Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Flight + Arrival in Japan.

I left LAX at 1:30ish, I was messaging the Lyy the whole time I was waiting lol. The flight was not bad, people told me I would have bad jetlag and that it would be very tiring but I was fine for the most part.

I listened to music, watched movies and TV shows. They had Game of Thrones :D but I felt extremely awkward since it had nudity, luckily no one was next to me LOL 

By the time I got off the plane I was nervous because I had no idea where to go. I just followed the signs and the crowds of people. While I was waiting for the tram I noticed a white businessman that was on my flight. We smiled at each other and said hi.

That's when I asked him if he knew where to go and he told me what to do and helped guide me. He was really nice! We were talking about why we were both in Japan. He works for Mitsubishi so that was why he was there. 

He was kind enough to let me use my phone to call my mom since the wifi at the airport wasn't working. We ended up parting when we were with the entry section, I was hoping to find him again during luggage but no luck :/ I wanted to thank him again.

A nice security guy helped me get my luggage and then I went through customs which was pretty quick and managed to get out. 

My friend Masa was already waiting for me. I was worried I wouldn't be able to find him because I couldn't message him. Luckily, since my hair was so red he spotted me quickly lol.

We went on the train to Tokyo. I really liked all the green we saw on the way to entering the city. Masa told me it was the countryside. I even saw Gyu-kaku :D hahaha

I'm lucky Masa was there, I'm pretty sure I would have been completely lost without him O__O I was so lost when getting the tickets for the train.

My photo skills are so lovely in Tokyo -.-

We arrived to the train station and found my hostel which was pretty hidden lol. Hopy told me already it was a bit tricky to find. It was pretty humid so I was all gross and sweaty since I was wearing leggings and crap to not show my tattoos, so I took a shower and changed.

We ended up going to eat, we were a bit hungry and afterwards Masa showed me Lawsons and other stuff. Since Masa had class the next day we ended up parting ways. I gave him a gift for picking me up and everything, I am seriously grateful.

I wasn't sleepy at all though. I wanted to keep walking around but I needed the wifi lol. I don't think I can survive Japan without my smart phone. I am going to try to get a phone and/or wifi adapter ASAP. I need my google maps.

I might explore around Tokyo but not sure, Lyy keeps telling me I should but I'm so paranoid with the trains. Have to try some time right?

Still feel like it hasn't hit me that I am in Japan.

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