying with him.

Euegene was telling me that he really wants to go clubbing with me and hang out again and that we need to hang out lol. Me and Ah Young were really amused by how Eugene was drunk, he was pretty cute lol. When he is sober he can be a sarcastic asshole (which is fun too) haha but drunk he is all vulnerable and friendly so cute haha.

He ended up going and talking to random Japanese guys on the street that were apparently from Waseda LOL Jasper was also talking to them along with Sonia. I stayed with Spencer though.

Afterwards the guys came up to me when I was with Jasper and Ah Young and said, "I want to be friend with you" LOL I was just like "uhh" and then they asked Ah Young if she was Japanese and they started talking to us.

Spencer was starting to feel well enough to go back home so I ended up saying bye to my teachers and leaving and taking him to Hiyoshi station. He said he would get back to his dorm safely but I didn't trust him so I walked with him. He kept telling me he didn't want me to walk all the way since it was far and he felt bad. Right when he was going to try to get me to go back, Elliot showed up.

I was pretty happy to see Elliot, he said he was on his way to the station to get Spencer since Sonia had told him he drank a lot. Such a good friend >< So I left Spencer with Elliot since they live at the same dorm and went home.

Lol fun night, I definitely will go drinking with them again. I'll drink next time also, but definitely not at their level O___O lol I'd die. We might go clubbing next week with Spencer and Eugene since they want to go so badly and I told Lili as well.

We'll see, I'm glad I finally hung out with everyone outside of class though and I definitely want to do it again :]

Monday, September 23, 2013

Missing So-Cal.

It's only been 2 months in Japan and I'll admit I'm starting to miss California. I think it's because I see my friends are starting school again so I am seeing all the posts of Irvine.

Funny enough, I am not missing my family or my friends (at least not yet), though I love them dearly I tend to be detached from people as I mentioned before. However, I am missing California itself, and more specifically, Irvine. For sure, I don't miss my hometown lol.

I really do love Irvine, that's the whole reason why I picked my university was because I love the city. Though it can be boring at times, I love being able to take a night walk at my university, walk to Cha for Tea and get some boba. I loved the park inside my school and how close to the beaches we are.

I loved going to the beach at night, drinking and swimming. I miss going to random bars in Orange County. And I miss Mitsuwa and Irvine's Daiso like crazy.

I also miss my car. Although I didn't have it in Irvine, I miss driving. When I was bored and felt blah, it was nice to go on a random drive at night and listen to music when the roads were near empty.

Okay, I lied. There's one thing I do miss about my hometown and it's the view of the stars at night. That's one thing Irvine is missing. Although I love the city and city lights I tend to love the stars more. And I miss being able to lay on my roof at night, curled up in a blanket, and look up at the stars while listening to music.

I guess I never realized how much of a typical Californian girl I was until I left it.

BUT, I am definitely not done with Japan. There is definitely lots of things I still want to do, see, and experience.

Maybe I can find a little bit of So-cal in Japan somewhere so this homesickness won't be so bad. Carshows? Tattoos? Burritos T____T lol xD

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Landmark Tower // Yokohama

It had been a while since me and Naoya hung out so we decided to meet up before classes started. He didn't know I had moved to Yokohama so he decided to come visit me since he'd never been to Kanagawa before.

He wanted to go to Yokohama's Landmark Tower, the tallest tower in Yokohama. I ended up googling it and saw it had an observatory at the top so I really wanted to go. I love looking at the view of city lights. And this time I remembered to bring my camera! lol

We ate at the tower, at a place called Bubby's. It was American food but we got nachos, which was so good omg lol. I didn't realize how much I missed Mexican food till I ate the nachos because it had beans. I love beans and rice T^T

I also got some drinks, a cherry lemonade (which had alcohol not sure what though) and a strawberry mojito. They were both really good :] but sadly this place was pretty pricey, even though me and Naoya shared the nachos and only had 3 drinks -.-

Naoya wanted to smoke, but he couldn't smoke at Bubby's so we walked around and found another place where he could smoke and I wanted cheesecake so we found this random bar still in the landmark tower.

