Saturday, August 31, 2013

Rant on Tattoos in Japan.

As many know, I have tattoos. Mind you, they are not a lot and are not big. Just one two, one on the back of each thigh. Since I am a young exchange student, I can get away with it more. More young Japanese people are getting tattoos, it's becoming more of a fashion thing.

Even so, of course tattoos are still seen as bad and those that do have them get judged by older generations.

Even me being a foreigner, I get people staring at my tattoos. I don't show them off, but I don't cover them up either. Unless, I am going to a professional setting such as a job interview or something like that then I would cover them. But I would even do that in the states so it isn't any different.

I usually don't get crap about my tattoos from Japanese people. They understand I'm a foreigner so although the rules apply to us as well, it's not as strict. They understand if I do decide to work in Japan, I can always cover it up. (Which is what I would do in the U.S. as well)

However, most of the crap I get about my tattoos are from other foreigners in Japan. (And yes, many from the people in my ILP program)

The number one thing they say, "You have tattoos??? You know, you can't go to an onsen!" and then there's the whole, "Don't you know tattoos are really bad in Japan!? The only Japanese people who have tattoos are in the yakuza!"

And when they find out I am going to get more, "But, you're in Japan...tattoos are really bad in Japan" and of course, "How will you live/get a job in Japan??"

I don't know, but people seem to lack common sense or something. Obviously I can still get a job in Japan. I know foreigners that have tattoos who have worked in Japan.

And you know what they do when they work? They cover their tattoos. Just like you would in America if you were to get a full time job. Of course, in America there some companies are more flexible than others but for the most part people cover their tattoos unless they are in an art type profession.

Yes, Japan is not as accepting with tattoos but as long as you abide by their rules and don't challenge them, then you should be fine. You are in Japan, so you have to deal with Japan's mentality of tattoos. You will be more limited and will be judged more by your appearance but, if you accept that then you will be fine.

Honestly, these are already things people with body mods have to accept in America and I'm sure in other countries too so it's not that different from Japan. The only thing is that Japan is more strict with tattoos and have a more negative stigma attached to it.

Most people (in every country) accept the fact that getting tattoos was their choice and that they realized that there are some limitations/consequences to getting them but they decided to accept that fact when they made the choice to get their tattoos.

Whether I decide to work in Japan is still up in the air, I might work for a year of two or maybe even longer, or maybe not at all, not sure. But, I know for sure I will be getting more tattoos.

If I decide to live in Japan, I am not going to be forcing myself into onsens, gyms, public pools, etc. (thought there are some ways around some of these rules). I won't go out of my way to cover them when I am out with friends but I won't be making an effort to show them off either. I will cover them at appropriate times as anyone with common sense would.

For more info about people with tattoos in Japan, check out this YouTuber called Unrested who has made a view videos about being a tatted foreigner in Japan. Here are his videos that are about tatts in Japan: [1] [2] [3]

Friday, August 30, 2013

Miyavi Event at Ageha with Hopy

Back in the beginning of August [8.3.13], me and Hopy had gone to a fashion show/music event that Maria invited us to. Maria has been modeling lately and had free tickets so she invited Hopy and Hopy invited me.

We were pretty excited because Miyavi was going to be playing there, we definitely didn't want to pass it up :]

I ended up meeting Hopy at a station near her place but when I got there I totally forgot my dress so I had to go back to my place to get it :/ After we finished getting ready we went on the subway to to AgeHa.

Me and Hopy in the subway~
Back when I had red hair T^T lol

The train ride was a bit long, and it was super hot that day D: even though it was night it was really humid. We had decided to wait till the end of the train ride to touch up our make-up LOL

Once we got at the train station we decided to pre-game because as usual, all bars in clubs are expensive. I forgot the drink that we got at the conbini but it didn't taste too good :/ Hopy said it's good chilled but since it was warm it was pretty gross lol, but we sucked it up and drank it.

When we got there we ran into Maria outside, they were going to get food from the conbini. She told us Miyavi was going to play soon and that she would meet us inside.

When we got there, the place was pretty dead lol. Hopy was telling me before that it's usually super crowded but because it was an event type thing there wasn't so many people.

We walked around a bit and Hopy ran into some other friends, and just explored the other rooms to see what kind of music they were playing. But for the most part, it was pretty boring lol but the place looked awesome :D there was a part that had a pool but you can't swim in it lol.

Even though it was boring, we didn't mind too much though since we really just wanted to see Miyavi and have an excuse to get done up.

