Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Meeting Fellow UCEAP Students, JWU ILP and Hopy Again~

So I moved out of my hostel on Monday and am now in Sugamo. We were going to take the ILP (Intensive Language Program) placement test. I didn't study for it AT ALL. I went out drinking instead with Shotaro -.- so I already know I got placed in the bottom one.

I ended up going with my friend Kevin to the JWU. We got to meet other students that are part of the EAP program. But not all these students were going to Keio, some were going to Waseda, Osaka, Tohoku, etc.

After we took the placement test the ones that finished first were the ones who had lower levels of Japanese. I ended up meeting Eileen (who I met during the Japan orientation at UCI). We ended up bonding over the test's difficulty lol along with another guy named Eugene.

I quickly noticed that those who were in higher level Japanese tended to stay with the advanced and not pay attention us lower level Japanese students. It was really annoying, it felt like high school all over again.

But I was happy I just met people that I got along with. Eugene was nice enough to take me to the city hall to get my address registered and stuff so I can try to get a wifi adapter or phone. It took too long to get registered so I wasn't able to get my phone. But I was meeting with Hopy later so I decided to get it with her if I could.

Me and Hopy met up, ate, and walked around Harajuku and Shibuya. We were going to Softbank to get a phone or wifi adapter but the wifi adapter at softbank was $300 so I said fuck that -.- the other place I went to was cheaper. And the process to get a phone would have taken too long and I didn't want Hopy to be waiting there bored. Also, I wasn't too keen on the phone idea either when a pocket wifi seems to make more sense.

So me and Hopy just went to my hotel to chill. I had ranted to her about the fellow UCEAP students earlier when we were eating udon and we ended up running into them. It was pretty awkward, and she could see what I meant about them being cliquey -.-

Honestly, I'm really happy I already have friends in Japan because if I didn't I would totally be lonely and would feel like shit. Thank goodness for Hopy especially.

Me and Hopy just hung out for the rest of the night talking about random stuff and then I walked her to the station to go home.

Hopy is leaving soon, and I am so bummed :[ I wish she could stay longer or I wish I could have come earlier to Japan /sigh I am seriously going to be lonely without her :[ She is having a farewell thing next weekend at the Trump Room and she wanted me to go over to her place to get ready and attempt to do my make up.

I am so excited >< but so sad, because it's her last weekend in Japan :[ seriously depressing.

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