Wednesday, August 7, 2013

JWU ILP & Friends.

Today was the first time I had a dream in Japanese O__O people always say it's a good sign when you start dreaming in the language you are learning. And it was such an awesome dream that had to deal with Coldrain haha.

Anyways, I've been so busy since the ILP has started, it's no joke. Which it makes sense since it's the "Intensive" Language Program. It just sucks that my friends are here during this time and are leaving once I'm done with it (Lyy and Hopy).

I finally met up with Lyy for the first time on Monday! But I was so exhausted from school I felt like I was putting a damper on the mood :/ and we forgot to take pictures and everything too D: next time for sure! We will be hanging out next week a lot hopefully ><

The next day my friend Ayaka came up from Osaka so we ended up catching up! She helped me open a bank account and tried to help me get a phone/wifi adapter but it was no good :/ It's really hard because I don't have a credit card, not even in the U.S. so I have to wait till I get my Japanese cash card :/ oh well, at least I was able to open my bank account T__T

It just is hard going to places without GPS D: luckily, I am getting better with the trains. Starting to become a pro with the JR Yamanote line haha but when it comes to other lines O___O haha I still get lost :[ I need my wifi asap, it's also hard to communicate with people :/

In other news, Hopy is leaving next week to go back to Denmark T___T even writing this made my stomach drop, I'm seriously going to be lonely once she leaves. But, we are going to be hanging out for Thursday-Sunday hopefully.

Again, it sucks because of my hw load. So much, and a test everyday...right now it's a lot but now too bad since it's kanji I am familiar with but once it gets to the new kanji for sure I won't be able to go out at all..I am going to stay in my room and study. I hope I will get the new kanji after Lyy goes home so that way I can hang out with her more ><

I am probably the person in my class that knows the least Japanese, everyone else took 2 years or is Chinese so they already know most of the kanji. I feel so dumb in the class, it sucks.

I think I will have to hang out with Naoya more (after Lyy goes back to Singapore) lol (she's more important right now). But that way I can use my Japanese, he is the only one who talks to me in simple Japanese and teaches me stuff.

Smiley also offered to help me with my Japanese hw, so I might take him up on that offer.

So overwhelming :[ but hopefully I will learn more here than I did in the states :/

P.S. still need to blog about some stuff I've done >< ugh 頑張ります (T__T)

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