Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Meiji Shrine & Rabbit Cafe.

Yesterday I spent the whole day out. I met this girl Carrie who is one of my roommates at the hostel and she was going to Harajuku today so she invited me along. I was planning on heading to Shibuya to go to Tower Records to get some cds anyways which is close :]

Carrie had a list of things she wanted to do since she is leaving in 2 days, and I didn't mind tagging along.

We first stopped by the Meiji Shrine, Masa had told her about it. It was of course very pretty and green! :D

Afterwards we just wandered around Harajuku and Shibuya for the rest of the day. We stopped by random stores, and decided to look for this rabbit cafe Carrie heard about.

I was so obscure omg, took us like 2 hours to find it haha. At least I got to practice my nihongo :o just realized how rusty I am and how badly I need to study D:

The bunnies were so cute! The only thing was that there weren't many bunnies out, there were only 2 and there were like 6 people in the cafe (it was pretty small). It would have been nice if there were more. But we got to feed them and stuff :3

After that, we just wandered around a bit and people watched. I got my first nampa that night, a group of 4 guys -__- they were really annoying D:

Today I am meeting up with Hopy :DDD I cannot wait to meet her :3 just going to be chillin' in Shibuya and Harajuku again :]

I'm excited! Because Carrie isn't really into fashion or stuff or doesn't know much about Japan since she came to visit from China so she wasn't really interested in the stuff I was interested in. I'm sure me and Hopy will explore a bit more :]

Today I am going to try to look decent. This humidity is killer when it comes to trying to look good D: I see Japanese girls with flawless faces full of makeup and look at my gross face covered in sweat T__T LOL hopefully my skin will get used to it soon enough D:

I am using my iphone as a camera for now because I want to get used to Japan >< once I know my way around more I'll bring my camera and take photos :]

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