I got another mojito and Naoya got beer again lol. I ended up buying Black Stone earlier that day. I was so happy I found them at a stationary shop that sells tobacco also. They have all the flavors :D Of course, I wanted the cherry flavor because of Nana.

Shotaro had told me that Black Stone Cherry is really gross tasting. Naoya wanted to try so he tried it as well, he usually smokes Seven Stars though. I like Seven Stars too, the first time I saw it was because of Ryohei lol. Anyways, the Black Stone smelled just as nice as I anticipated, I loved it. Naoya smoked it and hated though LOL. He said it tasted so bad and it only smells good. Shotaro told me this too.

I was kind of nervous to try it, since they both said it was bad. He said if he went closer to the filter he would probably throw up lol. I ended up trying it though, it wasn't even bad -___- I actually liked it lol but maybe it's because I haven't really smoked any cigarettes before, only the times when Shotaro and Naoya offered it to me and I didn't really care for the taste of the cigarettes.

It finally got dark so me and Naoya decided to go to the observatory. The elevator to go to the 67th floor went crazy fast, and it didn't even feel like you were going up. The only reason why you knew you were going up was because of your ears popping due to the elevation.

The view was really pretty, but there wasn't much to do. I took pictures and we walked around the observatory and shortly after we left lol. Naoya couldn't stay too long since he lives in Chiba and it's kinda far and I had class early the next morning. So after the observatory we hung out for a while longer and headed back home.

I had actually gone to Yokohama with my friends from Keio earlier where they showed me all these awesome places. I didn't have my camera so I want to go again. We'll see when that will happen, I'm still going to post the photos I took from the time I went with my other friends later :]

I really love Yokohama though, I could honestly go there every weekend. Only thing, is there are a bunch of couples so if you're lonely and bitter it's not the place for you haha. There were even people taking wedding photos the other time I went xD Oh well, still nice :]

Friday, September 20, 2013

Bonding Time with my Roommate!

As I mentioned before, me and my roommate Lili have a few things in common. The main thing is the similar taste in guys haha. Me and Lili had been meaning to hang out but had conflicting schedules. Finally yesterday we decided to go clubbing on a whim since we had nothing planned.

Lili had actually gone clubbing a lot with some other friends and her cousin so she already had some places she wanted to go in Roppongi. Funny, because my last post was just about Roppongi lol.

People always say to stay clear of Roppongi when you go clubbing since it's filled with so many foreigners and sketchy people so I was a bit "ehh" with the idea but she said she knew this one club where there were lots of guys that were our type and she knows more spots than I do so I thought "fuck it" and went.

We were planning on getting the last train home because we didn't want to stay out all night, but of course that didn't happen, we stayed out till 6am LOL -.- it was lots of fun though, we met a lot of new people.

One of the promoters to this one club was from San Jose, California. It was pretty cool :D and I met a Japanese guy that spoke Spanish. He was born in Guadalajara so Spanish was his first language and he said his Japanese wasn't that good. I am honestly always so happy to meet people who speak Spanish in Japan, I love speaking Spanish and miss using it. He actually seemed pretty normal so we exchanged lines.

Me and Lili were dancing and having lots of fun :] we went to another club, the one that Lili really wanted to go to because she thought the DJ was hot lol xD I actually thought the bartenders were cute haha.

I ended up getting the bartender's number that I thought was cute and so did Lili. But sadly, because he has Docomo I can't message him -___- I should have gotten his email /sigh oh well, I guess it wasn't meant to be~ LOL jk, I might see him again or something since Lili wants to go back next weekend and if not, oh well lol.

Lili said she really likes going out with me and says that we should do this every week haha. I don't know about every especially since school is starting, but I definitely want to do this with her more. I know she wants to go to Roppongi again but hopefully we can check out other places like Shibuya :]

I had fun, and this was such a good way to practice our Japanese and meet new people, even if it's just talking to them for a bit and never seeing them again, it's still a good experience.

