Thursday, August 1, 2013

Party in Chiba.

Yesterday, I went to a party in Chiba where Naoya and Shotaro invited me to. It was a party that they did with friends, renting a small club and just hanging out listening to music and drinking. I was pretty excited to go. I had some trouble getting there, but I managed to get there and meet them at Funabashi station in front of the police box.

I ran into Naoya first, he was walking with a guy named Aro. Then we went to a bigger group of guys which completely freaked me out. I suck at meeting huge groups of people, there were at least 8 of them O__O Naoya introduced me as Shotaro's friend from America and they all said hi, etc.

Shotaro wasn't there yet, and more and more people were coming. Girls, guys, etc. It was a bit awkward since my Japanese sucks ass and they were all talking in Japanese. I just kept thinking "fuck I should study more" lol. Eventually Shotaro came, and I was happy to have someone to talk to in English besides Naoya.

We went to go buy drinks for the party, I was definitely staying away from shots -.- I just got some grape beer, something Shotaro recommended and I don't know what else. I walked with Smiley and Shotaro to the place.

When we got to the place they starting setting everything up. I loved the music they were playing. It was indie music, british rock, etc. It was basically like all the music that Shotaro gave me on that CD from a while back.

Smiley was djing, and so was Naoya along with other people that I didn't really know. It was so chill and fun though, I was so happy when they played Chelsea Dagger omg haha <3

I think once everyone started getting alcohol they started to relax a bit more, and so did I. They began to speak to me in English and mingle a bit.

I ended up talking to Aro, Ocean, Kyosuke, and some other people I can't remember -.- lol. But they were all nice and were asking me how long I was staying etc.

I also met Naoya's girlfriend, she was super nice and sweet. I was drinking some mojitos together and just chillin' dancing and singing along to songs.

Eventually, when the party was over. I wasn't feeling too good so I went outside to throw up -.- we went to mcdonalds were some other girls from the party weren't feeling too good and were also throwing up in the girls bathroom.

Shotaro asked me to check on them for him and let them know that he was asking about them. Afterwards, Ocean bought me some food to eat. I was super happy since I was having drunk munchies. Shotaro wanted some but ended up dropping it -____________- lol

After that, we went to an izakaya. I was definitely not down to drink some more, I already puked so when that happens I'm done lol. I wasn't feeling sick anymore but still nah. We just all chilled talking, eating, etc.

It was really fun. I ended up missing the last train so I just stayed with Shotaro and went home the next day.

I was super happy to meet Shotaro's friends, they were really cool. I loved all their styles as well and their taste of music.

Shotaro said he would invite me to the next party they have, I can't wait ^-^ that was honestly the most fun I've had since I've been here so far (besides hanging out with Hopy). They were really nice and fun to talk to and since I some of them now, it won't be so awkward~ haha

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