Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Surviving my first doctor's visit in Japan.

Lately my eyes have been a bit irritated, not sure if it's the humidity or what. It's not bad, but I don't want it to get into an infection so I thought I'd go to the doctor.

It has been going on for 2 weeks now, and I had been meaning to visit the eye clinic but every time I would go it was closed or something. But finally, I was able to catch it while it was open.

I asked my Japanese teacher if she could write a note about what was wrong with my eye for the eye doctor since my Japanese isn't good enough to tell them and this was the clinic the my ILP school recommended. My teacher was nice enough to do it.

I explained to the lady at the counter that my Japanese isn't good enough so my teacher wrote the note and she looked it over and then asked me sit down and wait until they called me back.

I felt kind of weird being there since there were a bunch of old people and I was dressed like a typical American wearing short distressed Hollister shorts, white tank top, and navy blue cardigan -.- lol I felt them staring at my tattoos when they called me back to the doctor and felt like I should have worn pants instead -.-

Anyways, surprisingly for the little Japanese I know the visit went well. I got the gist of what the doctor was saying. They tested my eyes and what not and she told me that my eyes are fine that they are clean, etc. and that I don't need to go to the hospital or anything. She even said that it's fine for me to wear contacts and she just gave me a prescription for eye drops.

The visit was fairly cheap, luckily since I got health insurance. Around $20 for the visit, and when I went to the pharmacy to get the eye drops it was only $3 :]

I was pretty happy that I found the pharmacy without getting lost :D they gave me directions in Japanese and a little map. Usually maps don't help me for shit, but I found the place easily, so proud of myself since I have no sense of direction LOL.

I'm still not going to wear my contacts for a bit. I don't know, I'm paranoid lol. But overall, very happy with the visit to the doctor. I wasn't have too good of a day and for some odd reason this cheered me up ^-^

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