Roppongi. Harry Potter Exhibit. Eat You Alive. Nagoya Friend Meet Up

[8.16.13] Lyy had been wanting to take me to Roppongi, I was really excited because she said that it's really pretty there. The only bad thing is that there are constant creepers so we have to be careful. It was still nice in the nicer areas though.

We ended up going to the Harry Potter exhibit. I was really happy because Lyy went to the one in Singapore and I remember reading about it on her blog and wanting to go so bad. It was all in Japanese of course, but you get the gist of it.

They also had stuff you could pay for to get in another language but I didn't want to do that. I'm so cheap -.-

I really enjoyed the exhibit, and afterwards there was a Harry Potter store the exhibit had where it had so many cool things! Such as the candy in the movie, cool mugs, shirts, and even the wands of the main characters.

I really wanted to get stuff but I had no money :/ I wanted to buy a wand so bad though lol.

After the exhibit, Lyy showed me the places she likes to go to. She says the spots are very coupley spots lol. It's always better to go to coupley places with friends first though :] haha

They were really nice, and I was really bummed I didn't bring my camera. I should honestly stop being so fuckin' lazy -.- I took a view of the city lights but it came out all grainy and gross :/

We just chilled and talked but soon got hungry and were craving sweets so we got crepes :D

Lyy and the crepes <3

The crepes were so freakin' delicious. I got a blueberry cheesecake crepe, and omg it was so good. I liked the crepe a bit better in Roppongi because it was more cooked but this one had an awesome flavor, c'mon blueberry cheesecake?? So good, lol.

But after a while, the crepes were too sweet and I wanted something salty xD #firstworldproblems 

The next day, was the Eat You Alive live. EYA is one of my favorite Japanese bands so I was very happy to see them. Lyy had showed me where the venue was before hand since she said it's easy to miss. I was happy the live was so close to where I live, very convenient. 

Lyy was going to a Lynch. and Mucc concert so we were going to meet after our lives were finished at Edge (where my live was). 

I had to buy a ticket at the door since they sold out an hour before I got my ticket -.- It wasn't too bad though. After I got my ticket I went inside and waited for them to start.

I now know why Lyy always talks about not liking Japanese lives. The place was filled with girls all done up and having cake make-up, hair done, heels, and were very bitchy and rude. And if they weren't like that, they were the fans with the band shirts and gave off the elitist vibe -.-

I just ignored them though, and watched the performances. I didn't really care for any of the other bands though, there was one band that actually pretty good but I didn't remember what their name was.

When EYA came on, I was happy. They played all the songs I loved and were pretty chill.

After EYA played, I pretty much decided to leave because I thought Lyy would be done with her live already and I didn't know the last band.

Lyy ended up actually being later than I thought, but I talked to my friend Tia on the phone while I waited outside the venue. While I was outside I saw Kenji from EYA come out. My immediate reaction was O__O and then once I shook it off Ryohei came out. Needless to say my face became O__O again haha. 

I ended up working up the courage to talk to Ryohei. You see, I suck at talking to strangers, make it a guy and multiply the awkwardness by 10, make it a hot guy and multiply that by another 10, lol. Luckily, Ryohei speaks English fluently so it wasn't too bad and I just kept it short. He was really nice, and so were the other band members.

A while later, Lyy came and we ended up going to chill at Starbucks since she didn't want to go home yet. We chilled at Starbucks till closing, and for some reason I didn't want to go home yet but since Lyy and Lydia had to get up earlier tomorrow we parted ways.

One of my friends from Nagoya was visiting his brother in Yokohama and asked if we could meet up, so I met up with him. 

It was actually the first time I met him in person, we had been following each other on Instagram and became friends on Facebook since we had a common interest in body mods. 

His tattoos are some of the best tattoos I've seen, so freakin' detailed and all done in Nagoya (need to go to get tatted in Nagoya lol). And it's cool because he's Brazilian I could speak Spanish to him and he could understand me, though sometimes I has trouble with the Portuguese lol. 

