Monday, July 29, 2013

Reunion with Naoya and Shotaro.

Yesterday I ended up hanging out with Naoya! :D The last time I saw him was at Shotaro's going away hang out thingie lol. Me, him and Shotaro were suppose to hang out but Shotaro was working.

We ended up meeting in Akabane, and for the most random reason lol. Naoya was like "I really like the name, so lets meet there" he's so weird. But I know he also wanted to meet there since I was close to me.

After we met up we were just going to drink and possibly karaoke lol. We went to 3 different izakayas, the first one was super expensive and fancy O__o Bad choice on Naoya's part LOL and then we went to to another izakaya that Naoya said was the typical salaryman izakaya.

After than we ended up going to karaoke. It was pretty fun :]

☓ ☓ ☓

The next day, I hung out with Shotaro. Naoya was working this time, and Shotaro was free so we decided to meet up in Nakano.

I was pretty excited to see him, since the last time I saw him was in California. It was so weird to see him in Japan.

We ended up going to eat and then shopped around this one place, I forgot what it was called -.- lol and then he showed me how to play this ghost game, it really really fun ^^ I lost :[ lol

Shotaro said he really likes Nakano because it's really retro. There were all these stores with collectables and what not.

I saw the old digivices and was totally mind blown because I have been wanted one so bad! But they were so expensive :/

After that, me and shotaro went to karaoke and had all you can drink from 3-8pm~

It was lots of fun, and I love the karaoke in Japan! Way more choices, we sang a bunch of indie/rock songs :]

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