Maria came back in time for Miyavi and bought us a Red Bull. I was happy to see Miyavi live since there were times I wanted to go when he was in LA but couldn't. He played a lot of his newer stuff from his newest album and a few of the older.

It wasn't a long performance since there were multiple bands but we still ended up enjoying it :] and he was amazing to look at of course haha.

We were going to stay to see Maria in the fashion show but we had to wait another hour or so until it began and the place was pretty boring :/ Maria said that it was really boring so we could leave because if she was in our shoes she would do the same, and plus me and Hopy hadn't eaten all day so we were starving.

We said goodbye to Maria and thanked her for inviting us and we left to go get some food.

Hopy, making pizza look sexy ;D haha

We ended up going to Shibuya, we were so freakin' hungry when we went to the izakaya we ordered everything we were craving. Big mistake LOL. We ended up getting full quickly, especially with the drinks.

We were trying to get buzzed but we didn't feel anything -.- we were thinking of going to another club or bar or something but it was already kinda late since we spent so much time at the izakaya.

We decided to just get more alcohol and walk around Shibuya, we ended up meeting some interesting people lol.

First, we went into the conbini and there were some other foreigners. There was this Asian girl that was with them that started to talk to me and Hopy, she was asking us what we were planning on doing and we told her we had no idea we were just going to drink and figure it out later, she said they were also planning on doing the same thing.

The guys she was with asked us where we were from and what we were doing in Japan. Hopy told them working holiday and me exchange student. The guys said they were also exchange students and that they were, their words exactly, "Keio Boys".

I looked at them like O___o did you really just say that? Even Hopy turned around when she heard that like "wtf" haha. I mean, I've heard of Japanese guys that attend Keio pulling the "Keio boys" card but foreigners? I don't know, it just seems lame. I mean, it would be lame if a Japanese guy pulled that shit too.

I told them I was also going to Keio they were in shock like, "really???" I just looked at them like -__- lol soon after we parted ways.

Right when we got out of the conbini we ran into some other guys. These guys were Japanese and were already drinking a bit. They were somewhat fun to talk to at first but I feel as the alcohol sinked in one became too drunk to communicate and other one who was interested in me ending up getting kinda creepy.

He kept staring at me and saying that he really liked me/the way I looked and stuff. He saw my tattoos on the back of my legs he went to touched them and I pulled away and Hopy got really upset at this and told him to stop being creepy and crap. He got a bit confused and defensive but I told Hopy I wanted to go because he was way too creepy. So we walked away.

The guy that Hopy was talking to was funny and she was enjoying herself so I felt bad but she understood because she also thought that guy was super creepy.

Afterwards we ran into some other guys. They were more our type, but one of them was creepy again haha. All the groups of guys we ran into were in groups of 3. Well, there was a creepy guy with sunglasses. Who wears sunglasses at 2am/3am? Beats me. He ended up being really interested in Hopy.

He was getting a bit too interested so Hopy made a joke that I was her gf. (She would do this to mess with the guys sometimes.) The other guys knew we were kidding but the guy with the sunglasses was seriously believing her. He ended up getting really butthurt and said he didn't want lesbians so me and Hopy walked away lol.

The other guys were like "wtf??" because they knew we were kidding and we heard them in the distance telling the guy with the sunglasses but he was set that we were lesbian xD me and Hopy laughed so hard because he was seriously so upset. I think he really liked Hopy xD hahaha

☓ ☓ ☓

After that, we ran into some other people but we just talked for a bit and parted ways.

We had already missed the last train so we went to mcdonalds, got a chicken sandwich to share and knocked out for a bit until the first train.

Me and Hopy definitely thought that was a fail of a party night LOL, it wasn't too bad because we met some interesting people but we definitely did not enjoy ourselves too much. But it was okay, because we saw Miyavi xD

Thursday, August 29, 2013

ILP Program Rant

I am counting the days for when this intensive language program is over. I am not doing good, and feel like I am not really learning anything because it's going so fast. I feel like, I am just being introduced to all these new grammar concepts and not actually learning them.

I mean, I already suck at school at a normal pace so you can only imagine how much I suck at an intensive level lol.

Everyone else in my class I found out for sure has taken 2 years of Japanese so all of this is review for them. And, most of them are Chinese as I mentioned before so they are pro at all the kanji -.-

I feel like people in the my class get annoyed with me since it is taking me a longer time to understand the new concepts. Luckily, one of my classmates Matt tries to help me and tells me it's normal for me to be slower since it's review for everyone else and it's new info for me. He said he would probably be the same.

