Friday, August 30, 2013

Miyavi Event at Ageha with Hopy

Back in the beginning of August [8.3.13], me and Hopy had gone to a fashion show/music event that Maria invited us to. Maria has been modeling lately and had free tickets so she invited Hopy and Hopy invited me.

We were pretty excited because Miyavi was going to be playing there, we definitely didn't want to pass it up :]

I ended up meeting Hopy at a station near her place but when I got there I totally forgot my dress so I had to go back to my place to get it :/ After we finished getting ready we went on the subway to to AgeHa.

Me and Hopy in the subway~
Back when I had red hair T^T lol

The train ride was a bit long, and it was super hot that day D: even though it was night it was really humid. We had decided to wait till the end of the train ride to touch up our make-up LOL

Once we got at the train station we decided to pre-game because as usual, all bars in clubs are expensive. I forgot the drink that we got at the conbini but it didn't taste too good :/ Hopy said it's good chilled but since it was warm it was pretty gross lol, but we sucked it up and drank it.

When we got there we ran into Maria outside, they were going to get food from the conbini. She told us Miyavi was going to play soon and that she would meet us inside.

When we got there, the place was pretty dead lol. Hopy was telling me before that it's usually super crowded but because it was an event type thing there wasn't so many people.

We walked around a bit and Hopy ran into some other friends, and just explored the other rooms to see what kind of music they were playing. But for the most part, it was pretty boring lol but the place looked awesome :D there was a part that had a pool but you can't swim in it lol.

Even though it was boring, we didn't mind too much though since we really just wanted to see Miyavi and have an excuse to get done up.

Maria came back in time for Miyavi and bought us a Red Bull. I was happy to see Miyavi live since there were times I wanted to go when he was in LA but couldn't. He played a lot of his newer stuff from his newest album and a few of the older.

It wasn't a long performance since there were multiple bands but we still ended up enjoying it :] and he was amazing to look at of course haha.

We were going to stay to see Maria in the fashion show but we had to wait another hour or so until it began and the place was pretty boring :/ Maria said that it was really boring so we could leave because if she was in our shoes she would do the same, and plus me and Hopy hadn't eaten all day so we were starving.

We said goodbye to Maria and thanked her for inviting us and we left to go get some food.

Hopy, making pizza look sexy ;D haha

We ended up going to Shibuya, we were so freakin' hungry when we went to the izakaya we ordered everything we were craving. Big mistake LOL. We ended up getting full quickly, especially with the drinks.

We were trying to get buzzed but we didn't feel anything -.- we were thinking of going to another club or bar or something but it was already kinda late since we spent so much time at the izakaya.

We decided to just get more alcohol and walk around Shibuya, we ended up meeting some interesting people lol.

First, we went into the conbini and there were some other foreigners. There was this Asian girl that was with them that started to talk to me and Hopy, she was asking us what we were planning on doing and we told her we had no idea we were just going to drink and figure it out later, she said they were also planning on doing the same thing.

The guys she was with asked us where we were from and what we were doing in Japan. Hopy told them working holiday and me exchange student. The guys said they were also exchange students and that they were, their words exactly, "Keio Boys".

I looked at them like O___o did you really just say that? Even Hopy turned around when she heard that like "wtf" haha. I mean, I've heard of Japanese guys that attend Keio pulling the "Keio boys" card but foreigners? I don't know, it just seems lame. I mean, it would be lame if a Japanese guy pulled that shit too.

I told them I was also going to Keio they were in shock like, "really???" I just looked at them like -__- lol soon after we parted ways.

Right when we got out of the conbini we ran into some other guys. These guys were Japanese and were already drinking a bit. They were somewhat fun to talk to at first but I feel as the alcohol sinked in one became too drunk to communicate and other one who was interested in me ending up getting kinda creepy.

He kept staring at me and saying that he really liked me/the way I looked and stuff. He saw my tattoos on the back of my legs he went to touched them and I pulled away and Hopy got really upset at this and told him to stop being creepy and crap. He got a bit confused and defensive but I told Hopy I wanted to go because he was way too creepy. So we walked away.

The guy that Hopy was talking to was funny and she was enjoying herself so I felt bad but she understood because she also thought that guy was super creepy.

Afterwards we ran into some other guys. They were more our type, but one of them was creepy again haha. All the groups of guys we ran into were in groups of 3. Well, there was a creepy guy with sunglasses. Who wears sunglasses at 2am/3am? Beats me. He ended up being really interested in Hopy.

He was getting a bit too interested so Hopy made a joke that I was her gf. (She would do this to mess with the guys sometimes.) The other guys knew we were kidding but the guy with the sunglasses was seriously believing her. He ended up getting really butthurt and said he didn't want lesbians so me and Hopy walked away lol.

The other guys were like "wtf??" because they knew we were kidding and we heard them in the distance telling the guy with the sunglasses but he was set that we were lesbian xD me and Hopy laughed so hard because he was seriously so upset. I think he really liked Hopy xD hahaha

☓ ☓ ☓

After that, we ran into some other people but we just talked for a bit and parted ways.

We had already missed the last train so we went to mcdonalds, got a chicken sandwich to share and knocked out for a bit until the first train.

Me and Hopy definitely thought that was a fail of a party night LOL, it wasn't too bad because we met some interesting people but we definitely did not enjoy ourselves too much. But it was okay, because we saw Miyavi xD

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