Anyways, we ended up going to Roppongi and went to a club. It was alright, they played American music so it was fun to dance and sing along. By this time it was already late though so we had missed the last train so we had to stay out till the first one.

It actually wasn't too bad, probably because we were actually out in the club so time went by fast rather than we me and Hopy were sitting in McDonalds LOL.

I was surprisingly not tired the next day also, which was when I went to Odaiba with Lyy lol. Good times~ haha

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Productive Day.

Today was such a productive day, I am seriously very happy with how it turned out <3

So, I had my academic counseling appointment in the morning. I had to go all the way to Mita campus to have a 3 minute counseling session. It was seriously a waste of time and money since I didn't have my commuter pass since I didn't have enough funds for it yet. Okay, that doesn't sound productive..but everything was except for that lol.

After my appointment I ended up meeting up with Ah Young after her counseling appointment where we ate at Nana's Green Tea. Ah Young had been talking about their parfaits being really delicious.

I wanted food food though so I didn't get their parfait. I got their matcha iced latte, which was good but was definitely mostly ice -.- Note to self: never get anything iced anywhere because the Japanese will fill it with ice more than the drink.

It was still good, but just not worth the 4 bucks since it was mostly ice. The food was really good, me and Ah Young shared curry rice. It was actually a small portion to share but I had been reducing my carb intake so when I do eat carbs I get full quickly, and Ah Young had gotten some ice cream dessert so she also got full quickly.

After that, I had to go to the new city office to register my move. I have been meaning to do it for a while now since I moved out of Toshima. I have just been busy doing other things ><

Me and Ah Young got to the city office 5 minutes before closing and I was able to still get my stuff done. I felt bad for going so close to closing but my stuff was pretty quick anyways and I am all registered in Yokohama now :D

After that, me and Ah Young went to go get our commuter passes. My mom had given me money she owed me and I was able to get have enough to get my student commuter pass for 6 months. It was around $300 :[ so much money but it's more money to commute there everyday without it since it's $8

Since I was at Ah Young's station I would be charged if I went into the gate so we decided to walk to my station. It was a 30 minute walk but we thought it would be good to walk off what we ate earlier. Too bad we got snacks at the conbini LOL such fat asses T__T

We went to a store where I ended up buying a scale for $8 :D Ah Young got hers yesterday and told me about it.

At my station there was a Daiso so Ah Young wanted to go in and get something really quick. I needed some stuff too so I ended up getting all these things for my place for $10 :D I love Daiso lol.

Inside the place where there is Daiso was also an electronic store. I have been wanting a blow dyer and a hair curler so I bought them for so cheap!! $20 for each, I was so happy.

I came out of the stores with my hands filled with bags but I didn't care, all of this was stuff I have been wanting and I got them for good prices.

☓ ☓ ☓

I already picked my possible classes for Keio, and classes start really soon as well. I am actually looking forward to taking classes because these are courses I am interested in.

Though there were a lot of Japanese sociology/psychology courses that I really wanted to take but couldn't since it wouldn't count towards my major :[ oh well, I'm sure I will still have fun in the courses I've chosen.

I wonder how the Japanese classes are going to be.../shrugs I guess I'll figure it out eventually.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

First Trip to the Beach in Japan // Kamakura

Some of the group :]

[8.11.13] Hopy had been wanting to go to the beach before she left back to Denmark for quite some time. Although I really don't like going to the beach during the daytime, since it was the last hang out with Hopy I thought I'd suck it up and go. Besides, it would be the first time I would be going to a beach in Japan in general so I thought it would be cool to experience.

I met up with Hopy at the station near her place. We brought some snacks to eat on the way since the train ride was going to be longg. We met up with Ramos before hand to eat lunch but since me and Hopy had already had some snacks on the train we just got some dessert.

After that, we met up with everyone else at the station and walked to the beach.

