Sunday, July 14, 2013

Saying "またね" to my Friends in Irvine.

The last few days have been crazy busy. I have been in Irvine saying goodbye to my friends as I get ready to leave for Japan.

Thursday [7.11.13], I had an appointment with a counselor and after wards I went up to meet with Chu <3 I met Chu in my Japanese class as she was looking for a conversation partner. My teacher introduced us since I am going to study abroad and right away we knew we would get along.

Me and Chu met up at Starbucks on campus and ended up talking for hours! We had so much in common, the same taste in music, our love for NANA, Vienne Westwood, lack of love for brand names like Coach, Gucci, etc, same taste of fashion, etc.

Chu is staying in California for a little less than a year, she said she will be going back to Japan in March. We were so bummed that we were missing each other like this, but we decided we would hang out when she returned to Japan :]

After hanging out with Chu, I met up with Jenny! I missed her so much, we ate and caught up on everything that has been happening with us. We then went to her house and just chilled for a while.

It was night and we wanted to do something so we were hitting up our friends to see what they were doing. I have been meaning to hang out with my friend Mikey since he hit me up when I had already gone back to my hometown.

We decided we were going to eat and possibly go to Proof afterwards. We decided to go to Honda-ya! :D Mikey was hesitant since I was already going to Japan but I didn't mind, I love Honda-ya :D

We ate yummy food and got 4 bottles of sake, 2 smalls and 2 large. I prefer sake to any alcohol now, it went down very smooth.

Afterwards we went to Proof and met up with Vanessa. Anthony and Andrew from the San Diego trip were there too. I let them know that I was leaving to Japan for a year. Vanessa freaked the fuck out because she thought it was only for a few months lol.

We ended up talking and drinking some more. I had 3 vodka tonics O__O and it finally hit me once we were leaving Proof..let's just say the day was an "I love you toilet" kinda day lol.

☓ ☓ ☓

The next day [6.12.13], I was pretty hungover the whole day..I didn't start feeling mildly better till 8pm at night. Our friend Alex had hit us up to hit up some clubs but both me and Jenny weren't up for drinking O__O

We were going to do something chill so we were watching movies all day and sleeping and eating LOL we sound like such bums. Mikey wanted to kick it again and watch Mama, he planned this a while ago but we never got around to it. My other friend Eric wanted to hang out with me and Jenny and see me before I left to Japan as well.

Since me and Mikey had been texting earlier I decided I would just hang out with Mikey when he was free. Eric came over to Jenny's house and we watched 13 Going on 30 :D I then left with Mikey to kick it again.

We went to get some boba, listened to some music of his vinyl records, and then watching random movies. We eventually watched Mama which was not even scary -__- I don't like scary movies but Mikey loves them. I agreed to watch it and it actually wasn't scary at all. Mikey was pretty upset the movie sucked so much lol.

I eventually said bye to Mikey and he told me to keep in touch through Facebook etc. and I spent the rest of my time with Jenny. Afterwards, my mom picked me up at UTC and I went home.

☓ ☓ ☓

It's weird, I usually don't feel attached to many people because I don't really have friends in my hometown and even before when I was getting ready to leave to Japan I wasn't really bummed about leaving my friends for a year. But hanging out with them and saying goodbye to them made realize how much I will miss them while I am away. It sucks I can't say goodbye to all of them though :/

I guess it's all finally all hitting me.
8 more days till Japan.

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