Saturday, June 22, 2013

New Layout & New Name.

It's been a year since I changed my layout, so i thought it was time to change it up again.

I am not tired of my layout yet but I just saw this image and quickly imagined a layout in my head. And since all these changes are happening, with me going to Japan and all I thought it would be a good time to change my layout.

As I update each layout it keeps getting simpler and simpler for some reason. I don't know, but I like these simple layouts ^-^

I especially like the colors of this one <3 lol

Layout Image/Texture Sources: [x] [x]

☓ ☓ ☓

In other news, this is probably going to be weird and random but since I am changing my layout I thought it would be also fit to announce that I am also planning to go by a different name.

Most of you know me by Yuri, which was an alias I gave myself online and I had my Japanese friends call me since they had trouble prounouncing my first name. Yuri was a name I always liked since it started with a Y like my real name and it meant "lily" which is my mom's name. And because Spanish speaking countries use it as a name as well since it comes from Yuridia.

But now, I am planning on legally changing my first name.

Some of you who are friends with my on Facebook know my real name. I have always disliked this name ever since I was little. People always spelled it wrong and can't pronounce it right. I always wanted to change it but never had a name that I liked enough so I never did.

I recently found a name I liked, and thought about it for a while and talked it over with my mom. I decided I am going to change my name to Nina :]

I like it because it is simple but pretty, and it is a name used in Spanish speaking countries. Also, it would be easy for the Japanese to pronounce as well if I do decide to stay in Japan long term.

I was actually going to change my name before I went to the uni but because I already knew I wanted to study abroad I didn't change it because I did not want to get a new passport and get change everything else. And add difficulty to me applying to study abroad.

But I talked to it with my mom, and decided once I came back from studying abroad I would change it.

So, to get people used to it, I decided I will start going by the name Nina instead of the nickname Yuri.

I know this might be weird for a lot of you, but if you guys could call me Nina instead that would be great :] If you guys find this too weird because you are too used to Yuri that's fine too lol.

After all, I don't mind Yuri. I just don't like my first name haha.

But don't be alarmed once you start seeing everything changing to Nina haha.

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