Some cute donuts we saw on the way~

It was blazing HOT. I swear I felt like I was melting. I should have brought an umbrella on the walk there which would have looked ridiculously lame but I swear the sun was so strong that day. Looking back, it was one of the hottest days of the week and possibly month T__T

By the time we got to the beach everyone was tired and grossed out by the heat. People took off their sandals to walk in the sand and find that it was burning their feet. We went with Ramos to rent a parasol so me and Hopy can chill under since we really hate the heat.

When we came back with the parasol some other girls that were also going to the beach with us ended up going underneath it and putting their stuff there. Me and Hopy looked at each other, it was really awkward...we just kindly asked if we could also go underneath the umbrella.

But we were slightly annoyed since they didn't come with us to get the parasol and Ramos had asked me asked me and Hopy specifically if we wanted one. But whatever, they ended up going into the water anyways where me and Hopy kindly moved their things so we could chill underneath it.

It was really hot though, so "chillin" was not happening LOL. Hopy wanted to practice her art and me study for Japanese but the heat so killer we just kept having to wipe our sweat. The sunblock wouldn't even stay on us T___T so gross LOL.

We asked Ramos and Marina if they wanted to come with us to get drinks. They said yes, so we all went over. It was much nicer where we went to get drinks as we were in shade. Me and Hopy kept admiring all the guys with the really nice traditional Japanese tattoos and regular tattoos.

We kept joking saying we should ask them who their tattoo artist is xD but honestly, the colors were really nice. I would have probably asked if I wasn't so shy and if I knew more Japanese.

After chillin' in (not sure what you call it?) we ended up going back to the blazing heat T__T

Eventually however, it became nice and cloudy :D Me and Hopy were so freakin' happy :D by this time, we began to walk out from under the parasol and take pics.

Before (when it was all sunny) and
afterwards when it was nice and cloudy :D

Me and Hopy walked down the shoreline and were just enjoying the water and looking at all the different types of people at the beach.

But, while walking further away from where we were, it began to get dirtier as we saw plastic and trash in the water O____o hahaha me and Hopy dicided we should turn around and walk back after seeing the trash.

We were happy that we didn't get any deeper into the water besides going by the shore after seeing the trash.

By the time we got back to the place where everyone was at, the other girls decided they wanted to go to another beach. Me and Hopy were surprised since the weather just got nice.

I guess the girls had friends at another beach an hour away and they said a big, fun event was going on so they wanted to go there. Everyone else wanted to go but Hopy had plans later on that night and I had a test the next day so I couldn't go. Plus another hour of commuting? Too much work :/

So we all walked back to the station, and from then we parted ways since everyone else besides me and Hopy were going to the other beach.

Me and Hopy realized we could have just stayed and chilled at the beach on our own -.- but we were hungry anyways and felt like getting kaiten sushi so that's what we did.

Even though the beach trip didn't turned out like we had hoped, we still had fun hanging out together. I didn't have high expectations for the beach being nice since many people say Tokyo beaches suck lol.

I'll want to go to a beach at night next time :]

The sushi.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Hopy's Farewell Dinner at GB's

[8.1.13] Back to the throwback posts, this was Hopy's farewell dinner we had before she went back to Denmark. This was also before our beach trip which I have yet to write about.

Anyways, Hopy said she often went to GB's Cafe which is close to Waseda. The portions are big and the price is fairly cheap. Her friends work there, so that is where they had her farewell party.

I met a lot of Hopy's friends that she hung out with while she was in Japan :] and some people from Denmark that are now living in Japan.

Me and Hopy got our usual, タコライス and something else that we ended up not being able to finish so we gave it to her friend.

At GB's you can make your own cocktails so I got my usual, Lychee Guava<3 it is so good omg. I love Guava!

The night consisted of drinking and mingling with people. I lots of people, Japanese and happas. I also met another guy who is from California, LA area and I met an Australian guy as well, they were both very outgoing lol. 

The goal of the night was to get Hopy to get buzzed or drunk and we succeeded :] At the end of the night we took a group picture and parted ways.

On our way to the station I decided to take a picture of this shrine (or temple? not sure) we passed by before since this was probably going to be the last time I was going to be out here for a while.

Writing this entry is totally making me miss Hopy /sigh