Friday, July 19, 2013

Picking Up My Visa & Pasadena With My Mom.

Thursday morning I went to LA again to pick up my visa. The traffic was insane, as LA traffic always is weekday mornings -__- luckily, it was pretty quick to pick up my passport, my mom just drove around while I went to get it that way we wouldn't have to pay for $12+ for parking.

I was really annoyed with myself because I brought my new camera getting ready to take pictures but my dumb ass took out the battery and forgot to put it back in -___- oh well~

After we picked up the visa me and my mom were going to meet up with Tia, these were going to be the last days I hung out with Tia before I left to Japan.

Tia was talking a fashion design class at the Pasadena Art College so we drove to Pasadena. Pasadena is really close to LA so we got there quickly and had some time to spare because Tia was eating lunch with her class.

I was invited but felt weirs about it and thought it would be better to spend some more time with my mom since I would be gone all day Friday.

I was really craving Mexican food which doesn't happen much to me because I have it all the time -__- lol but I think because I haven't been eating it every weekend for a year now I actually crave it :D

The closest Mexican food place was King Taco. They had good tacos, it's known as a pretty authentic Mexican restaurant since it was only found in LA and just started branching out a few years ago.

Anyways, I was really happy with my tacos :D <3 I need to eat my Mexican food before I go to Japan T^T

We still had lots of time to kill so my mom wanted to go shopping but I remember when I was in Pasadena with my older sister we saw a really pretty catholic church! It looked so old and pretty when we drove by it, I really wanted to see the inside.

My mom is Catholic and we were raised Catholic, so I told her about the church and asked her if we could go inside since it was just up the street. My mom was happy to hear this since I am not very religious (I don't believe in the foundation of churches or the bible).

We went inside, and of course the architecture was so beautiful! I honestly fell in love with it quickly. It was huge with gorgeous chandeliers and marble columns. It had certain areas designated for the Virgin Mary or for Jesus or certain saints. So pretty!

My mom is always pestering me and my sisters to get married in a Catholic church and I've always been "eh" with the idea because I am not religious but old churches are so beautiful. I really enjoy them, and looking at this church I might reconsider (if I even get married lol). I'm such a sucker for old architecture ><

And I absolutely fell in love with this room that was for the Virgin Mary and had candles lit for her. It looked so beautiful. My mom did a prayer for me since I am getting ready to leave to Japan and though she is happy for me she is still sad and worried (as any mother would be).

After going to church she felt a bit better though, especially since I was the one who suggested it and it's out of character for me.

I love my mom a lot. Even though we have many differences and she it completely against my lifestyle of tattoos she is slowly starting to realize there is only so much she can have a say on my life once I am out and supporting myself.

I think me going to Irvine helped her realize that, and me going to Japan is definitely also going to help her realize it even more.

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