Honestly though, this program is making me despise Japanese. I rather just learn Japanese from my Japanese friends, and to be honest, I actually learn more when I hang out with Naoya -.- he constantly teaches me new words and talks to me in simple Japanese so I can get used to it.

Meanwhile, the program is stressing me out and a lot of the people in the program seem to be people I can't seem to click with. Not everyone is bad though, I've met some really nice people through the program and even have gone out to eat and hang out with them :] but for the most part, most of them make me feel uncomfortable so I just want it to be over with.

I was happy I got to talk to my little sister on the phone today. She left me audio messages on LINE crying, apparently a shit load of problems have been occurring since I left. She told me she wished I was back home and this broke my heart to hear. Especially since I haven't been in the most 元気 mood because of the ILP program.

We talked for a few hours probably 3 or so. She caught me up on everything and I did as well, it was nice. I hadn't talked to her on the phone since I came to Japan.

My sister already knew I was having problems with the ILP program, everyone in my family does actually. I explain to them how I enjoy Japan and I'm enjoying my time here but I am constantly stressed trying to do good in the program and failing miserably lol, and it doesn't help that I don't really enjoy many of the people's company /sigh

Luckily, I have one more week and it will be over with. But it's going to be a stressful week since we have a makeup test, chapter test, final, and presentation left. Not to mention the buttload of homework we have to redo until we get a perfect score T__T ah, just typing this shit out is stressing me out.

I'm going to try my best though, I sound so defeated lol. As soon as the program is done, I will be taking Japanese culture related classes and will be working. Working will also help me with my Japanese, Hopy told me that's where she learned the most. And also, I need the cash, buying the wifi pocket totally took a chunk of my money away :[

I haven't been hanging out with many of my friends since I have been busy with the program and since I am trying to save money. I have hung out with Smiley and Naoya last week but we just went to Ueno, I'll probably post about it later.

Oh well, off to study~ 頑張ります (T_____T)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Weight Gain & Loss in Japan.

People always say that Japan is very healthy when it comes to food. This may be true if you eat home most of the time but when you are a broke exchange student you usually are just trying to get whatever is cheap.

When I first came to Japan I actually gained weight and freaked out lol. People would tell me, "you will lose weight in Japan" etc, etc but I gained wait due to all the carbs.

In America, I actually ate really healthy since my little sister is obsessed with nutrition and I was too lazy to work out. So I would always eat the same meals, a fist size of protein, brown rice, and vegetables. Vegetable shakes, fruit shakes, and protein shakes were a big part of my diet.

So when I came to Japan and mostly found rice (and it is of course white rice) my body freaked out. Not even all the walking I did in Japan helped. So, for the first 2-3 weeks I was gaining weight.

But recently I had realized I lost weight. I had decided to wear my white Hollister shorts for the first time and found them to be really loose on me. They began to fall down when I was walking and I thought "wtf??"

My body had adjusted to my diet change (my new carb intake) and was putting it to good use when walking around everywhere. And the smaller portions of course help a lot. Needless to say, I was really happy that I lost a lot of the weight that I gained and then some. But a bit bummed because of my shorts T__T but way more happy lol.

I am not sure on the exact pounds or kilos I lost since I don't have a scale. But as soon as I come across one I will weigh myself lol.

Yay for Japan's small portions! I swear, that's the thing that saved me. And all the walking around ^-^ Hopefully I will continue to lose a bit more weight ^^

I should work out a bit so I can tone up :o pshh who am I kidding, I'm too lazy for that -.-

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Surviving my first doctor's visit in Japan.

Lately my eyes have been a bit irritated, not sure if it's the humidity or what. It's not bad, but I don't want it to get into an infection so I thought I'd go to the doctor.

It has been going on for 2 weeks now, and I had been meaning to visit the eye clinic but every time I would go it was closed or something. But finally, I was able to catch it while it was open.

I asked my Japanese teacher if she could write a note about what was wrong with my eye for the eye doctor since my Japanese isn't good enough to tell them and this was the clinic the my ILP school recommended. My teacher was nice enough to do it.

I explained to the lady at the counter that my Japanese isn't good enough so my teacher wrote the note and she looked it over and then asked me sit down and wait until they called me back.

