Wednesday, August 21, 2013

さようなら Red Hair~

Been meaning to make this post now, as many know I no longer have red hair. Many already know since I posted a pic on instagram and keep talking about how weird it is on Twitter lol.

Mind you, I've had red hair since summer of 2009. It was not always as bright as recently, it gradually got that way but still that's a long time to have red hair and all of a sudden be forced to change it.

Many don't know red washes out super easily so you have to limit the times you wash your hair to every 2-3 days (or longer) and baby it like no other. It was a lot of work in America but it wasn't too bad since the weather was dry. But, Japan is a totally different story.

Of course it's super humid in Japan. I didn't think anything of it when it came to my hair, until I would be walking around and the red hair dye would bleed onto my clothes around the neck/upper part of my shirt. At first, I thought it wasn't too bad and I'll just wash it. But eventually it became harder and harder to wash T__T as the dye bled more and more.

After about a month of dealing with it, I finally got fed up and decided to dye my hair. Me and Hopy were trying to think of different ways to keep the red but it was just too hard. I decided to do ombre and keep the bottom red.

I went to a hair place in Harajuku where Lyy's friend goes called 2030. They were super nice and helped me right away. They didn't speak English but I showed them a picture and they got the gist of it.

It took about an hour and a half to do, it was originally going to be around $70 but since it was faster than expected it was only around $60. This was just for a dye and no cut. But I still find it fairly cheap because in the states it would usually be $100+ since my hair is so long :/

I honestly wasn't too happy once my hair was done, and it wasn't because they didn't do a good job, they did an amazing job, I just felt so weird without my red hair. It was lovely though, my hair was so soft and smelled so good haha. And the shampooing was the best part :D

I am starting to get used to not having red hair, but still feels weird. I have to accept the sad reality that if I do decide to stay in Japan I can't have red hair...maybe a deeper red but it would still bleed and it would fade to a burgundy -.- oh well, we'll cross the bridge when we get there.

Other than that, I do like what they did to my hair and if I decide I'm bored with red ombre I will dye it purple, magenta, or teal or something. I guess that's a good thing about ombre is that it's not such a hassle to take care of. And now, I don't need to worry about my roots :D

Another bright side to not having red hair is that I don't get stared at as much haha. I would get stared at with red hair in America so you could only imagine in Japan. People I would be walking with from the ILP program would always point out all the people staring at my hair, sometimes I noticed but for the most part I was oblivious since they already stare because I'm a foreigner. Oh well, I already knew it would happen so it doesn't really bother me lol.

Well, off to watch re-watch Piece, do laundry, and do Japanese homework.

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