Saturday, July 20, 2013

Modeling for Tia + Last Time Together Before Japan.

Half of Thursday and all day Friday was spent with Tia. My mom dropped me off with Tia after looking at the church. I just kept her company while she sewed her design and we caught up since the last time I saw her was in March O__O we were both busy with school ><

I was with her in her class for 2 days and met her friend Tammy. She was pretty cool and we all bonded over our dislike for the sun haha.

Tia was currently taking a fashion design class, where she was suppose to make two outfits. Unfortunately, her first design was so elaborate that she didn't have time to make the second one. She decided she would do it on her own time though :]

Her design was so pretty though! She had so much detail and definitely showed her personality.

Top: Red Kimono Shirt with Black Silk Lining
Corset Skirt: Marie Antoinette Inspired Skirt w/ Black Boning for Cage

Tia always said that I would be her model and model her designs when she became a fashion designer. I always told her I would be too old by then haha. But I was very happy I modeled her first design ever!

I usually don't post any pictures relating to me modeling on my blog because it's embarrassing but since this has to deal with my darling Tia I had to post her design come to life! She also made the headpiece <3

It was so nerve-wracking, I really suck at modeling and am so awkward. I am not so uncomfortable when it comes to strangers I can make do with my friends though lol but it was her teacher who was taking the pictures.

Tia kept giving me pep-talks LOL because I kept wanting to chicken out but I'm glad I went through with it because it was her first design, and to me, that's such a freakin' honor! I can't wait to see her other pieces as time goes on.

After the shoot, with the designer ;D

I love my darling Tia so much <3 I wish she could come with me to Japan T__T

To be honest, that's what most of our weekend consisted of because she was busy with her class but I was still happy I got to spend time with her before I went to Japan.

I also talked to her mom quite a bit, which I really enjoy her mom's company. She said when she was my age she was the opposite of me. She used to love Mexican food because of her friends and because she grew up in East L.A. so she was tired of Japanese food lol.

My little sister was going to pick me up in Irvine so Tia and her mom took me to eat Korean BBQ for our last meal together and gave me a parting gift before I left to Japan T^T

They told me to let them know when I arrived in Japan and they hugged me goodbye.

I'm so happy I met such amazing friends in the Orange County T^T <3
I will see them in a year, 2 more days till Japan.

Wearing this to Japan.

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