I felt kind of weird being there since there were a bunch of old people and I was dressed like a typical American wearing short distressed Hollister shorts, white tank top, and navy blue cardigan -.- lol I felt them staring at my tattoos when they called me back to the doctor and felt like I should have worn pants instead -.-

Anyways, surprisingly for the little Japanese I know the visit went well. I got the gist of what the doctor was saying. They tested my eyes and what not and she told me that my eyes are fine that they are clean, etc. and that I don't need to go to the hospital or anything. She even said that it's fine for me to wear contacts and she just gave me a prescription for eye drops.

The visit was fairly cheap, luckily since I got health insurance. Around $20 for the visit, and when I went to the pharmacy to get the eye drops it was only $3 :]

I was pretty happy that I found the pharmacy without getting lost :D they gave me directions in Japanese and a little map. Usually maps don't help me for shit, but I found the place easily, so proud of myself since I have no sense of direction LOL.

I'm still not going to wear my contacts for a bit. I don't know, I'm paranoid lol. But overall, very happy with the visit to the doctor. I wasn't have too good of a day and for some odd reason this cheered me up ^-^

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

さようなら Red Hair~

Been meaning to make this post now, as many know I no longer have red hair. Many already know since I posted a pic on instagram and keep talking about how weird it is on Twitter lol.

Mind you, I've had red hair since summer of 2009. It was not always as bright as recently, it gradually got that way but still that's a long time to have red hair and all of a sudden be forced to change it.

Many don't know red washes out super easily so you have to limit the times you wash your hair to every 2-3 days (or longer) and baby it like no other. It was a lot of work in America but it wasn't too bad since the weather was dry. But, Japan is a totally different story.

Of course it's super humid in Japan. I didn't think anything of it when it came to my hair, until I would be walking around and the red hair dye would bleed onto my clothes around the neck/upper part of my shirt. At first, I thought it wasn't too bad and I'll just wash it. But eventually it became harder and harder to wash T__T as the dye bled more and more.

After about a month of dealing with it, I finally got fed up and decided to dye my hair. Me and Hopy were trying to think of different ways to keep the red but it was just too hard. I decided to do ombre and keep the bottom red.

I went to a hair place in Harajuku where Lyy's friend goes called 2030. They were super nice and helped me right away. They didn't speak English but I showed them a picture and they got the gist of it.

It took about an hour and a half to do, it was originally going to be around $70 but since it was faster than expected it was only around $60. This was just for a dye and no cut. But I still find it fairly cheap because in the states it would usually be $100+ since my hair is so long :/

I honestly wasn't too happy once my hair was done, and it wasn't because they didn't do a good job, they did an amazing job, I just felt so weird without my red hair. It was lovely though, my hair was so soft and smelled so good haha. And the shampooing was the best part :D

I am starting to get used to not having red hair, but still feels weird. I have to accept the sad reality that if I do decide to stay in Japan I can't have red hair...maybe a deeper red but it would still bleed and it would fade to a burgundy -.- oh well, we'll cross the bridge when we get there.

Other than that, I do like what they did to my hair and if I decide I'm bored with red ombre I will dye it purple, magenta, or teal or something. I guess that's a good thing about ombre is that it's not such a hassle to take care of. And now, I don't need to worry about my roots :D

Another bright side to not having red hair is that I don't get stared at as much haha. I would get stared at with red hair in America so you could only imagine in Japan. People I would be walking with from the ILP program would always point out all the people staring at my hair, sometimes I noticed but for the most part I was oblivious since they already stare because I'm a foreigner. Oh well, I already knew it would happen so it doesn't really bother me lol.

Well, off to watch re-watch Piece, do laundry, and do Japanese homework.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Japan's Heat & Tattoo Touch-up.

I don't know if it's just me, but I feel that the sun in much stronger in Japan than in California. And California is known for it's sunshine but Japan's heat takes the cake. Maybe I've gotten used to the beach weather in Irvine /shrugs

Luckily, I gotten over my embarrassment of using an umbrella when in the sun. After feeling the sun today I thought "fuck this shit" lol. Even a few of my guy friends from the ILP program were saying they would use an umbrella but they would feel like they are getting judged since they are guys lol. But I've seen guys carry umbrellas too.

Me + heat = not a good combo. Japan reconfirmed my hatred for the sun. Humidity sucks ass but I rather have it gross and cloudy and humid than hot and sunny and humid.

I've also realized that summer is not the time to get tattoos. I didn't get any new ones, but I retouched mine a while back when Hopy was still here and totally forgot the hassle the sun is when it comes to them :/ and wearing pants in this humidity sucks.

Speaking of that, might as well talk about the tattoo touch up.

