Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Japan's Heat & Tattoo Touch-up.

I don't know if it's just me, but I feel that the sun in much stronger in Japan than in California. And California is known for it's sunshine but Japan's heat takes the cake. Maybe I've gotten used to the beach weather in Irvine /shrugs

Luckily, I gotten over my embarrassment of using an umbrella when in the sun. After feeling the sun today I thought "fuck this shit" lol. Even a few of my guy friends from the ILP program were saying they would use an umbrella but they would feel like they are getting judged since they are guys lol. But I've seen guys carry umbrellas too.

Me + heat = not a good combo. Japan reconfirmed my hatred for the sun. Humidity sucks ass but I rather have it gross and cloudy and humid than hot and sunny and humid.

I've also realized that summer is not the time to get tattoos. I didn't get any new ones, but I retouched mine a while back when Hopy was still here and totally forgot the hassle the sun is when it comes to them :/ and wearing pants in this humidity sucks.

Speaking of that, might as well talk about the tattoo touch up.

So I went to Last Gate Tattoo, which was where Hopy got her tattoo. I loved the colors and have been needing to get mine touched up so I decided to the place she went to. I wouldn't have been able to go by myself since the guy only spoke Japanese. Luckily, it was pretty straight forward.

I just got it retouched and talked to Hopy while I got it done, and it was fairly cheap too. He changed the style of it a bit, but I like it even more. And the colors look so nice!

The tattoo artist said to come back anytime I wanted another one. Me and Hopy really wanted to get another one but I don't have the money and I promised my mom i wouldn't get any while I was in Japan. Not until I graduate -.- /sigh

Oh well, I guess it gives me more time to think about my tattoos. Some will be 2+ years of wanting it O__O all the next ones are big ones any ways so I would need a job for those, 頑張ります!

Speaking of body mods, I went to a 2g now with my ears :D I'm going pretty slow because I forgot about them and got lazy, but that's always better than going fast and fucking up your ears so I'm not complaining.

We have 2 more weeks of the ILP program. This crap is UCI all over again, being stressed with exams and loads of hw -.- can't wait till I am done with it, but not too sure if I'm looking forward to language classes I have to take at Keio because I've heard mixed things about it /sigh oh well, time will tell.

P.S. can now watch True Blood :D my little sister told me once I was in Japan I would be too busy and have too much fun to care about it but she is trippin, I love my shows whether I am in Japan or not, I need to watch them.

Now off to watch True Blood and do homework~

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