Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Sister's Wedding.

Yesterday was my older sister's wedding. I remember when I posted about the time we went bridal dress shopping and bridesmaids shopping. It was so long ago :o

I moved out from my apartment on Friday and came back home that night. We woke up for my sister's wedding the next day.

My mom wanted my hair to be freshly dyed -.- she hates my red hair but hates it less when it's freshly dyed. So my sister dyed it and afterwards, I went with my friend Tammy to do my hair. I loved it! She did an amazing job, it looked so cute >< 

I was going to leave my hair down but since the dress was red I decided to put it up so it wouldn't look so bad >< and it didn't :D yay~ lol

After I got my hair done I had to hurry up and do my face lol. I also had to cover my tattoos since my dad doesn't know about them. The dress covers it but just in case the wind blew it up I covered it up a bit.

After we were ready we went to the location of the wedding. We finished getting ready there and helped my older sister get ready to take photos.

While my sister was taking photos we just had to wait. So me and Daydee finished getting ready. After Nissie was done taking her photos we had to wait for the ceremony to start. 

There was still quite a bit of people missing so they decided to wait 10 more minutes before starting the ceremony.

It was soon time to start the ceremony. I was freaking out since I wasn't there during the rehearsal dinner since I was in Irvine D: but I managed to do it alright lol. I didn't mess up :D

I got a bit emotional when my sister was walking down the aisle. Not because of her getting married but I noticed my dad's eyes were getting watery. My dad rarely cries, so when I saw him tearing up it almost made me cry. 

Of course my sister was tearing up as well.

I was nervous about the wind though -.- my little sister told me afterwards so was she (because of my tattoos lol). The ceremony was really nice, it was a Catholic ceremony because my mother wanted it but I really liked how it turned out :]

I really liked how they binded them with a special wedding rosary. My parents did that at their wedding as well.

The vows and everything was nice as well :] After the ceremony the wedding party had to wait to take pictures.

While we were waiting we were taking pictures on our phones LOL. I wanted to take photos with my mom and dad :]

We took photos with our cousin Michael and other family as well while we were waiting for our older sister to finish taking photos with the carriage.

After they were done taking photos with my sister they then took pictures of the bridal party and stuff.

It was a bit awkward since I've been away at Irvine I didn't know any of the groomsmen -.- but oh well~ it was also awkward taking out picture taken by the photographer. I remembered why I didn't like modeling LOL

After taking photos we finally were able to join the party. Me and my sister hadn't eaten breakfast D: I got full quickly though. The dinner was amazing. Especially the chicken OMG. lol

They played Spanish songs and party songs so it was fun. The wedding was pretty small though :o I didn't notice how small until we had to dance haha. But it was still nice.

We did our speech, danced, and just partied~ The wedding went by fast though!

When the wedding ended I wasn't tired :/ but I went home and went to bed anyways because my little sister was exhausted. Oh wells~

It was a nice day and my older sister is now on her honeymoon in Vegas :D

Clips from the wedding~
The last clip was a snapchat so that's 
why the quality sucks more than usual lol.

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