So I went to Last Gate Tattoo, which was where Hopy got her tattoo. I loved the colors and have been needing to get mine touched up so I decided to the place she went to. I wouldn't have been able to go by myself since the guy only spoke Japanese. Luckily, it was pretty straight forward.

I just got it retouched and talked to Hopy while I got it done, and it was fairly cheap too. He changed the style of it a bit, but I like it even more. And the colors look so nice!

The tattoo artist said to come back anytime I wanted another one. Me and Hopy really wanted to get another one but I don't have the money and I promised my mom i wouldn't get any while I was in Japan. Not until I graduate -.- /sigh

Oh well, I guess it gives me more time to think about my tattoos. Some will be 2+ years of wanting it O__O all the next ones are big ones any ways so I would need a job for those, 頑張ります!

Speaking of body mods, I went to a 2g now with my ears :D I'm going pretty slow because I forgot about them and got lazy, but that's always better than going fast and fucking up your ears so I'm not complaining.

We have 2 more weeks of the ILP program. This crap is UCI all over again, being stressed with exams and loads of hw -.- can't wait till I am done with it, but not too sure if I'm looking forward to language classes I have to take at Keio because I've heard mixed things about it /sigh oh well, time will tell.

P.S. can now watch True Blood :D my little sister told me once I was in Japan I would be too busy and have too much fun to care about it but she is trippin, I love my shows whether I am in Japan or not, I need to watch them.

Now off to watch True Blood and do homework~

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I fell in love with Odaiba.

I feel like it's been a good while. I have been busy with school and hanging out with friends since most of my friends are just here to visit and go back to their countries. Since Hopy went back to Denmark I was hanging out with my friend Lyy before she went back to Singapore.

I have a lot to post (stuff with Hopy too) but I'll just start from my trip to Odaiba yesterday with Lyy.

I met up with Lyy and her sister Lydia to go to Odaiba. I was very excited because I would always see pictures of Odaiba from Monica and always wanted to go when I went to Japan.

The sun seems to be a lot stronger in Japan so it was pretty hot, but luckily it was nice and windy. I usually hate the wind, but in Japan that is the only thing that saves me from the humidity.

I honestly fell in love with Odaiba. I really like it a lot, and want to go there again. Maybe because it was my first time so everything was just so new but I really liked it.

We went to see the "Statue of Liberty" and of course the Rainbow Bridge. But I need to go there at night. I am sure I will love it even more.

When we got to Odaiba we ate ramen :D it was my first time having ramen in Japan ^-^

I really liked the ramen, it was a hot day though so I didn't enjoy it as much. I just can't have hot food on hot days D: lately I have been eating sushi every day since that's the only "light" cold food lol.

We also went to see the life-size Gundam  :D Again, i definitely want to come here at night and see it because the lighting looks cool and it moves :] Also, I will bring my DSLR next time. I didn't bring it this time because I didn't have time to get it :/

After looking at the gundam, we went to Venus Fort :D I was super happy :D and it looked just as awesome as it did in photos.

Lyy had told me about this cool store called Strange Love she likes to go to. She says it's always in the most obscure places though and she always take an hour or more to find it. Luckily when we looked at the directory I saw Strange Love in katakana and we found it pretty quickly :D

They had a lot of cool vintage stuff, the only bad side to it is that it's pricey T__T I wanted to get my mom a Virgin Mary statue or something but it was so expensive T__T

Apparently there were two strange loves stores (one right next to it). Lyy bought something at both :D but she really wanted a ring from the second store but already spent too much money. The store clerk that was helping us was really nice and talkative. I'm pretty sure he thought we were weird because we were crying over the fact we had no money haha.

Anywho, afterwards we went to Harajuku and run some errands for Lyy. And then just chilled in Ikebukuro.

I really enjoyed my time with Lyy and hope to see her again soon! She might be coming in the fall, I hope she does ^^

Now time to study my ass off. Midterm Tuesday ><
Still don't like this intensive program T___T
But, I've met some non-cliquey people in the program now!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

JWU ILP & Friends.

Today was the first time I had a dream in Japanese O__O people always say it's a good sign when you start dreaming in the language you are learning. And it was such an awesome dream that had to deal with Coldrain haha.

Anyways, I've been so busy since the ILP has started, it's no joke. Which it makes sense since it's the "Intensive" Language Program. It just sucks that my friends are here during this time and are leaving once I'm done with it (Lyy and Hopy).

