Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Camera + Hike with my Mom.

I got my new camera a while ago but haven't had time to use it.

My mom invited me to go walking with her so I thought I'd go, it would be a good time to use my camera and have some time with her before I leave to Japan.

I'm a complete newb to DSLRs so it was on automatic which I know is a big no, no for using DSLRs but I haven't had time to read the manual or anything so I was just winging it.

Though I despise my hometown, I can't help but love the location of my house; the creek, hills, view of the city lights, I love them all. I guess it's not so bad after all, still would never want to live here though lol.

I wish I would have messed around with my camera before so I could have taken it with me when I went to the Rim of the World with Derek. I hope I can mess around with it a bit more before I go to Japan but I don't think it will be likely.

I'm going to be in Irvine from Wednesday to Saturday morning because Tia needs me for her fashion design class. I am hoping I won't be gone that long since it's my last week in the U.S. and I still need to do things (finish packing, looking at my schedule, stuff to do when I arrive in Japan) and I want to be with family a bit more and I have some other friends to meet up with.

In other news, I finally received my CoE (Certificate of Eligibility) in the mail today so me and my mom are driving to LA to go to the Japan Consulate to apply for my visa. I should get my visa in 3 business days.

So much work to do still, but Japan soon!
6 more days.

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