Sunday, August 18, 2013

I fell in love with Odaiba.

I feel like it's been a good while. I have been busy with school and hanging out with friends since most of my friends are just here to visit and go back to their countries. Since Hopy went back to Denmark I was hanging out with my friend Lyy before she went back to Singapore.

I have a lot to post (stuff with Hopy too) but I'll just start from my trip to Odaiba yesterday with Lyy.

I met up with Lyy and her sister Lydia to go to Odaiba. I was very excited because I would always see pictures of Odaiba from Monica and always wanted to go when I went to Japan.

The sun seems to be a lot stronger in Japan so it was pretty hot, but luckily it was nice and windy. I usually hate the wind, but in Japan that is the only thing that saves me from the humidity.

I honestly fell in love with Odaiba. I really like it a lot, and want to go there again. Maybe because it was my first time so everything was just so new but I really liked it.

We went to see the "Statue of Liberty" and of course the Rainbow Bridge. But I need to go there at night. I am sure I will love it even more.

When we got to Odaiba we ate ramen :D it was my first time having ramen in Japan ^-^

I really liked the ramen, it was a hot day though so I didn't enjoy it as much. I just can't have hot food on hot days D: lately I have been eating sushi every day since that's the only "light" cold food lol.

We also went to see the life-size Gundam  :D Again, i definitely want to come here at night and see it because the lighting looks cool and it moves :] Also, I will bring my DSLR next time. I didn't bring it this time because I didn't have time to get it :/

After looking at the gundam, we went to Venus Fort :D I was super happy :D and it looked just as awesome as it did in photos.

Lyy had told me about this cool store called Strange Love she likes to go to. She says it's always in the most obscure places though and she always take an hour or more to find it. Luckily when we looked at the directory I saw Strange Love in katakana and we found it pretty quickly :D

They had a lot of cool vintage stuff, the only bad side to it is that it's pricey T__T I wanted to get my mom a Virgin Mary statue or something but it was so expensive T__T

Apparently there were two strange loves stores (one right next to it). Lyy bought something at both :D but she really wanted a ring from the second store but already spent too much money. The store clerk that was helping us was really nice and talkative. I'm pretty sure he thought we were weird because we were crying over the fact we had no money haha.

Anywho, afterwards we went to Harajuku and run some errands for Lyy. And then just chilled in Ikebukuro.

I really enjoyed my time with Lyy and hope to see her again soon! She might be coming in the fall, I hope she does ^^

Now time to study my ass off. Midterm Tuesday ><
Still don't like this intensive program T___T
But, I've met some non-cliquey people in the program now!

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