I finally met up with Lyy for the first time on Monday! But I was so exhausted from school I felt like I was putting a damper on the mood :/ and we forgot to take pictures and everything too D: next time for sure! We will be hanging out next week a lot hopefully ><

The next day my friend Ayaka came up from Osaka so we ended up catching up! She helped me open a bank account and tried to help me get a phone/wifi adapter but it was no good :/ It's really hard because I don't have a credit card, not even in the U.S. so I have to wait till I get my Japanese cash card :/ oh well, at least I was able to open my bank account T__T

It just is hard going to places without GPS D: luckily, I am getting better with the trains. Starting to become a pro with the JR Yamanote line haha but when it comes to other lines O___O haha I still get lost :[ I need my wifi asap, it's also hard to communicate with people :/

In other news, Hopy is leaving next week to go back to Denmark T___T even writing this made my stomach drop, I'm seriously going to be lonely once she leaves. But, we are going to be hanging out for Thursday-Sunday hopefully.

Again, it sucks because of my hw load. So much, and a test everyday...right now it's a lot but now too bad since it's kanji I am familiar with but once it gets to the new kanji for sure I won't be able to go out at all..I am going to stay in my room and study. I hope I will get the new kanji after Lyy goes home so that way I can hang out with her more ><

I am probably the person in my class that knows the least Japanese, everyone else took 2 years or is Chinese so they already know most of the kanji. I feel so dumb in the class, it sucks.

I think I will have to hang out with Naoya more (after Lyy goes back to Singapore) lol (she's more important right now). But that way I can use my Japanese, he is the only one who talks to me in simple Japanese and teaches me stuff.

Smiley also offered to help me with my Japanese hw, so I might take him up on that offer.

So overwhelming :[ but hopefully I will learn more here than I did in the states :/

P.S. still need to blog about some stuff I've done >< ugh 頑張ります (T__T)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Party in Chiba.

Yesterday, I went to a party in Chiba where Naoya and Shotaro invited me to. It was a party that they did with friends, renting a small club and just hanging out listening to music and drinking. I was pretty excited to go. I had some trouble getting there, but I managed to get there and meet them at Funabashi station in front of the police box.

I ran into Naoya first, he was walking with a guy named Aro. Then we went to a bigger group of guys which completely freaked me out. I suck at meeting huge groups of people, there were at least 8 of them O__O Naoya introduced me as Shotaro's friend from America and they all said hi, etc.

Shotaro wasn't there yet, and more and more people were coming. Girls, guys, etc. It was a bit awkward since my Japanese sucks ass and they were all talking in Japanese. I just kept thinking "fuck I should study more" lol. Eventually Shotaro came, and I was happy to have someone to talk to in English besides Naoya.

We went to go buy drinks for the party, I was definitely staying away from shots -.- I just got some grape beer, something Shotaro recommended and I don't know what else. I walked with Smiley and Shotaro to the place.

When we got to the place they starting setting everything up. I loved the music they were playing. It was indie music, british rock, etc. It was basically like all the music that Shotaro gave me on that CD from a while back.

Smiley was djing, and so was Naoya along with other people that I didn't really know. It was so chill and fun though, I was so happy when they played Chelsea Dagger omg haha <3

I think once everyone started getting alcohol they started to relax a bit more, and so did I. They began to speak to me in English and mingle a bit.

I ended up talking to Aro, Ocean, Kyosuke, and some other people I can't remember -.- lol. But they were all nice and were asking me how long I was staying etc.

I also met Naoya's girlfriend, she was super nice and sweet. I was drinking some mojitos together and just chillin' dancing and singing along to songs.

Eventually, when the party was over. I wasn't feeling too good so I went outside to throw up -.- we went to mcdonalds were some other girls from the party weren't feeling too good and were also throwing up in the girls bathroom.

Shotaro asked me to check on them for him and let them know that he was asking about them. Afterwards, Ocean bought me some food to eat. I was super happy since I was having drunk munchies. Shotaro wanted some but ended up dropping it -____________- lol

After that, we went to an izakaya. I was definitely not down to drink some more, I already puked so when that happens I'm done lol. I wasn't feeling sick anymore but still nah. We just all chilled talking, eating, etc.

It was really fun. I ended up missing the last train so I just stayed with Shotaro and went home the next day.

I was super happy to meet Shotaro's friends, they were really cool. I loved all their styles as well and their taste of music.

Shotaro said he would invite me to the next party they have, I can't wait ^-^ that was honestly the most fun I've had since I've been here so far (besides hanging out with Hopy). They were really nice and fun to talk to and since I some of them now, it won't be so awkward~ haha